This guide will show you how to manage a term store in your SherWeb SharePoint Private Cloud site.
6.The title of the group and group description can be edited by site admins and term store administrators.
7.To import a term set, click on the arrow next to the group (People or Search Dictionaries) and then click on Import Term Set. Use this Term Set for Site Navigation: Adds the option of having friendly URLs towards this term set and enables the Navigation and Term-Driven Pages tabs.

Use a custom sort order if you wish the order in which terms appear to be consistent across languages. Each group contains pertinent sub-groups; you will likely create a term set for each one of these groups. For example, some people might use the term “HR” or “HR Dept.” or “Human Resources Department”. You can create more by clicking on the arrow next to Managed Metadata Service and clicking on New Group.

Add any secondary languages you wish to have term sets for in the Working Languages menu and then click on Save. They all represent the same thing and you may wish to have some consistency across your site.

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