Radiocoms is pleased to confirm that following its audit in June 2016, the company has retained its ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 accreditation. Heidi Zee is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Frontera Consulting, a global technology and integration consulting firm. Prior to founding Frontera, Heidi was the Oracle Enterprise Solutions Partner at EMC Consulting. Kevin Beyer is a co-founder of Frontera Consulting with over 18 years of experience in leading sales, planning and delivery teams through complex rollouts of enterprise process and technology solutions. Kevin has served in management and delivery leadership positions at global and boutique consulting service organizations.  Prior to founding Frontera, Kevin was a Solutions Partner at EMC Consulting and an Associate Partner for ZensarThoughtDigital. Prior to founding Frontera, John was a Practice Lead at EMC Consulting and Practice Manager for ZensarThoughtDigital. Sam Strevens is a co-founder of Frontera with over 20 years of experience delivering Oracle services.

Heidi is an IT professional with 20 years experience managing consulting practices and leading delivery teams. She is responsible for leading strategic initiatives to expand the company both geographically and through new service lines. He started his career and spent 9 years at Price Waterhouse Management Consulting Services (later IBM Business Consulting Services) as a project manager and Oracle ERP delivery consultant within the Financial Services and Media & Communications practices. He started his career at GE Trading and Citibank prior to joining Price Waterhouse Management Consulting Services leading and managing both onshore and offshore teams.  John holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Information Systems from the Stern School of Business at New York University.
Sam leads Frontera’s Fusion Applications practice and played a key role in bringing Oracle’s first Fusion Financials Suite customer live on the product. In 1998 Sam joined Fulcrum Solutions as part of the management team expanding Fulcrum’s business into the US. Working with a diverse portfolio of clients, she specializes in organizational design, complex global rollouts, and business readiness.

She began her career at Price Waterhouse Management Consulting Services (later PwC Consulting and IBM Business Consulting Services), as a project manager and supply chain business process and Oracle implementation specialist. Sam is also responsible for the development of Frontera’s Fusion go-to-market strategy, as well as Frontera’s alliances with Oracle’s Fusion development, strategy and sales organizations. Sam remained in New York, becoming Associate Partner with ThoughtDigital prior to the founding of Frontera.

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