CloudArray® iSCSI storage gateway makes cloud storage as fast, safe and easy to access as local storage. TwinStrata has a number of special offers with various vendors, giving you a free 1TB license of their software backed by various cloud storage providers (you’ll still have to pay for the cloud storage, however). To deploy TwinStrata into vSphere, you’ll use the same process you would to deploy any generic OVF.

Overall, performance was not “that bad” considering my bottle-neck is my upstream bandwidth. This week, with a well known storage conference going on, I’ve been installing and testing TwinStrata’s CloudArray. Some things to consider here, TwinStrata is configured with a 5gb disk by default, and will use that to cache things before shipping to the cloud.

Also, they may or may not be on the VMware HCL, so… take that into account before going all production on it, etc.

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