Founded in 1998, Rackspace is a publicly traded company and offers cloud, managed, and hybrid hosting. Rackspace’s current response has been to release a script written by one of their system administrators. CodeGuard is a near-perfect fit for what the users of Rackspace Cloud Sites have been requesting for the last two years.
We decided to conduct a thorough analysis of all of the comments, to see if our service could meet the needs of the Cloud Site users. Users requested an automated backup tool for static files to be stored on a local machine or cloud server at a regular interval. An interface within the control panel is also highly requested as it would help seamlessly integrate a high number of sites. Because users are only allocated a specific amount of storage, a space-efficient backup is necessary to keep cost down.

While many requested an automated backup, some specifically sought it to be through a master FTP account, thus allowing it to easily grab and compress all the files. Many of Rackspace users are web developers and designers, and having the ability to integrate multiple sites at once would allow them to easily keep up with and assure the quality of their service. Below is a chart of our categorization of the different requested features as a stacked column. We tested the currently offered Zipit Utility and compared the effort required to download a single zip of your site contents with the effort to initiate daily automatic site backups via CodeGuard. Rackspace Cloud Site users, through their votes and comments, have clearly shown that they want a Rackspace Cloud Sites Backup service.
Many sites hosted on Rackspace utilize MySQL, and while manually exporting a database is not terribly difficult, you still have to remember to actually do it.
While the automation and accessibility of backups is crucial, when problems arise, having a tool that provides automated restoration seems almost too good to be true.

Der Browser erlaubt den Download, Upload und das Verschieben oder Kopieren von Dateien mit Drag und Drop mit einer hierarchischen Listenansicht um auch grosse Ordnerstrukturen effizient zu handhaben. In the last two years, Rackspace has rapidly grown revenue from roughly $600 million to a over one billion.
The idea was proposed August 15, 2010 and is still “Under Review” as specified by the forum admin. Dateitransfers sind einfach mA¶glich und eine Synchronisationsfunktion erlaubt den Abgleich von lokalen und Dateien auf dem Server. Zum Editieren von Dateien, die Integration mit externen Applikationen erlaubt das schnelle A„ndern von Inhalten direkt auf dem Server.

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