Moving Drupal website clients to cloud hosting has been great as they're able to get high performance, scalable capacity at a pretty reasonable rate. To begin, you'll need to login to the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace with your Rackspace Cloud username and password. Next, you'll need to install and configure the SMTP Authentication Module on your Drupal site for SMTP support.
For more information on how to get SendGrid setup with Drupal, be sure to visit the website directly.

However, we have discovered when clients offer an email sign-up, the emails that are generated from the cloud-hosted Drupal website are often rejected as spam.
Install the free SendGrid app; this will connect the Sendgrid email system to your cloud account. You can test the setup using the test email box at the bottom of the configuration page and hitting save. For those clients who have chosen the Rackspace cloud, here is a step-by-step solution to the problem.

When you install the SendGrid app, you'll see a large link that says try the free edition. Click that box and then input your email address.
An automated reply will be sent to you where you can create your SendGrid account using the Rackspace Cloud.

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