Click here to contact master ship builder, Izak Hough directly to discuss the details of the project you have in mind. This limited edition model of the famous tea clipper ship Flying Cloud displays a wealth of detail parallel to that of the historic vessel that is still sailing the seas today. We build and offer more model ships than anyoneLooking for the perfect gitt for a client or associate?How about that hard-to-shop for family member? 100% Money Back GuaranteeHandcrafted Model Ships guarantees your every satisfaction with our models. Knowledgable Live Customer ServiceOur customer service team consists of real people right here in Southern California awaiting to assist you. Built by Donald McKay in East Boston, Massachusetts in 1851, the Flying Cloud could be considered the fastest clipper ship of its time.
In comparison with other notable clipper ships of the day, the Flying Cloud more than held her own. Following her legendary voyages and blaring newspaper headlines , the Flying Cloud ended her career to much less fanfare.
Colonial Airstream is a family owned company conveniently located in central New Jersey, approximately 1-hour drive from NYC or Philadelphia. THE LISTED ITEMS ARE STANDARD ON THIS MODEL AT NO EXTRA CHARGE UNLESS REPLACED BY OPTIONAL EQUIPTMENT. Copyright © 2002-2013 Colonial Airstream #1 Airstream Dealer - Lakewood, NJ 08701 All rights reserved. THE LISTED ITEMS ARE STANDARD ON THIS MODEL AT NO EXTRA CHARGE UNLESS REPLACED BY OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT. Copyright © 2002-2014 Colonial Airstream #1 Airstream Dealer - Lakewood, NJ 08701 All rights reserved. Prices do not include government fees and taxes, any dealer document preparation charge, any finance charge and any emission testing charge. In the unlikely event that the model is damaged in transit, The Model Shipyard must be notified immediately. The largest merchant sailing ship afloat until the launch of Challenge shortly before her first voyage, great things were expected of her. Under the command of the hard-driving Josiah P Cressy, she departed New York on June 2, 1851, and arrived at San Francisco on August 31 after a record run of only 89 days, 21 hours.

Renowned for her speed in a voyage that saw her travel between San Francisco and New York in 89 days and 8 hours, the Flying Cloud held the record for 100 years for the fastest tall ship to travel between these two points. Intended for the company Enoch Train of Boston, who paid $50,000 for her construction, the ship was sold prior to her actual completion to Grinnel, Minturn & Co. In the 1800s, during the California Gold Rush, ships took between six and eight months to travel the 16,000 miles between New York and San Francisco. Sold to the British Black Ball Line in 1862, she traveled across the globe before being put to use in the log trade between England and Canada. We are aggressively seeking to earn your business with one of the largest selections of Airstream Travel Trailers, and Motor Homes to be found with an excellent service facility!
The 2015 Flying Cloud series features light golden alcheny cabinets and wood plank laminate flooring which fit perfectly in this flowing floorplan.
Arrangements will then be made for the model to be returned to the studio in South Africa where it will be inspected and repaired. You might have to pay VAT (Value Added Tax) or GST(General Sales Tax) depending on which tax regime prevails in your region. Great attention to detail and precision were used in crafting this model to make it the perfect model of a tea clipper to display in your home. While there were a few other ships that were capable of such blazing speeds, only two stand out as to be considered in the same league as the Flying Cloud. The dinette is situated in front of the large panoramic window, guaranteeing all of your meals have a wonderful view. If the model cannot be repaired to its original splendour a replacement model will be built and sent to you.
Six weeks after her initial launch the Flying Cloud made headlines around the world with her record setting sail from New York to San Francisco, around South America’s Cape Horn, in 89 days, 21 hours. While some publications of the time credit the clipper Andrew Jackson with having a faster time, the Flying Cloud maintains the record; though this may be due to a technicality.
John's, Newfoundland, later sold, stripped for whatever valuable metal could be found, and burned.
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Her time of 89 days, 8 hours, anchor to anchor, stood as the record until 1860. Continuing her fourth voyage, Flying Cloud sailed for Hong Kong, as she had on her first two voyages, to load tea. Commanded by Captain Josiah Perkins Creesy the brilliant clipper travelled almost 125 miles a day for three days straight. Andrew Jackson made the New York to San Francisco journey in 89 days and 4 hours, though after waiting all night to be brought to dock the record was not considered.
While her latter years were not fitting for such a glorious ship, the Flying Cloud lived on as a legend at sea, and has even had a balled written about her. A few days out from Whampoa on her homeward run, she grounded on a coral reef and began leaking at a rate of 11 inches an hour. The Flying Cloud, not having to wait to be towed to port completed the entire journey, anchor-to-anchor as they say, in 89 days 8 hours. With the pumps manned continuously, Flying Cloud arrived at New York on November 24 with her million-dollar cargo intact.
The second clipper that came close to matching the Flying Cloud was the Hornet, which lost a race to the legendary ship in 1853. On her next voyage, under Captain Reynard, the ship proved badly strained and put into Rio de Janeiro.
In the infamous race the Hornet departed harbor in New York a full two days ahead of the Flying Cloud, though after 106 days at sea the Hornet arrived a mere 45 minutes earlier than her nemesis.
After five weeks in port, during which her spares were cut down, she resumed her voyage and went on to post her best day’s run ( 402 miles ) and arrived at San Francisco on September 14, 1856, after 113 days at sea from New York. Laid up until the next January, she made her last Cape Horn passage in 1857 and then laid up at New York for nearly 3 years.
In 1871, Flying Cloud was sold to Harry Smith Edwards of South Shields who put her in trade between Newcastle and St. Johns, New Brunswick, carrying coal and pig iron out and timber back. In June 1874, she grounded on Beacon Island bar and was forced to return to St.

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