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STC has the most friendly, knowledgeable, and professional computer specialists in the Northwest AND the Southwest.

Ski Town Computing offers the same warranty to our customers that is provided when buying directly from Apple. Welcome to Ski Town Computing.Ski Town Computing takes pride in the ability to repair products, but also people too. Overseeing both the Durango and Steamboat Springs locations, Beth tries to be in two places at one time. Latest newsTHANK YOU VETERANSWe would like to honor veterans this Memorial Day weekend by gifting back to them. Each trainer will take the time to assess your needs and having you feeling confident and ready to let your creativity ascend. This peace of mind is a benefit of doing business with an Apple authorized reseller and is not available to customers buying from unauthorized resellers. Personalized Classes scheduled in the entire month of June for veterans and active military personnel are half priced.

We are committed to continuing to do the BEST work as the Best Computer Repair in the Boat!
Customers that want an extra level of security, performance guarantee, should look for the Apple authorized reseller logo before making their next purchase.
We speak fluent Apple and Windows, so no matter what you wish to learn, we are watching out for your six.

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