Speak of predictable irrationality, my suggestion to grow your waiting list is to begin to talk about the size of the waiting list ASAP. Make it interesting enough and even people like myself will stop and check it out, At schools with large populations this could be a VERY cost effective means of getting a handful of young enthusiastic potential users who will more than likely spread the word before and after release. College kids love saving money, finding deals, and learning they can actually do something to prevent from getting screwed over by banks. One Idea that I thinks work well is constant interaction with the community you are trying to foster. Another technique for gaining an overwhelming number of interested visitors, is to sponsor a Flash game.
You could make a deal with BofA to put an opt-in button in a select 5-10% of their ATM transactions or in daily email balance summaries.
Great article… Just wondering in 3c how did you find and qualify the blogs to sponsor… What did the sponsorship look like and what did you get out of it in terms of distribution?
I am writing a book (e-book only, at the moment), and I will copy what Hotmail and Gmail to get more users.
As a reward, you get to exclusive chapters I excluded from the book, (only available through here). Ita€™s been four long years since Microsoft released the last version of Office for the Mac, in 2010. Although Microsoft released the latest version of its email client on Friday, the roadmap to the next version of Office is the real news. Microsoft issued an apology of sorts for the delay, noting that it had put the Mac on the back burner while it developed mobile versions for the iPad and other platforms. For those familiar with the Outlook Web App or Outlook for Windows, the new Outlook client should hold few, if any surprises. Aesthetically, the new Outlook for the Mac looks a lot like Outlook for Windows, part of the perpetual Office 365 upgrade cycle.

Here's how to get it: Consumers should visit their My Account page, while commercial subscribers should click on their Software pageA or accessing their Office 365 portal. Why this matters:A Basically, Microsoft hopes to lure Mac users to its perpetual subscription model, in much the same way ita€™s hoping to persuade its traditional Windows customers to do the same.
As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats. Anyways, I think for many new startups the largest challenge is distribution (outside of fb apps) to get people to use their service.
We found smaller bloggers with passionate readers and sponsored their blog for periods at a time. Leave your own idea and the top three will get Ori Brafman’s new book Sway, about how people make irrational decisions. It’s surprising how many people let everyone else do their thinking, and merely stand in the longest line. Most have massive bulletin board systems in place that students see multiple times a day while walking to class.
Although you may get people to sign up for a service, people will forget if you do not constantly remind them about it, especially if you have to sign up for an invite.
In the first half of 2015, Microsoft will release a public beta version of Office for Mac, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
Many rely on a Techcrunch post or the hope of a Digg article, Mint was rewarded with those but I think it’s even more valuable to have the right audience checking out your site from the beginning. Xobni, took our idea to a new level and was able to track those refers and have them compete.
Twitter has recently gotten praise because they have opened up discussion about downtime and problems, and Zappos has fostered their community of tech-savvy women by their own participation in Social Networks.

Before you build a waiting list of users you can choose from, how do you generally inform people before you choose your target audience? Nevertheless, it will have been five years since Microsoft has released a new version of Office for the Mac by the time it finally ships. For Mint that meant we wanted a waiting list of personal finance interested people in different segmentations. People will support a system if they believe that they are somehow a part of it, and they will equally defend that system since they feel they have added to it. Genius and always always ahead to the dang curve by years…really ?? Think about what he was doing back then?
Are you displaying your product to a wide and diverse group, and then you choose who to hit the most, or do you only reach out when you know who to send to. Current Office 365 subscribers will be able to upgrade for free, as expected; Microsoft also said that it would ship a a€?perpetual license of Office for Maca€? (aka a standalone version) in the same timeframe.
As well, we wanted to have a lot of personal finance people aware of us for trust reasons, the longer you know about something likely the more you’ll trust it.
Do people want Mint for savings, tracking, notifications, etc…New idea: Why not get their phone #? These are your customers, this is your livelihood, ask for their # and call them when you launch.

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