The company said its latest services, based on the Openstack platform would help it close the gap on Amazon. These products will be provided to customers in limited amounts over a period of time to ensure a smooth ramp-up,” the company said. Matthew Johns, Cloud product manager at Rackspace, said the latest flavour of its cloud servers offering made it faster to scale with the ability to add 100s of virtual servers at a time with simplified access and control through a new OpenStack API.
The Cloud Control Panel was built from the ground up to be intuitive and flexible featuring server tagging and multi-region capabilities.
Equally needed was a more flexible storage offering which would allow customers to upgrade their storage without changing their storage server. Forlini said he expected the new offers to help Rackspace further penetrate the enterprise market for cloud services. I have been very lucky to be included in the first rollout of the new rackspace cloud and while it has been live (to me) for a few days, I have only just had a few minutes to have a play with it. This isn’t the only new thing, under the hood we now have IPv6 support (it seems as standard) for any new servers created via the new system and both the IPv6 address and the ServiceNet address are shown in your server details. This is a big improvement over IPv6 support only being available via the LoadBalancer service or via a 6to4 tunnel. The second thing that was implied (but I haven’t tested so far) is that to provision servers on the Next-gen cloud you need to use the updated API.

If anyone has any concrete info or additional thoughts then please comment or drop me a line at mike at technomonk dot com. This entry was posted in Blog, News, Stuff, Tech Stuff and tagged cloud, cloudservers, huddle, nextgen, rackspace. In below Rackspace Email Hosting Review, we are going to check out Rackspace email hosting service from feature, price and support factors to help customers find whether this email service is worthy of selection. There are lots of useful and valuable benefits that customers enable to take from Rackspace.
Besides, webmail features like private-label sites, customized interface, shared calendars as well as contacts, mobile sync, robust email client, instant messaging and Admin feature such as admin control panel, access & spam control, API are all available to customers who choose Rackspace email hosting.
If customers have any question about its email hosting, they can get great Fanatical Support from Rackspace.
Compared to many other competitors, Rackspace email hosting comes with great features, 100% uptime guarantee, reliable support and affordable prices. To take advantages of this professional email hosting service for any size of businesses, please visit Rackspace. Limited availability sign-ups are open now and Rackspace will begin providing access on May 1. I will be testing this in the coming couple of weeks as I rewite some of my provisioning tools.

In addition to a variety of reputable cloud services, it delivers customers web hosting, email hosting, business app solutions and etc.
By making complete use of these features, they can get one of the best email hosting experience to ensure the success of personals or businesses. The premium anti-spam & anti-virus help keep inbox safe, active directory for simple login as well as management, Outlook auto-setup and SSL encryption. The former is a business-class email working with Outlook, and the latter is considered as Microsoft’s popular email platform ensuring the highest level of Outlook collaboration. WebHosting2Go Offers you the professional web hosting guide and unbias hosting reviews after real testing. Here, we list some of the key features, and people take as a reference when considering Rackspace email hosting. At the same time, the Rackspace Community, knowledge center, API Documentation and Develop Center are available all the time for customers to check out solutions.
Until now, Rackspace has been serving tens of thousands of customers, and has multiple datacenters and office operating all over the world.

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