Do you use iCloud Drive to store your documents or are they mainly in Dropbox, Google Drive, or somewhere else? Do you use iCloud Photo Library to store your pictures and videos or are they mainly in Dropbox, Google Photos, or somewhere else?
If your answers indicate you're going to be using iCloud a lot, you'll likely need the storage space to match.
If you find yourself needing more iCloud storage, you can add it at any time right from your device. Tap on the Buy More Storage or Downgrade Options button, depending on which storage plan you have.. Next up, old files will automatically be sent over to the cloud, so they don't unnecessarily clog up your computer. If you plan to use these features, you will almost certainly need more storage on your iCloud account than the initial 5 free GB. A lot of it comes for free, but if you find yourself storing a lot of iCloud Drive documents, iCloud Photo Library content, or multiple device backups, you may need more than the 5 GB free plan provides.
Likewise, if you find you've added too much, you can also downgrade to a lower tier any time, and the change will be reflected in your next billing cycle.

Its most important new feature is the fact that it has Siri built-in, but it does come with other nice new things too. It can search for files, tell jokes, play songs in Apple Music, and interact with the entire Apple ecosystem of apps and services. So when you want to purchase something from a partner website, you'll get the option to Buy with Apple Pay. You want all your devices always backed up, all your documents on Apple's servers, and all your photos and videos up on the iCloud. Indeed, as part of its WorldWide Developer Conference presentation today, Apple has finally decided to rebrand its desktop operating system. Once you choose that, you'll need to authenticate the transaction using the TouchID fingerprint scanner on your iPhone, and that's it - payment made. Your iCloud storage space will account for any files you store in any apps and your iCloud backups for all your devices.
If money is less important to you than the knowledge all your stuff is taken care of, the 1 TB plan is there for you.
For example, you can have Siri do an image search for you and then you can use those images in Keynote.

You can copy something on one Apple device (say, your iPhone), and then paste the same content on another (say, your Mac). And while we're on this subject, Apple Pay will launch in Switzerland, France, and Hong Kong soon. Expect this to happen even without developers modifying their code, though it isn't very clear how useful it will turn out to be. What's more, the files you have on your desktop on one Mac will be synced onto all your other Macs, and even your iPhone.
Finally, Universal Picture-in-Picture for Safari works in the same way as on TVs - the principle is the same, at least. And you can drag images, music, and other things straight from Siri search results and use them elsewhere. For example, you can watch a video in a small box that's in one corner of the screen and remains on top of everything else.

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