Sharing game screenshots and videos with your friends has never been easier thanks to the PlayStation 4’s new Share button. Since the PS4 is always recording what you’re doing, when you hit the Share button a video of the last 15 minutes of gameplay is ready to be edited and uploaded. Your friends and followers will see your video posted to your chosen social media platform once the upload is complete. Get our daily newsletter!An exclusive worldwide wrap of tech news in your inbox every morning, plus exclusive offers and more! The Progen T20 features a modification adding large intake on the hood, intakes on the roof, and splitters on the front and sides.

PS Plus won’t be a requirement to play online, however you will need to connected to the internet for your discoveries to register with the universal atlas. The universal atlas is there to let players upload and share discoveries, and to see what others have discovered (and then laugh at the rude name they gave their discovery). The fact that the PS Plus requirement has been waived seems a pretty clear indication that both Sony and Hello Games consider No Man’s Sky to be a single player experience first and foremost. No Man’s Sky will be out August 9 in North America, and August 10 in Europe and Australia. These streams are being taken down (and sometimes the users are banned, just to warn you if you happen to have an early copy), so your best bet now is to take a look at all of the GTA V streams on Twitch and see if anyone is playing on the PS4.

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