As we roll into May, let’s enjoy these 14 rainy day inspired projects to make that will bring us those pretty flowers next month!┬áCheck out these crafts I’ve rounded up!
DIY Surprise Lantern: These blue DIY surprise lanterns from Oh Happy Day are perfect for any party!
Rain Cloud in a Jar: This experiment will keep your kiddos engaged and having fun when it’s too rainy to play outside!
Hand Painted Party Prop Parasol: Make this pretty parasol to use with a costume or to use outside!

Felt Cloud Mobile: This is a perfect craft project for a rainy afternoon from Bugs and Fishes!
Stenciled Umbrella: Spruce up an old umbrella with this fun stencil project from Two Happy Hearts!
A Rainy Day Craft: Your kids will love crafting this rainy umbrella with paper plates and construction paper! Rain Sticks: Create the sound of rain with your kiddos by making these awesome rain sticks from Happy Hooligans!

Felt Cloud PillowVia Cloud Pillow pdf PatternA pile of these would be a cute idea for a little girl'sbedroom. I love to bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, watch movies, go on bike rides and hikes, and paint my nails fun colors.

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