Fanatical Support for AWS nennt sich eines der neuen Angebote mit dem aus den erbitterten Konkurrenten nun Business-Partner werden. Mit Fanatical Support for AWS bekommen Unternehmen Managed Cloud Services, Tools und Anwendungen, damit sie sich wieder auf ihr Kerngeschaft konzentrieren konnen. Zusatzlich wurde Rackspace ein autorisierter Reseller fur Amazon Web Services (AWS), vervollstandigte den Audit als Managed Services Partner und tritt dem AWS Partner-Netzwerk als Advanced Consulting Partner mit uber 100 zertifizierten AWS-Entwicklern bei. Mit Rackspace Managed Security for AWS liefert der Anbieter eine fortgeschrittene Erkennung von Bedrohungen auf Host- und Netzwerk-Niveau mit zentralisierten Logging- und Analysefunktionen.
Rackspace Managed Cloud for Adobe Experience Manager soll die Installation der Software fur das digitale Marketing beschleunigen.
Martin Schindler schreibt nicht nur uber die SAPs und IBMs dieser Welt, sondern hat auch eine Schwache fur ungewohnliche und unterhaltsame Themen aus der Welt der IT. Das Open Source bei der anstehenden digitalen Transformation eine Hauptrolle spielt, bestatigt sogar Microsoft ausdrucklich. Management, Security und Storage: Der Red Hat Summit 2016 steht mit verschiedenen Produkt-Updates ganz im Zeichen der Container-Virtualisierung. CERN (its headquarters are pictured) has tapped Texas-based Rackspace to help it build a hybrid cloud computing system.
Central to the effort is Openstack, the open-source cloud operating system that has been dubbed the standard for cloud computing.
CERN is the place where physicists study nothing less than the very secrets of the origins of the universe, which they do in many ways, including but not limited to smashing particles together at high speed to see what emerges. The two organizations made a short video explaining it all, including lots of shots of the Large Hadron Collider which I’ve embedded below.
The world’s first zero-emission supercomputer at the Thor Data Center near Reykjavik draws its power from renewable resources. Instead of locating powerful supercomputers near the companies or institutions that use them, why not build these machines — then ship big data to them at the speed of light — wherever on Planet Earth makes the wisest economic or environmental sense? The Thor Data Center draws power from entirely renewable resources, such as the nearby Svartsengi geothermal plant. The supercomputer at the Thor Data Center is based on a cluster of 288 HP ProLiant BL280c servers.

As a result, the cost of power to run the Thor Data Center is significantly lower than it would be in continental Europe. Einarsson says that power costs in Iceland are predictable and stable, unlike those in many other parts of the world.
Reykjavik’s warmest month is June, when the average daily high temperature is just 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius), and the low is 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius). But how difficult is it to move huge quantities of data into and out of Iceland, a remote island nation in the far north Atlantic just below the Arctic Circle? Three undersea fiber-optic cables currently tie Iceland with Scotland, Norway and Nova Scotia, Canada — and provide bandwidth of about 9 terabytes per second. Though they do not operate in Iceland, Google and Facebook, which run some of the world’s biggest data centers, are among companies riding this trend. Today in Reykjavik, the Thor Data Center is crunching data for 17 separate research projects in physics, chemistry, materials science, genetics, economics and biotech.
And the work is reportedly happening at lower cost, and with lower environmental impact, than likely anywhere else on Earth. Rackspace bietet dafur Werkzeuge, Expertise, Application Management und operativen Support fur Kunden der AWS Cloud.
Desweiteren bietet Rackspace Managed Security for AWS, Compliance Assistance for AWS und Managed Cloud for Adobe Experience Manager auf AWS. Neben einem eigenen Cloud-Infrastruktur-Angebot bietet das Unternehmen auch Services fur Anwender. Rackspace integriert Automatisierung, Technologie und Know-how fur Architekturen, Management, Security-Services und Betrieb rund um die Uhr. Das Hosten, Konfigurieren und Betreiben von Experience Manager durch die Bereitstellung einer Managed Automation Plattform auf AWS ubernimmt Rackspace.
Hybrid cloud is a term of art meaning that the hardware comprising the cloud lives in two places. As the global Internet build-out advances at a furious pace, the recently dedicated Thor Data Center in Hafnarfjordur is the world’s newest example of an emerging trend in mega-computing. That is steam, not smoke, rising from Svartsengi, whose water is heated by Icelandic volcanic activity.

The Intel Xeon Processor L5530-powered cluster is comprised of 3,456 compute cores with 71.7 terabytes of usable storage, and pumps out 35 teraflops of performance. Today’s newest data centers and supercomputers, even those running the most power-efficient, latest-generation enterprise processors, still inevitably slurp large amounts of electricity. Reykjavik’s coldest months are December and January, when the average daily low is a tolerable 28 (-2 Celsius). That is the equivalent of moving, in the snap of a finger, the entire printed collection of the U.S. Curran, an Intel product marketing director, was on hand in April to figuratively throw the switch and help dedicate the world’s first zero-emissions supercomputer. Both companies have built, or are expanding, massive data centers in the Pacific Northwest, where nearby hydropower keeps electricity costs among the lowest in America.
Diese Verwaltung fur geschaftskritische Cloud-Umgebungen bietet Rackspace jetzt auch fur die AWS-Cloud, die derzeit gro?te Cloud-Infrastruktur, an. Rackspace Compliance Assistance for AWS hilft Kunden bei PCI und anderen Anforderungen fur die Sicherheits-Compliance.
The hardware that is on the customer’s premises works in concert with the hardware the service provider maintains. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
However, additional submarine cables will likely be laid over the next year, which would more than double that capacity, and allow data to flow to Iceland directly from the U.S. Fanatical Support for AWS gibt es in zwei Service-Stufen: Navigator fur Kunden, die von den Werkzeugen und der Erfahrung von Rackspace profitieren, aber die Kontrolle uber den Betrieb behalten wollen, und Aviator fur das vollstandige Management der AWS-Umgebungen durch den Dienstleister. Ob und wann das Angebot auch au?erhalb der USA verfugbar sein wird, teilt der Anbieter derzeit nicht mit.

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