Enter a name for the new Internal Memory Card that will be created on the hard drive, or leave the default name. After my PS2’s card contents had copied to the internal memory card, I was informed that the copy had completed. Some adapters (like no-name brands) do not correctly write to the PS2 memory cards and will corrupt data.
This is VERY helpful information and answers my questions about my concerns with the PS3 and it’s saving ability (hard drive). Okay, I’ve got a new one for ya- Will the official memory card work with off-brand PS1 memory cards?
This works for all of my PS1 games, but when I copy any PS2 data over to the PS3’s hard disk, the games never recognize it. I transfered a downloaded psv (Final Fantasy IX) to the ps2 memory card via the ps3 (File worked fine on ps3). I bought a snakebyte memory card adapter recently and it doesnt seem to be reading my PS2 memory card.
Thx i was borrowing a friends adaptor but it was a third-party one n tried 2 transfer my data back, it corrupted it and now gave me 63 kb out of the 8 mb it should have given me for deleting everything, i now know that the official adapter is much better, but would the official adaptor also corrupt data from a 3rd-party memory card? Hey, I’m thinking about buying the new 160gb PS3, but i have a few PS3 saved games on my console that i wish to keep.
I’m not entirely sure how it works, and I suggest that you find a way to get the article yourself and take a look at it. Trophy data is synched to the PSN so will be available whenever you sign back into the PSN. I was wandering could the official sony memory card adaptor transfer files from a Max Memory 32MB PS2 memory card? Besides Ebay, I called a couple of local pawn shops and got a PS2 8MB card for $5 and a PS2 system for $45 (talked them down haha). I was able to copy my files onto my PS3 from my PS2 memory card but when I tried to put a ps2 game in it didn’t show up on the ps3? Once you have the ps2 game transferred over to the ps3 don’t you have to put the physical game in the ps3 to continue forward? Is it possible to daisy chain my PS2 to my PS3 via a USB cable and download the memory card info that way? About copying, want to be sure about this, when I copy, would I be making a copy, or just transfer it?
I had just transferred everything from my 8mb ps2 memory card (made from Sony) to my 80gb (reverse compatible) ps3 using the Sony ps3 ps2 memory card adapter.
Hi Keso_R – if you are just copying off the PS2 memory card then there should be no problem at all.

If you check the article above we mention potential problems if you use the adapter to try to delete or write to the PS2 card.
This article provides information on uploading, backing up, and deleting PlayStation 4 save files. You can specify for each game whether to turn on or turn off automatic uploading, and also manually upload saved data by selecting the saved data and then selecting [Upload]. The maximum storage capacity that can be used with online storage is 1 GB, and the maximum number of saved data items that can be stored is 1,000.
By saving PS4 Save Data to online storage, you can download saved data to a PS4 system and continue playing a game without losing your game progress. To use this feature, you must have a subscription to PlayStation Plus. By saving PS4 Save Data to a USB storage device, you can download saved data to a PS4™ system and continue playing a game without losing your game progress. This feature does not require a subscription to PlayStation Plus. Controversial Hearthstone Card Removed Before Official Release Players have already taken a disliking to the new upcoming cards. Socialized the play experience - for the first time in the franchise, EyePet & Friends will enable two players to play simultaneously with two EyePets, two controllers, one augmented reality. New progression structure-rewards-based system enables players to choose how they progress through the game.
Play Create Share-Deep and creative customization features that enable players to create and modify their EyePets’ clothing (Fancy Dress mode), Toys (Toy Factory), Soft Play Themes and other areas of the game. New EyePet online community- connect to community portal to review your own and friends’ EyePet profiles, take part in events and competitions, view and share content with friends - all in a child-friendly environment.
Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates & Yemen. Bawadi Mall - Al Ain, Deira City Centre, Discovery Pavilion, Dubai Festival City, Jumeirah Park Pavilion, Mall of the Emirates, Mirdiff City Centre, Seef Village, The Dubai Mall, Yas Mall (Abu Dhabi), Sharjah City Centre, Matajer Al Juraina, Matajer Al Mirgab, Bahrain City Centre, Qurum City Centre & Muscat City Centre Oman. I can play the games on my PS3 but what’s the point when I’ll lose all my previous progress? A reader has confirmed that the official Sony adapter reads and writes to the PS2 card correctly (see comments below).
Well, you can get the rest if you have a PS2 – just put the non-sony cards in the PS2, copy the saves over to the sony cards, and then pull the saves off of the sony cards on your PS3. I’ve got an old no-name PS1 card and a Max Memory 32MB card that has all my PS2 saves.
Please can someone bash out this bloody crease for me it’s really starting to F!#k me off now!!
The save to the memory card has been successful(I can see the game icon in the card when I open the settings) but I cannot load my saved game to the ps2. Wanted to transfer all my saves to the PS3… Its backwards compatible so cant think of any reason why it wouldn’t read my PS2 memory card?!?

I was wondering if its possible to copy my PS3 saved games onto my PS2 memory card then transfer them back onto my new PS3 or am i going to have to get a USB flash drive and do it that way?
So if your backup drive isn’t big enough, you can delete all your games from the PS3 before backup. The PS3’s Internal Memory Cards are only 8MB though so you may need to create a few internal cards. I do not get the prompt for the memory card like shown above in the pictures (I am moving from ps3 to ps2 card)… Is it that my adapter is no longer good, or is not compatible with the ps3? Saved data that you copy can be used as a backup, and you can copy saved data from the USB storage device to another PS4 and continue playing a game. EyePet & Friends is a continuation of the innovative EyePet franchise which enables kids and their family to experience the magic of a virtual Pet in the real world! It might take a few iterations if the non-sony cards are bigger than the sony cards, but slow is better than not at all, right? I thought about it and it makes sense to me that the virtual slots can have as much memory as your HDD allows you to. Which is why I bought a new PS2 and have made sure to keep my physical memory cards in sync with the virtual memory cards on the hard disk on the PS3. It combines new technologies and gameplay, and takes both camera-based games and the Pet genre to a whole new level.
The data came from a Sony memory card, so I don’t see where there should be any problems. I guess I’m paranoid, but I had to send the PS3 in for repairs two months after I got it for a blu-ray drive replacement. Any way to upload them on the PC via USB and then transferring it through SD memory card?!? PLEASE KEEP IN MIND this procedure was tested to be working on a backwards compadable 60g PS3 model. Tho I have a first Generation ps3 with 4 USB ports and memory cards (memory stick, micro sD ect. Content is varied across all game modes and there’s a provisional total of 285 reward items to collect.
I’d like to just easily designate virtual slot 1 for PS1 saves, and slot 2 for PS2 saves.

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