The share permissions are Everyone has full access, and there is a local user TestUser that has full access to the actual folder.
On the host server I can see the user connected to the share in the Sessions manager, so the password is correct and being recognised.
What else can be blocking access to the shared files, when the share seems to be set, and the folder permissions seem to be set, and the connection seems to be okay?
The network is recognised as "public", and the relevant firewall rules seem to be enabled - even disabling the firewall doesn't help. This was a problem resulting from a misconfiguration of the base Windows images on the part of Rackspace. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-server-2012 rackspace-cloud or ask your own question. This is episode ten in our series on setting up and managing devices using Servera€™s Profile Manager service. As this list indicates, some settings work on all Apple devices, while others can only be configured for one type of device or another.
There are 38 possible payloads you can deploy for users and user groups and over 40 you can deploy for devices and device groups. The Passcode payload allows you to set specific passcode requirements for a Mac or iOS device. If you see a dialog window asking if you want to use an iCloud password, choose the option to Change Password. The Network payload can be used to create default settings for ethernet, legacy hotspot, and Passpoint networks, but its most common usage is for Wi-Fi configurations and for hidden network configurations in particular.
If your device wasna€™t already joined to your wireless network, it should now be joined to it. Verify that the settings are what you entered in the VPN payload and, if you set this up for a real VPN in your network, click the Connect button to see of the configuration works.
The Security & Privacy payload allows you to define Gatekeeper settings and computer security settings, require FileVault settings, and turn on or off the option to send application data to Apple and third-party developers.
Click the lock in the lower left-hand corner of the window and authenticate as an administrative user. Note that both the Change Password button and Gatekeeper settingsa€”the ones that says a€?allow apps downloaded froma€?a€”cannot be changed.
Click the a€?-a€? button in the upper right-hand side of the Security & Privacy payload window. Jeffery Battersby is an Apple Certified Trainer, (very) smalltime actor, and regular contributor to Macworld.
This article is written to inform end-users and businesses about the pros and cons of Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. There are hundreds of articles on the Internet about this subject, but unfortunately, they are written for the benefit of web developers and experienced webmasters.
Some website owners think that CMS applications are the key to a website's success or believe that any popular CMS application is going to work for any project, any size or complexity a€” that is never the case. Drupal and Joomla are both template based CMS applications, they are built by programmers and not designers or people with design, branding, and marketing expertise. It is possible to create a site with unique branding using Drupal or Joomla; however, because when those applications were built, there was not any emphasis or considerable effort developing unique branding features. Most sites (especially businesses and institutions) will require unique Product, Services or Category pages. Although this can be accomplished by Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, it can be a tedious and time-consuming process. The main purpose of a Content Management System is to make it easy for even a novice computer user to maintain and manage a site. As of this writing, Drupal's administration interface (version 6.19 - August 11, 2010) is confusing and not user friendly.
Joomla's administration usability and learning curve is better than Drupal's, but not enough to provide a noticeable advantage to the end-user over Drupal.
Each of the above Content Management Systems provide a few main specialized functionalities as their default core application. Since those Core Modules are the main and specialized features of those applications, it makes sense to select an application that provides all of the main features that you need as its Core Module. There are so many third party modules developed for the above CMS applications; however, the quality of the modules, their features, their security and performance are not proven and time-tested. Also, many of the third party modules may not integrate and fit well with the Core modules, template or site's look and feels.
If you need to build and manage a Blog website, WordPress is the perfect solution for your needs because WordPress provides a Blog feature as its main common feature. If you need to build and manage a Forum website, phpBB or vBulletin is the perfect solution for your needs because those applications provide a Forum as their main common solution.
If you need to build and manage a regular website with basic content management features such as creating pages, articles and polls and only require basic design or branding and insignificant functionality customizations, Joomla maybe a good option for you. If you need to build and manage a hybrid website with common or custom content management features such as creating pages, articles, blogs, forums, polls, online store and will require unique branding features, custom design and functionality customizations, a cost effective enterprise CMS solution that has all of those built-in features right out-of-the-box may be the best solution for your purpose. If you need to build and manage a website (or multiple sites) with a significant number of pages and articles, and community features such as members that can provide comments on contents and articles, and will require some common functionality tweaking, and have a sufficient budget ($5,000 - $10,000 to setup and $1,000 - $2000 per month for maintenance), Drupal may be a good option for you. The other important thing to consider is that projects usually evolve based on a user's feedback or business direction change, so it is important to select a technology that provides flexibility when a big change is needed. Unfortunately, there are advisers or IT consultants with little experience in actually managing a Drupal, Joomla or other open source CMS application, and they are making recommendations to use one of those applications based on the latest news and what's trendy, without understanding their real capabilities, or analyzing your project requirements or budgetary limitations. You may also have heard and read about Drupal or Joomla because they are the common buzz words in the open source CMS community. To add to the mix, there are so many articles written on that subject with little emphasis about informing the end-user and more emphasis on capturing leads and earning Google Adsense dollars.
We have many clients requesting that we build them a Drupal site just because is written in Drupal. The White House has spent six figures in initial development and six figures per year to maintain the site.
It was reported that site was originally developed using Drupal and later rewritten at the reported cost of $18 million. You are more likely not going to need to spend six figures for a Drupal site, but you need to consider your budgetary limitations, features needed, design requirements and many other factors before selecting a CMS system or comparing your project to project. People who just heard of the buzz - People that just like to pass along a new buzz word that they have heard in the high-tech industry or people that like to copy what others in their sector are doing, without much research before-hand. I come across many Drupal and Joomla end-users everyday, and they are frustrated and unhappy with their Drupal or Joomla application and are looking to move on to another CMS application.
They were originally provided incorrect information or advice to select a CMS application which was not a good fit for their situation and scenario.
Some selected Drupal because of it's incredible buzz and they thought that nothing can go wrong by selecting Drupal over any other CMS, because many well known institutions (with lots of money and a full web staff at their disposal) use Drupal. Additionally, if the Drupal developer did not do a good job when setting up the template, CSS and modules, the site maintenance can be cumbersome even with an experienced user.
Research for this article was completed August 1, 2010; pricing and other information may change.
Bernard Kohan is a mobile app and web application development and technology analyst expert. Select and unselect modules such CMS or eCommerce for your web application and watch the cost update in real time.
Follow Tritone Consultants on Twitter or check back to this page to learn cloud-related terms. The core idea of holocracy (now a registered trademark) is to remove managers as well as the traditional predict-and-control hierarchy. While cloud offerings are the same to Laura as they are Curt, one takes advantage of the efficiencies.
An HTTP GET Flood essentially mimics standard web traffic but amplifies to the point that resources cannot handle requests. Next generation of LOIC, randomized signatures mask sources of traffic, making it difficult for edge devices to differentiate attack traffic from legitimate visitors. Hacktivists often target goverments, law enforcement agencies, political parties or religious groups with DDoS or other attacks.
Typically used to protect against spoofing, DNSSEC uses several nonstandard resource records including RRSIG, DNSKEY, DS, and NSEC.

Early computing systems did not have a hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and software developers needed to know how to communicate with each hardware device. If you have ever run into driver issues on a Microsoft Windows Server during a P2V, sysprep, or when moving between virtualization platforms, a common problem is with the HAL-related DLLs. This measurement varies from one provider to the next but many charge customers based on CC’s.
Access control is the castle guard, asking for identification or a password, verifying you have access to certain areas of the internal environment.
Access Control relates to permitting or denying access, an interactive process, while perimeter control is intrusion prevention.
Intercloud is based on the grid concept that each, single cloud does not have unlimited geographic footprint or infinite resources. The global internet makes it possible to pool resources from not just a variety of hosting providers but individual computing sources.
This IT methodology means IT departments are flexible and procedures are set to administer systems from anywhere. Products like GIT make it possible to point to a variety of locations for source control, dev and testing. The end user is delivered the information system environment (email, file servers, internal apps) or the environment itself (a full desktop) to a remote client device.
Services like Incapsula provide information to customers about the origin of DDoS attacks, real IP addresses, and other details in a post-attack report.
ISPs will blackhole a customer undergoing a DDoS attack to block all traffic to their IP address block. Many of the unmanaged name server and name registrars have been victims of DNS flood attacks in recent years. In the fall of 2012, the US banking industry sustained an itsoknoproblembro DDoS attack that peaked at or above 70 Gbps. Network-level attacks rely on high volumes of data to consume resources, slow performance and eventually degrade legitimate access to a service. Contrary to network-level attacks, an application DDoS follows the same connection process as legitimate users.
All VMware-virtualized servers will run ESXi in the future which has a smaller footprint than legacy ESX systems. The common consensus is that ESX is derived from the name Elastic Sky X but this does not appear in any official VMware publications.
NSX provides organizations a simplified physical network layer by delivering virtualized firewalls, ports, logical switches, and routers with security, monitoring and QoS. A grid member computer is typically connected by a network interface instead of the high-speed computer bus in typical supercomputers. IIS 8 (Windows Server 2012) supports Server Name Identification while previous versions did not.
While SNI sounds great, is not supported for Windows XP users with any version of Internet Explorer. Similar to and often coupled with device independence, location independence means an end user can run services from work, home, coffee shops, cell phones or tablets. Layer 3 is the most significant layer of the internet protocol although this layer is not limited to IP. IP Spoofing is typically a malicious attempt to gain access to network resources by making traffic appear to come from an illegitimate IP. Egress filtering will restrict internal users from getting off of the organizational network to transmit various types of network traffic.
Software Development Kit - a set of development tools which allow for the creation of software applications, built for a specific framework, hardware platform, computer system,  operating system, or similar platform. Examples of an SDKs include the iPhone app developmentSDK, Android SDK, or Xbox Development Kit. In the castle analogy, access control is the guard, asking for identification or a password, verifying you have access to certain areas of the internal environment.
As of February 2013, there are 13 mainstream public root name servers in operation, maintained by organizations like Verisign, ICANN, and government entities.
An example of an attack is when an attacker eavesdrops on a public wifi network and allows unknowing clients to log in to websites.
Just as developers will implement obfuscation to make their code harder to read and reverse-engineer, infrastructure admins may add a token to a login process to obtain resources like a file share or web authentication. A domain name registrar must be accredited by a generic top-level domain registry or a country code top-level domain registry. Application Programming Interface – set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.
APIs are many times vendor-specific, providing the building blocks for a developer to put all the pieces together in a final product: desktop, web, mobile apps. Any device, from your wallet, to thermostat, to cars can be embedded with technology to connect the device to a network of other devices. Many hosting providers help mitigate DDoS attacks at their edge locations, before the traffic is exposed to a customer infrastructure.
Typically used in Cisco architectures, PCVs are typically seen when line coding is incorrect. Multitenant applications are much more efficient than the traditional client-server hosting model, where the server to customer ratio is 1:1. Undifferentiated heavy lifting is a term commonly used during the cloud pitch to describe the big, bulky, worrisome aspects of running local server and network infrastructure. IT product delivery model where application and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. Examples of PaaS include Rackspace Cloud Sites, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Windows Azure Web Sites and Google App Engine. Generally a company that provides IT infrastructure through shared or dedicated hosting facilities. Traditionally, ISVs sell a license to a customer who is then entitled to installation and use of various software functionality.  Recently, ISVs are more commonly using SaaS cloud delivery to customers in which customers pay recurring subscription fees to utilize the software. SOA allows two computing entities to interact in such a way that one is able to perform a unit of work on behalf of the other. This is an important concept in IT decision making as there may be no direct cost associated with maintaining the status quo of an onsite datacenter, physical servers, software licensing, etc. Because pricing structures of on-premises infrastructure and IaaS differ so much, accounting analysis may be necessary to realize the bottom line differences.
On-premises infrastructure can be extended to a hosted environment to streamline disaster recovery. From a macro viewpoint, global adoption of cloud-oriented architectures is an essential building block towards the internet of things, where anything (park benches, coffee makers, cars) can be identified, tagged, and interconnected. The process by which goods and services have distinguishable economic value in terms of uniqueness or brand become comparable commodities in the eyes of the market.
This may be a movement from a differentiated to an undifferentiated price or from monopolistic to healthy competition. This has always been a problem in the technology realm and is nothing new for Iaas, PaaS, or SaaS. A documented process to identify exposures and recover core assets from interruption, such as a natural disaster.
The maximum tolerable period in which data might be lost from a technology service interruption. Many banking applications are constantly being updated and must be able to restore in real time with few lost database transactions as a result of that recovery, meaning their RPO is very low.
During disaster recovery and business continuity planning, RTO is the duration of time within which a core business process or service must be restored. Examples of External Cloud include Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Enterprise-level infrastructure previously only available to those organizations who could afford it is now available to anyone with an internet connection. Whether termed the cloud or utility computing, a new economics model exists where computing infrastructure is moved to specialized providers who can use their scale to cost-effectively deliver this service. Operating Expenditures – recurring costs associated with running a product or system. For the cloud computing context, CapEx are the large investments in non-cloud infrastructure.

For example, database admins may only have access to MySQL or a business unit is given rights to specific cloud storage buckets. The cloud community is considered an amalgamation as it centers around open source, open design, open development and an open community that is fully transparent. When an organization is unable to move between service providers because their data, processes or infrastructure are inextricably linked with one particular provider.
When the hardware that powers servers is indistinguishable and interchangeable, it becomes a fungible commodity. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - set of requirements designed to ensure that companies who process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.
PCI DSS compliance must be met by web sites that receive credit card payments directly on the site. Typically referred to in the HIPAA context for health care, PHI refers to information created or received by a health care provider, health plan, public health authority, or employer; and which relates to the past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition of any individual. Examples of PII are HIPPA-protected health information, Gramm-Leach-Bliley (Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999) information, credit card information, birthdates, Social Security Numbers, and any personal data that when disclosed could result in the theft of the person’s identity.
Container-based virtualization is a viable option for cloud providers because they can easily provision cloud resources purchased by customers. Many SMB and enterprise businesses partner with a trusted vendor or value added reseller for procurement of of server, network, and computer equipment although online equipment sellers are also considered IHVs. Mashups aggregate and stitch together third-party data into one, interactive user interface. Example, Amazon VPC allows customers to configure a VPN to connect internal infrastructure to servers, storage, and other services within Amazon Web Services. Internal cloud is used loosely around the industry and may mean any service offered to an organization’s employees by the IT staff. Companies may create a VPN connection from their local datacenter to a public cloud like Rackspace or Amazon Web Services. A cloud service provider may charge per gigabyte for storage rather than a static, X dollars per month with a storage limit.
An example of cloudstorming: a company uses both Rackspace and AWS to host pieces of their infrastructure. If the world is filled with interconnected, sensor-laden devices theoretically builds a smarter planet (like the IBM commercials). Enterprises gain a unified cloud infrastructure without the risk of lock-in or loss of services in the event of a system failure.
Zynga allowed users to break into the cloud gaming industry with hits like Farmville and Words with Friends. Cloud engineering is the high-level view which focuses on all disciplines; software, infrastructure and platform.
Contrasted with multitenancy where a single instance runs on a server and serves multiple client organizations. An example of a skeuomorph is the leather binder in Apple’s iBooks or a rolodex icon signifying a contact list.
For example, a customer normally runs their web application on 2 Medium Amazon EC2 instances behind a load balancer. Example, a customer normally runs their web application on 4 Medium Amazon EC2 instances behind a load balancer.
For example, a customer normally runs their web application on 2 Amazon EC2 instances behind a load balancer.
In the cloud computing context, the ability to deploy application resources nearly instantly and then quickly resize those resources as workload changes.
Companies like Rackspace and Amazon Web Services pitch elasticity as one of the core differentiators from traditional IT models. High Performance Computing clusters are engineered to provide high-performance network and computational capabilities, allowing applications to get the performance required for tightly coupled, node-to-node communication. HPC Clusters allow scientists,  engineers, and business analysts to solve complex problems.
The cloud is demanding skillsets be diverse and two old IT silos, development and operations, have combined into one job description. If I use an incorrect password I don't get the "completed successfully" message, nor the 'open session'. We've got a Windows 2012 server here working as a file server just fine (domain member though) and that's about the only difference between what you're doing and what we're doing. They have now updated the base Images, and the new servers I built seem to have fixed the problem. All our servers were for test, so when they said they'd updated the master templates I just deleted my server and created a new one.
Ita€™s important to note that you can add an OS X-only payload to an iOS device, or vice-versa, with no ill effect. Thata€™s far too many to cover here, and many of these payloads wona€™t be relevant to anything youa€™re doing in real life. If you un-enrolled your device at the end of the previous lesson, you will need to reenroll that device before you can proceed with these exercises. Likewise, if you see the option to change your iCloud password, choose to switch to a local password.
This exercise will work best if youa€™ve enrolled a device that is not currently connected to your Wi-Fi network. If it was joined, look at the Profiles preference in System Preferences to view the newly added Wi-Fi settings. This exercise requires that you have a VPN configured in order to be useful, but ita€™s not required to see a VPN configuration deployed.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
It is more of a tedious and time-consuming process to implement a site requiring many unique branding features using Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. This is because both have been put together by programmers and there have not been any noticeable usability efforts put into these applications.
There was research done by University of Minnesota Office for Information Technology's usability lab which identified many usability problems with Drupal's administration.
So I would recommend doing plenty of research on any third party modules before adding them to the application. Depending on the size of the project, reviewing a project's requirements and roadmap and providing technology selection advice should take a few hours. One thing that these clients don't realize is that the White House has a big available budget, financial resources, and a team of experienced web programmers available to manage, customize and maintain the site. This shows the available financial resources and budget available by our Federal Government to spend on a site such as The site owner was told that if they use Drupal, they would never have to hire a web developer or webmaster to manage the content.
The site owner may still need to continue contracting with a Drupal developer or an experienced webmaster to manage and maintain the site content. The client was told that adding features and customizing modules will be easy and can be done by himself. Adding features and custom functionalities are not an easy task especially on a Drupal CMS platform.
By default, as their core functionality, Drupal, Joomla or WordPress are setup to use the same banner or same element design for all pages. There is a long learning curve and the site administrator must be an experienced computer software user. Drupal is one of the more bloated and complex CMS applications and it will cost more to set up, customize and maintain than many other solutions. It is more likely that the end-user will need to hire an experienced programmer or Drupal specialists to add features or custom functionalities.

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