If simplicity is your goal, use our Cloud Control Panel to spin up a pre-built, pre-validated stack in minutes.
Spin up a full production environment plus software with just a few clicks—so you can spend your time innovating, not installing.
We created the Rackspace templates based on years of experience managing, scaling, and optimising cloud stacks, so you can be confident you're building on a solid foundation.
Automating stacks give you the confidence of knowing that your software is configured and optimised for the cloud. OpenStack Heat configures and instantiates the resources in the stack based on the template you selected.
From simple to complex application stacks, you can build customised templates to meet your needs and deploy them using the Cloud Orchestration API, the Cloud Control Panel, or the command line.
Reuse your templates and move your stacks between any public or private OpenStack cloud that implements Heat with minimal tweaks.
Build YMAL- or JSON-based custom templates, or customise a pre-built template from our library. Cloud Orchestration can instantiate and configure a wide variety of cloud resources, as well as trigger configuration scripts and cookbooks. With Custom Templates, modify the configuration of your stack simply by editing the template and running an update (via Control Panel interface, from the command line, or by making a single API call) regardless of how many changes you're making. A new extension designed to integrate seamlessly with both Internet Explorer and Firefox is set up to turbocharge the browser’s search capabilities according to Microsoft.
An important aspect of the Bing Bar is the fact that Microsoft is essentially turning over the control over customization to users. Hybrid cars are growing in popularity and showed a 40 per cent market share increase from 2011 to 2012, according to research by Experian Automotive. This may be an indication that part-engine and part-electric motor cars are moving away from the niche market to the more mainstream as they slowly assimilate into everyday life. Accountancy, property, consulting and legal firms have a common goal: to offer responsive and professional services to customers whilst maximising overall billable hours. The travel and hospitality industries have seen a massive shift in their business models over the last decade. Between driving costs down, keeping the regulator happy, protecting your reputation and striving ahead in the market, there's a lot that your hosting solution needs to do for you.
As a technical leader at Rackspace during a docs modernization effort, I want to respond to Tom Johnson’s recent pointer to the developer docs site as an example of treating docs like code. I’m sure modern docs are not going to work for all projects and all people and all processes, but since I have first hand experience I thought it would be helpful to talk about it.
When you treat docs like code, expect to enable more contributors, and when you enable more contributors, you need to automate builds and quality checks so your time is spent focused on doc outcomes, not running builds. If traditional tech pubs tools product managers are reading, your next killer feature is Travis-ci job integration, Jenkins job enablement, and really any scripted way to build your output so that humans don’t have to click anything to build the docs.
Depending on your contributor base, you influence more people to respect the documentation and encourage contributors to improve the docs with you when the docs are in a code system. Across multiple repositories we deliver REST API documentation for almost 30 services. Quality diminishing: Build a trusted set of reviewers and make sure they are equipped with a style guide and plenty of quality checks to keep in mind while reviewing. Search and replace: When you need to make changes across multiple repositories and deliverables, be ready to up your bash scripting game or get help with it.
Naming agreement: Unless you establish standards and have authority for naming certain parts of a project (plugin or plug-in as an example), you could waste time arguing about which name lands in the base.
My third job was selling sporting goods in a retail sports store, locally owned, as a retail sales clerk.
My fourth job was inspecting manufactured rubber parts in a local factory, on the night shift during the summer in high school. My fifth job was after starting college, checking out and shelving books at the university library.
My sixth job was inspecting baby formula and drink supplement ingredients as an internship in a chemistry lab.
My seventh job was assembling, word-processing and testing science education materials (such as Chemistry with TOYS, Physics with TOYS) as a graduate student. I’ve written up my experiences at a leadership training class for OpenStack in Ann Arbor this summer. We also had the opportunity to tour a maker space close to the training center, Ann Arbor’s Maker Space, and wow, it is neat. Tom Root, a Miami University graduate like me, started the space during the financial crisis in 2008. I was so inspired by the woodworking shop I decided to come home, buy some mesquite wood, and mimic some window treatments I’d seen on Fixer Upper for my own living room. After a week with leaders in the OpenStack community, taking leadership training, I’m inspired to write up ideas from Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change. As an example, people often ask me, how do you motivate people to write documentation for open source projects?
Using the framework this book offers, you first want to identify the behavior you want to see.
As for “how” do we want contributors to write, well, we may need to have templates and frameworks for the “how” — such as source formats, build jobs, and in which repo.
Looking at the behavior we want to see, getting super detailed about it, we find that we also want to encourage the behavior of code reviewers to read and review related docs. Now, when a bit of code changes that makes a difference in the docs, that’s a crucial moment for influencing a particular behavior. Another crucial moment to engage is when a user first tries the feature; their fresh eyes may provide an update to the docs that others might not see. So we have an idea of the behaviors we want to see, and a sense of when we want to see them.
It’s painful to have a doc tool set that’s extremely different from what you write code in — the context switch even to a web-based editor may be too big a barrier to jump over. Without actual peer pressure that says “yes, we write the docs” developers may not create a culture that requires documentation. Thanks to many coworkers who helped me discuss and think more about these ideas along the way. Rackspace has been a wonderful home for over five years, and I want to dive even deeper into developer experience: developer tools, outreach, and support (including docs, naturally). I write about it here so you can observe the transition not just on LinkedIn or Twitter, but also as a transition from tech writer to something new. The second talk was an API mashup with the Uber API and Google Calendar API “to make sure I’m never late again.” This was with Keith Casey about his proof of concept and it was fantastic, because it’s meant to be more thought-provoking than code-complete. I was one of three women there, I believe, and there were three lawyers, one of whom was a woman, so there was a interesting mix. All in all, a thought-provoking meet up with a great mix of technologists who think like entrepreneurs. One of the greatest parts of my job is getting to learn, write, learn write in a never-ending pattern. While looking for a data-driven REST API for that tutorial I came across Mashape, which has a marketplace for APIs.
GitHub is the web interface, and git is the command-line tool that you use to copy files locally and track them. A fork is both an action and an object: forking is when you copy a repository, and a fork is a copy of a repository.
A pull request is a comparison of edits to see if the reviewing team wants to accept those changes into the main repository.
When you are collaborating with technical people on distributed projects, often they are already accustomed to a GitHub workflow. I do get questions from writers who are getting started with these types of workflows, so I wanted to bring together some of the best practices we’ve found, and find more. Google has an Android developer community called Women Techmakers, led by Natalie Villabos. Jump gives 16 cameras to do VR recording (Go Pro made one), Google assembler then makes it so you can interpolate the viewpoints and get 3 dimensions (depth-corrected stereo).
I just read an article that said YouTube supports Cardboard for its videos now, here’s the help page. Half the dev sessions were in these “alcoves” which were rooms created with cardboard tubes and boxes. I went to a Firebase demo, which had a great example of a developer advocate trying to identify with audience and do story telling. As I reflect back on what it was like to go to a large tech conference with at least twice as many women as any I’d been to, I felt like the proof in the techniques to get us there is going to be in the return rate and the new signup rate. In OpenStack, we document how to triage doc bugs, and that’s what you need to do in GitHub, is establish your process for incoming issues. One person I work with uses GitHub emojis every chance he gets when he reviews pull requests. Nitpicking can be averted if you point to your style guide and conventions with a good orientation to a newcomer so that new contributors don’t get turned off by feeling nitpicked.

Have you heard of anyone who has combined GitHub with a different UI “top layer” to simplify the UI? Already comfortable in the online environment, the next generation of global financial investors wants more than mere transparency from their advisory partners; they also seek meaningful connection with where the wealth is going. Based in London (with offices in New York, San Francisco, Cape Town, Gurgaon, and India), privately held Kurtosys builds digital tools for asset managers to present essential data to their customers. Fund managers and some of the world’s largest asset managers rely on Kurtosys to avoid unnecessary processes and reduce costs. Although Kurtosys executives identified the need for cloud early on, they were reluctant to move to a cloud infrastructure until more recently.
Since Kurtosys creates software for asset managers to showcase data, for maximal success the company needs the flexibility to scale to client requirements. Much of Kurtosys’ computational work is performed in short bursts on regular periodic cycles.
For now, Kurtosys uses Rackspace services out of both the United States and the UK, with plans to expand shortly. We are going through change and if we carried on as before our hosting costs would get out of control,” said Thompson.
Kurtosys has the ability to standardise this environment in any of Rackspace global data centres. Powered by OpenStack® Heat, Cloud Orchestration lets you quickly and easily deploy your infrastructure (and even manage its lifecycle) in a consistent, repeatable way using fully configurable templates.
This gives you deep control over the exact characteristics of your cloud resources, including the order in which they spin up.
You can also reuse your Amazon CloudFormation templates with minimal tweaks as long as the underlying resources are supported. With managed cloud, our experts can run your cloud ops for you, or be there whenever you need help - you choose the level of service you want. For example, there is built-in support for Chef Solo, which you can use to trigger your Chef recipes.
In dem Sie weiterhin auf dieser Website browsen, erkl?ren Sie sich automatisch mit unserer Art der Nutzung von Cookies einverstanden. The Redmond-based company emphasizes that users will be able to personalize the Bing Bar in accordance with their preferences, by not just arranging the features, but also adding new ones.
The Bing Bar pulls content from across the web and will even alert you to breaking news when it’s happening. Working with Rackspace brings you the scalable infrastructure, flexible commercial terms and technical expertise that practice partners demand to service clients day and night around the world. Clients expect creativity but also demand rapid turnaround, online viewing and testing plus campaigns that will scale for success. Consumers are turning to online travel agents and search engines to make sense of the proliferation of content available to them, find discount vouchers and offer pricing and book tailored travel and holiday plans. Discover how Rackspace can offer scalable infrastructure, flexible commercial terms and technical expertise to finance-oriented clients.
Traditional tech pubs tooling (Adobe, Madcap, Docbook) will struggle to develop wonderful, responsive websites that provide an amazing experience with documentation. See the resources section for a deep dive, but suffice it to say, I’m sold on using GitHub for your CMS and I know many other writers see it this way also.
In a docs-like-code world, be sure you know what is the most valuable contribution and make sure your teams can give those types of contributions. Please take a look at the resources I’ve been working on over the last few years to spread my enthusiasm and excitement for the modernization of technical documentation. I grew up in northern Indiana, and they paid kids as young as 14 to walk the corn rows and remove the tassel at the top of certain rows so that the hybridization would be completed for the type of hybrid corn they want to grow in that field. I stocked shelves and racks, got shoes for people based on size, laced the shoes, and answered questions. We worked from night until dawn, hand-inspecting rubber o-rings and specially-made parts to make sure they did not have holes, tears, or other defects. I wanted to focus on school and not work in college, but learned on a call with my Dad late one night the first week of school that I would have to work to cover costs or come home. This was another shift job, this time on the second shift from 2:00 in the afternoon until 10 pm. I also made copies, worked on NSF proposals, and assembled small science kits as giveaways at science educator conventions. Comparable to a monthly gym membership model, they provide large woodworking and metalworking and industrial sewing and crafting machines for a daily or monthly fees or full memberships. He has a vision of uniting a community of young people who need and want vocational and trade education with the experienced workers in the community who may have lost their traditional manufacturing jobs but have a lot of knowledge and experience to pass on. The Midwesterner in me knows that this type of collaborative space makes so much sense.
For me, who needs to make the most out of community efforts, the idea that no one likes being told what to do was a familiar phrase.
The “Edit on GitHub” feature of creating a pull request provides that outlet for fresh eyes to make a quick edit to the documentation. For example, if you speak English as a second language, it may be painful to write for others to review and the criticism might be more than you can bear. If the skill is writing, then have office hours or coaching sessions online, and at conferences make sure you can meet with people who want to become better writers to show them how to practice writing through drills, exercises, and with fun collaborative efforts such as doc sprints.
I’m at a certain transition point in my career journey which is taking me to a new role, a new team, and a new company.
Titled “Where the Rubber meets the Road,”—heh—there were about 25-30 people there, about half API-oriented and half car-oriented. He showed their early findings when using the Edmunds Vehicle API to write an application that small maintenance shops can use to find out what maintenance any car needs. I got to play with Docker Swarm on our Carina offering at Rackspace and wrote up this blog post. Mostly when I ask developers about the usefulness of a site like Mashape they can’t come up with a great use case. So applying that workflow to technical documentation related to the project is a natural fit. We post patches for people to review, we review each other’s patches (similar to a pull request on GitHub), and we have build and test automation for every doc patch. Here are two articles that serve the purpose along with a slide deck from a presentation I gave this year.
This year they had a big push towards bringing women to the conference through effective methods. She did an amazing job with the event itself, but what most impressed me was the building of community prior to the event through the use of Slack, emailed communications, and networking opportunities both online and in person. They did an example app that’s a chat application in a web browser that the audience could interact with right there.
She works on the OpenStack project now as a Content Stacker, collaborating on community documentation so that any organization can offer cloud computing capabilities using open source software. Founded in 2002, the company supports the management of around $500B in investment, by offering customers robust infrastructure and outsourcing services. Kurtosys offers various tools including client reporting, fund factsheets, fund tools and secure portal. Traditionally, Kurtosys had built classic web applications, installed on a threetier system with web servers, DMZ application servers, and database servers. After analysing what the market offered and the direction it was heading, Kurtosys chose OpenStack® as its primary cloud solution.
The company may have workflow processes running intensively for two or three days a month and then shutting down. While Kurtosys still produces the traditional application that sits in front of the API, it also provides sample code that customers can integrate themselves into their own portals and use through other distribution channels.
From Australia to Hong Kong to the UK, the company can — if a customer needs them to — deploy the exact same offerings with the same people and equipment through Rackspace operations.
Your YAML- or JSON-based templates can even trigger Chef or Ansible scripts to manage system configuration. For more information about cookies and how you can turn them off, please see our cookie compliance page.
Fur weitere Information zu Cookies und wie man Sie abstellen kann, besuchen Sie bitte unsere Cookies Compliance Seite. Working with Rackspace brings you the scalable, secure and reliable infrastructure your customers demand day and night around the world.
There’s a natural struggle between artisanal hand-crafted documentation and producing tens of thousands of web pages that still offer a great experience despite the size of the site.
In OpenStack we can merge 50 changes a day in a single repository containing ten deliverables (web-delivered guides). Have processes and systems in place for triaging doc issues, and create a culture where contributors have good judgement about what to work on first, second, and third.
Unfortunately some teams could be stuck with non-Linux-based systems and no tools to help with this problem. I was their night shift, closer, and I was nearly fired after my first three nights because the cash register count kept coming up about $15 short.

It was smelly, (hot rubber manufacturing smell) dirty, (imagine black rubber dust under your fingernails and in your skin) hot, (though not as hot as the day shift), and loud. One task was to staple more than 400 small cellophane fish to quarter-page instructions on teaching physical science with the small fish.
The “when” could be at the end of a cycle when people are less distracted by feature additions.
For example, when a seed researcher wants to introduce a new hybrid seed corn, he goes straight to the local diner where the most experienced and influential farmer gets breakfast on Saturdays.
Record a video or host an online hangout, showing all the steps for contributing deliberately and strategically.
Reading Playing Big gives me a new framework, separate from Lean In, to think about how women shape careers and journey through life. I’m super excited for the amount of learning I can do at Cisco by joining their cloud group. Their REST API contains a lot of data and this startup wants to make that easily available to non-dealership service providers.
I could also try out the Merriam-Webster Dictionary API and of course, the best word-nerd API there is, Wordnik. I wonder if discoverability of APIs is an important part of promoting and educating people about your API. When writing for developers, write with developers, and believe me, developers are using GitHub for writing and coding. GitHub also has an enterprise offering where the entire website is hosted where you want it and branded with your domain name. Also, since GitHub has flexible review processes and prioritizes continuous integration, applying those benefits to documentation reviews and builds gives you the benefit of content management while bridging to sharing knowledge with subject matter experts. The idea is to use the collaboration available in the GitHub pull request workflow for docs as well as code. Basically, no one left their comfy seating, so it was extremely hard to go around to different sessions. He could also turn the example chat off quickly if the crowd got out of hand in playing with it live. Will they be annoyed with the overcrowding and not feel like it’s worth the extra effort to get on a plane?
Looks promising but again, for treating docs like code, living and working with developers. With all its products hosted, Kurtosys develops APIs, web and mobile applications designed to give fund and investment service providers the ability to simplify and beautify financial information. To help get you started, we provide a library of pre-built example templates that you can download and modify to meet your unique needs.
The toolbar features a prominent Bing search field, which customers can easily leverage for their queries without actually having to navigate to the Bing home page.
It paid well, I wanted to quit after a week, and I rode with a neighbor who was 16 at dawn-thirty every morning, taking a bus after that to the corn fields, packing a lunch each day.
The day shift person was expressing growing concern as she came in to an inaccurate value each morning, so the owner came in at 9:00 one night to watch me count the cash drawer at the end of the night. During the school year, one of our co-workers drove an elementary school bus after getting done with her night shift. I could walk to work, I could read and study when it was not busy, and I helped shut down the entire library at night. After completing those and boxing them up neatly, I traveled to a science convention, met my boss there, who asked where the 400 fish kits were. You can store large and small projects in progress so you don’t have to lug your work back and forth.
For documentation, you may say the behavior is “write” but I want to get more specific than that. It’s better to have the farmer in his pickup truck understand and believe in the benefit of changing to a new hybrid seed corn than for the researcher in his late-model Volvo. I’ll still be working on OpenStack upstream and looking for ways to apply what I learn. One of the people there simply to network had lunch with Lanham Napier (former Rackspace CEO) that very day, pitching his startup, though he never said what it was. He already got contacted by a product manager at Uber but doesn’t plan to work further on the idea. I think that with more and more API definitions, there is more and more need for discoverability. Like many tools, git and GitHub were created by fire—through a pressing need in 2005 for high-throughput and efficient source control management for the Linux kernel. The best guess for merging is often accurate but does require human inspection when the changes are too close to tell. With GitHub Enterprise, you can ensure only company employees can access the source and collaborate with each other. Will women keep returning because they’re there with their friends and it’s a tradition? If you want to create labels for particular deliverables, like the API doc or end-user doc, you can further organize your doc issues. It’s the actual terms that have to be adapted and adopted for GitHub to be a match for writers.
We can’t do that alone, and Rackspace helps us ensure that we’re in control and our procedures are always in place.
She wrote me a check and drove me home.When I got home and looked at the check, I realized it was for $20.00, which was much more than I had thought the job paid! She was famous for once saving the lives of a family when their house was burning and she noticed it from her bus-driver seat, ran into the house, woke them up, and got them to safety. I remember turning out all the lights on the basement floor, then walking through the pitch black to the elevator, finding the button on the wall, and waiting in complete darkness for the narrow crack of light to appear to take me out of pure darkness. Once someone called in to the library to ask if she could retrieve a $100 bill she left on one of our copiers. I remember using my thumb to pipette some liquid, where you have to release some air to get the liquid to the right level for a precise measurement. People who don’t know what to write might need guidance, suggestions, or strict form-based templates.
Edmunds provides a registered trademark “True Cost to Own” and “True Market Value” and I think someone should build a calculator for “True Time to Sell” based on service recommendations. The non-linear branching model means that you can experiment with many changes but still get back to a known state.
GitHub works well when a project is so large or distributed that no one person can know enough to write the documentation for the project. The giveaways were lovely zippered canvas bags with Adafruit’s Gemma wearables package for hacking on later, which is awesome. It was impressive, but one aspect that threw me off was the cameras must have been super high off the ground.
Will women be more likely to spread the word about the conference itself to a wider group than just developers?
You will need to define priorities as well — what’s critical and must be fixed? For example, do you track doc bugs (issues) and write collaboratively with added content treated like software features? My mom said it was fine to keep it but called the parents to be sure they meant to pay that much, and sure enough, she was so grateful for a night out she felt super generous in that check-writing moment. Asking her to hold, I went downstairs, opened the lid of the copy machine, and sure enough, there was a $100 US dollar bill.
When my trainer saw me, he immediately re-trained me, showing how to hold a pipette properly using an index finger for more control and finesse. I hadn’t realized that the assembly of the kits was FOR the conference I was attending.
While GitHub is often associated with source control, the collaborative aspects go well beyond the traditional source control and CMS models.
I got the system working the other night, and ordered an additional soft potentiometer hoodie pull so I can make this project with the hoodie I bought at the conference.
I think it’s going to take a while to see the effects of the special outreach efforts.
If you use similar systems for both issues and pull requests you’ll have your work prioritized for you when you look at the GitHub backlog.
I definitely think the diversity in networking effect is going to make a lasting change in the system.

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