Tagged Tagged makes it easy to meet and socialize with new people through games, shared interests, friend suggestions, browsing profiles, and much more. Death Over Washington starring Spy Smasher, "Satan" (a German spy), and Death [Baroness Von Todt]. Why I Did Not Kill Hitler starring Spy Smasher, Adolf Hitler, and Hermann Goering, art by Emil Gershwin.
Spy Smasher in "Fights the Phantom Machines," "Menace Over South America," "The Man Without a Flag," and "The Battle-Scarred Cloak!" The Demlins back-up story. Online access to your account, online TxTag Application, Road and Travel Conditions, FAQ’s. Art by Doug Cushman, Kelley Jarvis, Milton Knight, Frank McLaughlin, and Mike Tiefenbacher.
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The Japanese Beetles starring Spy Smasher, The Beetle, and Commander Ito, art by Emil Gershwin.

Part 1 The Warning Message" and "Part 2 The Final Attack" in which agents April Dancer and Mark Slate investigate trouble at a private school. Act 1 A Ship Off the Old Dock" and "Act 2 A Creep in the Deep" in which agents April Dancer and Mark Slate battle modern day pirates. Part 1 The Camels are Coming" and "Part 2 The Slick Oil Plot" in which agents April Dancer and Mark Slate infiltrate a desert enclave.
The Amateur Dictator starring Spy Smasher, Sam Benito, and Kurt Rausch, art by Emil Gershwin. Champion of a Kingdom starring Spy Smasher, Baron Junker, King Bhoris, and Princess Lovli, script by Otto Binder, art by Emil Gershwin. The villainous Prince Furrious arrives on the planet Earth with a plan to amass an invincible army of cats. The Quest of the Secret Weapon starring Spy Smasher and Benito Mussolini, art by Emil Gershwin.
Courier in "Bubble-Trouble," a one-page text feature "The Wooden Tanks," and one-page features.

Spy Smasher In Tokyo starring General Jimmy Doolittle, Baron Suchpu, and the Black Dragon Society, art by Emil Gershwin. Also includes "The Devil Your Say?!" Mighty Mouse must battle devilish cats from the Underworld! America Smasher; America Smasher escapes from the FBI agent guarding him and steps up his attack on America's morale by projecting propaganda films on a giant screen in the sky, and when the screen is destroyed shines them on buildings. Grandpappy Swire and the 5th Column Fury starring Spy Smasher, Grandpappy Swire, and Baron Von Kurtz.

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