Rackspace has updated its Private Cloud Software offering to include three new features – OpenCenter, High Availability and Host Operating System Choice.
The products can be deployed on Rackspace’s own infrastructure or within the client’s own data centre, with SLAs tailored accordingly. According to the company, the three additional features in the new release of OpenStack, will make running a private cloud simpler and more efficient for customers. Simon Abrams, head of market strategy and insight at Rackspace, told Cloud Pro that OpenCenter is the most important of the three updates. Abrams also stated that OpenCentre allows greater ability to customise the way Private Cloud Software is installed, whereas previously there had been a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The High Availability feature adds additional resilience to the Private Cloud Software, delivering it as a cluster as opposed to a single instance, while Host Operating System Choice allows customers to choose from Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS as the host operating system for their deployments. Jim Curry, senior vice president and general manager of Rackspace Private Cloud, said: “[The Updates] pave the way for Rackspace to bring its continuous integration and deployment expertise from the public cloud arena into private enterprise datacentres. Founded in 1998, Rackspace is a publicly traded company and offers cloud, managed, and hybrid hosting.
Rackspace’s current response has been to release a script written by one of their system administrators.
CodeGuard is a near-perfect fit for what the users of Rackspace Cloud Sites have been requesting for the last two years.
We decided to conduct a thorough analysis of all of the comments, to see if our service could meet the needs of the Cloud Site users. Users requested an automated backup tool for static files to be stored on a local machine or cloud server at a regular interval.
An interface within the control panel is also highly requested as it would help seamlessly integrate a high number of sites. Because users are only allocated a specific amount of storage, a space-efficient backup is necessary to keep cost down.
While many requested an automated backup, some specifically sought it to be through a master FTP account, thus allowing it to easily grab and compress all the files.

Many of Rackspace users are web developers and designers, and having the ability to integrate multiple sites at once would allow them to easily keep up with and assure the quality of their service. Below is a chart of our categorization of the different requested features as a stacked column. We tested the currently offered Zipit Utility and compared the effort required to download a single zip of your site contents with the effort to initiate daily automatic site backups via CodeGuard.
Rackspace Cloud Site users, through their votes and comments, have clearly shown that they want a Rackspace Cloud Sites Backup service.
This guest post was written by Daniel Holm, Director of Enterprise Solutions at InterWorks. Tagboard, which has found solid footing in the social media aggregation and display business has leveraged Rackspace’s managed ObjectRocket solution, which helps maintain their back-end data stores. Corra Marketing Copywriter Sasha Butkovich sat down with Rackspace Magento Practice Lead Justin McSheehy to talk about what Rackspace brings to the world of ecommerce and how it sets us apart. ExpenseWatch has partnered with Rackspace to help them continue to build on their success as a leading spend management platform.
In this week's Download, we highlight three of our most recent customers, all of which are using Rackspace in different ways to enhance their businesses. Looking back at the previous week's After Hour Recap, which hosted Rackspace Senior Process Engineer Robert Chapa.
Scicasts, which offers a single, searchable resource of the massive information stream the scientific community needs access to, relies on Rackspace to help manage its big data analytics through Hadoop. International Military Antiques has enjoyed stunning success since going online more than a decade ago, due in part to support from Rackspace Managed Cloud with digital expertise to power their Magento ecommerce platform. Rackspace helps luxury content and commerce beauty destination VIOLET GREY scale for spikes in traffic and manage their back-end operations, so they can focus on bringing Hollywood beauty to the masses.
Nigel Beighton, vice president of technology at Rackspace, told Computerworld UK that although this is will be the first public cloud launched using the open source technology, other big vendors are soon to follow, which will give users the ability to spread applications across a number of clouds. OpenStack will launch on the 1 August in the US, and will go live in the UK on the 15 August as part of a global rollout.

Rackspace announced earlier this year that it had a number of early access customers trialling the public cloud. Beighton was confident that Rackspace could not only compete in the market, but that it would actively steal customers away from public cloud giant, Amazon Web Services. Commenting on the announcement, Bob Tarzey, analyst and director at Quocirca, said that OpenStack is rapidly becoming one of the main standards for companies looking to create hybrid clouds. For any serious IT player in the Middle East, there are key market sectors that are easy to list - government, energy, banking, education, health, hospitality and so on.
Since then, the organisation claims around 18 per cent of Fortune 100 companies have downloaded it and there have been over 6,000 downloads in 156 countries.
They do not have to deep dive into the bits and bytes from a command line interface, although that is still an option as well. Many sites hosted on Rackspace utilize MySQL, and while manually exporting a database is not terribly difficult, you still have to remember to actually do it.
While the automation and accessibility of backups is crucial, when problems arise, having a tool that provides automated restoration seems almost too good to be true.
Just as we did back in January, we'd like to dedicate some editorial space this week to one of the most important parts of Rackspace — our customers.
Robert builds the automation that drives fanatical support, and talks about how he harnesses New Relic Inisghts to optimize and cut down on costs.
This will enable businesses to make use of shared infrastructure for some of the most powerful use cases for public cloud. In the last two years, Rackspace has rapidly grown revenue from roughly $600 million to a over one billion. The idea was proposed August 15, 2010 and is still “Under Review” as specified by the forum admin.

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