The article, Visibility in the cloud, provides a general discussion of how to monitor cloud infrastructure. There are a number of APIs and tools available for managing large cloud server deployments in the Rackspace cloud. By default, Rackspace creates Linux cloud servers with a restrictive firewall configuration. An advantage of using the sFlow standard for server monitoring is that it provides a multi-vendor solution. In addition, the top servers page, shown below, provides a real-time view comparing the performance of the busiest servers in the cluster. In addition to monitoring server and network performance, sFlow can also be used to monitor performance of the scale-out applications that are typically deployed in the cloud, including: web farms, memcached and membase clusters. The sFlow push model is much more efficient than typical monitoring architectures that require the management system to periodically poll servers for statistics. Finally, sFlow provides the detailed, real-time, visibility into network, server and application performance needed to manage performance and control costs.
Cluster performance metrics describes how to use sFlow-RT to calculate metrics and post them to Graphite . The sflowtool command line utility is used to convert standard sFlow records into a variety of different formats.
The Graphite realtime charting software provides a flexible way to store and plot time series data. A Storage Area Network is a highly available, reliable solution leveraging fully redundant architecture – a must-have for any mission-critical database. We can help you to achieve your business goals: increase speed, availability and ROI of your online business. Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable announced that their Boards of Directors have approved a definitive agreement for Time Warner Cable to merge with Comcast. Regardless of their revenue and profit drop that was recently reported, Cisco expects the internet of everything to drive growth in its services revenue from 20 percent of total sales to 30 percent, and is thus allocating $100 million to invest in early stage companies in order to drive the evolution of the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Rackspace open cloud company announced that Lanham Napier retired from the company as Chief Executive Officer and as a member of the Board of Directors. CDNetworks, global cloud acceleration company, decided to expand to Mexico by adding new Points of Presence (PoPs) in the area. ControlCircle have launched MAX 2000, this is a converged management and monitoring console that includes features such as Storage and server implementations as well as DC monitoring, CCTV and biometrics administration. I'd love a list for the UK - I've got a list of around 800 MSPs which I've scraped google for. This article uses the Rackspace cloudservers™ hosting service to provide a concrete example of implementing sFlow monitoring in a public cloud.
The private network is intended for inter-server communication and there are no usage charges.
The firewall configurations were modified (changes shown in red) to implement packet sampling and allow sFlow datagrams to be received from the private network interface (eth1).
Windows and Linux servers export standard metrics that link network and system performance and allow a wide variety of analysis applications to be used. With sFlow, data is continuously sent from the cloud servers to the sFlow analyzer, providing a real-time view of performance across the cloud.
Polling breaks down in highly dynamic cloud environments where servers can appear and disappear. Additionally, its high storage capacity makes SAN an extremely scalable solution, allowing you to grow with your evolving storage needs. Choose from several storage models across the two solutions, each based on your performance, access protocols, and capacity needs, plus a choice of RAID configurations for optimal protection and performance.
In dem Sie weiterhin auf dieser Website browsen, erkl?ren Sie sich automatisch mit unserer Art der Nutzung von Cookies einverstanden. Graham Weston, Rackspace’s co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, has been appointed the new CEO.
In recent months, several vendors have told me they're working on similar dashboards but I saw a demo of the Nimsoft offering last week and it seemed to work as advertised.

With sFlow, cloud servers are automatically discovered and continuously monitored as soon as they are created. It's best to compile sflowtool from sources since the older pre-compiled version are missing decodes for newer sFlow structures.
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The sFlow messages act as a server heartbeat, providing rapid notification when a server is deleted and stops sending sFlow.
Also, a promise of superior video experience, higher broadband speeds, and the fastest in-home Wi-Fi is there for the consumers. With the board and management team aligned around our 2014 strategy and financial plan, I believe now is a natural transition point to select a new leader for the next exciting phase of Rackspace’s growth.
The new PoP enabled by CDNetworks allows manufacturing headquarters, located in the US and Europe, to manage offsite resources by ensuring available applications running all over the internet. I look forward to following Rackspace’s success as I return to my entrepreneurial roots – to build new things and invest in disruptive ideas,” said Napier in an official release. Level Platforms, for instance, in early 2009 announced an effort to monitor Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), which features hosted Exchange, hosted SharePoint and other major Microsoft applications.
Also, MSPs can use the cloud monitoring tools to help end-customers make more informed decisions as they're choosing their cloud options. Finally, a single dashboard for all application and network monitoring seems to be taking shape.

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