Basically, all brands of electronic cigarettes consist of 3 main parts: a battery, a nicotine cartridge and an atomizer. The nicotine solution in the cartridge mainly consists of water and propylene glycol which is a substance used in medicines, cosmetics, food, toothpaste etc.  The only other ingredients include some flavoring and nicotine of course. The atomizer is activated when the user takes a drag on the device.  The atomizer is a 2 part device. The filament is a small coil of high resistance wire that gets hot and vaporizes the nicotine solution flowing to it.  This vapor in turn is what gets inhaled into the lungs.
Its here for millions of people in America and the rest of the world who smoke and may be considering electronic cigarettes as an alternative for their health, smoking bans, outrageous taxes and other costs. When I went to the web searching for GOOD information on electronic cigarettes it was difficult to find. This site will have something useful here for everyone thinking about trying electronic cigarettes or those who are looking to take their new found joy of smoking the e cig to the next level!
The interesting part is Office 365, which involves paying on a yearly basis for multi-device licensing and cloud storage.

Setup is painless, with a simple executable (or .dmg for Mac installs) downloaded after creating or signing in with a Microsoft ID and entering your serial number. All my buddies (and myself) have ME degrees (I don't have a masters) and they have vast flexibility with employment. We’ve obviously had some experience with it in Windows RT form, and I spent a fair amount of time using the Office 15 Consumer Preview last year (in fact, I wrote my Masters thesis in Word 2013 Preview). There is no DVD-based install, that has been retired in favor of purely digital distribution.
In the grand scheme of things, it’s a pretty major change, with the biggest probably being the move towards a subscription-based model, though you can still buy Office in a traditional retail boxed edition with a standalone license. The only downer with 365U is that it only has support for two device installs, as opposed to five with Home Premium, but that’s the price you pay for getting an 80% discount. If it were in the $50-80 per year range with two or three licenses included and additional device installs available for $10 each or so, that’d be much easier.
The awesome thing here is that you can start using Office applications almost immediately, with many of the installation tasks being pushed to the background.

I did go back to school for an associates in EE, but its funny that none of us any longer have a typical ME job. Whenever you see a new design of a major site it's nearly always more Metro-ish looking.
As presently constituted, to get more than 5 device installs, you need to buy another Office 365 subscription using a different Microsoft ID.
With a typical family of four, it’s not even that difficult to think of having more than 5 computers, even if my occupation makes my household collection of computers a bit of an exception.

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