Channels Music Style Pop Culture Sports Sneakers Life Videos Shop Our Sites First We Feast Pigeons & Planes Collider Sole Collector Green Label Ride Channel Watch. PS4 Day-One Patch Enables Online Multiplayer By Kyle Lowe If Kyle were able to harness all the useless knowledge gained over years of culture writing he could Hadoken you completely out of existence. Sony announced today that it would require a patch for many of the PlayStation4's features to be activated day-on. Both Sony and Microsoft will be releases patches day one to activate many features and as both system are essentially considered "always on" - even the PS4 will remotely wake to download games - expect these patches to come fast and often in the first year. Users will be able to access PS4 titles displayed on their living room TVs and play them on a PS Vita system over Wi-Fi networks by using PS4 Link.
For those PS4 supporters out there, we have a bit of news regarding the compatible headsets with the system. After speaking to a Sony representative, Game Informer reported that the PS4 will be limited in its variety of available headsets at the November 15th launch. Currently, each PS4 will include one mono earbud headset and microphone combo for chatting with others online (see above).
As the PS4’s second anniversary draws closer, Sony is working hard on the third major iteration on its BSD-based operating system.
By far, the biggest impact here is how Sony will be handling cloud saves for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Historically, Sony hasn’t had a particularly strong grip on the social aspects of online gaming. Both 8th gen platforms are making improvements on playback, but xb1 remains the worst of them. Why does it require a PC other than the fact that the pc is most likely where the media is stored? Nono… any normal media device can access a storage device on a network, without a pc. Sorry, but I think you are just desperate to argue anything because you prefer an xbox brand name, not because you actually know what you are talking about and make critical purchasing choices on messured objective logic and rational.
Im full of shit because I said it take hours for my ps4 to load 27 thousand songs streamed from my PC?
Sony unveiled the PS4 console the night before the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) conference, which runs from June 11-13.
The PS4 is a nearly all-black console with the exception of a strip of purple in the tower. It's $100 cheaper than the XBox1, a bit more powerful, allows you to buy used games without restrictions, and doesn't have a backdoor built in so that the NSA can covertly spy on you through a built in camera?I'm not a fan of Sony but I really hope Microsoft has trouble selling consoles this round.

I will say that SKYPE will play a major role for me getting an X-Box ONE first because most of my family is on Skype and they recently added HD video calling.I did wish the PS4 was backwards compatible so I could pick up one and play the exclusives that were on the PS3 but suspect I will be able to get a PS3 super cheap soon. Oh, and just to take care of the impending "but on teh ecks bocks teh skipes will be on teh tee vee!"Spend $2 on an HDMI cable and connect your laptop to the TV then. The 300-megabyte patch will be available as soon as users get their next-gen consoles home.
The Wii U had a similar day-one patch on its launch day that kept some users tied up in download hell for hours before they could actually use the system. SCE anticipates that most PS4 titles will be playable on the PS Vita system through Remote Play. PlayStation®App has the ability to enable users to interact with games with their mobiles devices. When a game is purchased, users can start playing after PS4 downloads a portion of the data, while the rest of the game is downloaded in the background during actual gameplay. These players can use their own save data to play games, and also earn trophies on their own Sony Entertainment Network accounts even when playing a multi-player game together on a single PS4 system.
PS Plus makes it easy for members to join available online multiplayer matches in a variety of ways, including the ability to easily join a game from a live stream broadcast or Party voice chats. Support for current PS3 headsets, or other 3rd party ones, will come at a later date in the form of a software update.
A Sony representative spoke to Polygon at the San Diego Comic Con 2013 that the PS4 would, in fact, provide support for the current PS3 wireless headsets.
Instead of the measly 1GB of cloud storage space we’ve been stuck with, 10GB is the new standard. With Kenshin, the PlayStation team is attempting to address some of the more frustrating elements of communicating and playing online.
As long as that doesn’t take a hit people will be happy with whatever addition Sony adds. The one thing I really dislike about my PS3 is how sluggish the UI is, especially in the Playstation Store. I’ve seen some videos and it seems like the PS4 UI is big step up in both speed and stability. You’er self projecting saying I am the desperate one who prefers one or the other but really its you.
One portion of the console has a glossy black finish and holds the PlayStation and Sony logos on it. Developers write for the lowest common denominator to maximize market sales then add some visuals to the higher powered device.

Some of the features activated by this small patch are: Remote Play, sharing, and broadcasting to name a few.
At the PS4 system's launch in North America, users will be able to share their images and videos with friends on Facebook and screenshots with followers on Twitter.
Considering that my save data for Dragon Age: Inquisition alone is 300MB, this is a godsend.
Atm of the consoles the ps3 still has the best fidelity in av playback, as well as full dlna and format support without needing a pc to go-between.
Even longer to load if streaming to the ps4 from the pc its extremely slow and puts the music in ABC order.
I will not make a video to prove to you I have both consoles there is no need to try and prove anything to you.
Second, users can spectate friends' PS4 gameplay from PCs, and applications such as Ustream, Twitch, and browsers, which are installed on their mobile devices.
This means no support at all for USB chat or Bluetooth right out of the gate, but it will be coming to the system eventually. On the other side of the battle lines, Microsoft has reversed a couple of previous policies to provide an adapter for both Xbox 360 and 3rd party headsets, which will make them compatible with the Xbox One at launch (November 22nd). As it stands, I hit the 1GB cap on the regular, and I’m forced to manually delete items if I want to upload a new save file. Pretty much Xbox media power house= ps4 not to far behind but still lacking in that aspect. If your device isn’t playing the music the second you hit the button to stream it you are doing it wrong. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. These applications can be easily started up via PlayStation®App, and users can also use these applications to post comments to gameplay broadcasts. Furthermore, users with PlayStation®Camera can stream camera images and microphone sounds along with their live gameplay broadcast.
While this is certainly a smart move, I’d also like to see Sony add support for smaller platforms like Hitbox.

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