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There is no metal-to-metal contact between the bike and locker and the bike is stored safely off the ground. The small footprint means that 6 BikeAway lockers fit into just one standard car parking space with generous access for the cyclists. A Heavy Duty version is available, which includes 2mm thick doors with strengthening tie bars, and additional stainless steel lock guard and an additional kick plate at the base of the door as recommended by TRANSEC.
This cycle locker can be used to help contribute towards gaining your 2 ENE8 Cycle Storage Credits when used in an appropriate situation, under the Code for Sustainable Homes. The doors and end panels are coated in a choice of 2 standard colours, British Racing Green (RAL 6005) and Oxford Blue (RAL 5003). This is especially relevant for security-sensitive areas where spot-checks need to be carried out.
Every locker is equipped with a clothes hook on the inside of the door to store waterproofs, helmets and other kit. The BikeAway locker is a sturdy and secure locker, however, it is only as good as the padlock used. We have worked directly for most of the major construction companies, or as a subcontractor. Normal payments for councils, authorities or recognised institutions is by invoice on installation, on 30 day terms. Meizu has launched its much awaited m3 Note today in India and it has been priced at INR 9,999.
Meizu m3 Note comes packed in an aluminum body, and looks a lot like the Meizu MX5 in terms of the design. It feels solid in hand and also premium if compared to other smartphones in the same segment.
A good looking camera module, which looks the same we have witnessed in previous Meizu phones, is at the center top of the back panel. On the left edge, you will find a SIM tray that accepts 2 SIM cards or 1 SIM and 1 micro SD. Meizu M3 Note boasts of a 5.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080P) LTPS display with 403 pixels per inch. In our opinion, the software of the phone is different, exciting and is surely something worth exploring. Meizu m3 Note boasts of the most common camera pair found in phones of this range and the performance is also not something extraordinary. As far as the front camera is concerned, it has a 5 MP sensor that us capable of clicking some great pictures in good light, but performs very basic when comes to low light scenarios. To stay updated you can get free email updates or follow us on twitter or like us on facebook. OEMs are starting to gravitate more and more towards giving users a phone that can be called premium, made up of high-end materials.
Android and iOS never seem to agree with each other, and by that we mean that users of either of the OS will never end up at a consensus. Next up, the Galaxy A7 vs iPhone 6 Plus battle should present how these flagships compare to each other when it comes to build materials. Since design is not all there is to a smartphone, we should examine what the hardware of the two flagships have to offer.
As for processing power, let’s see what conclusions the Galaxy A7 vs iPhone 6 Plus comparison will end up with. The Galaxy A7 will be available worldwide later on, and you will be able to get your hands on it for around $510, while the iPhone 6 Plus price is between $750 and $950 depending on the storage option you would like to have. Instead of creating storage space for numerous items which are pulled repeatedly for similar procedures, a Wolf Medical Dressing Change kit conveniently holds all your important components in one single location.
An override mechanism then allows the operator to obtain independent access to the locker when necessary.

They have been installed in many schools, where the children are happy and able to use them. It has a 4100 mAh battery and also has a 5.5 inch display, this could have made it a bulky handset but it still manages to weigh just 163 grams.
The screen looked very vibrant and colourful with crisp details but the viewing angles of the device could have been better than this.
Last time when I used this OS, I was really impressed and it was way too different from most other custom Android skins.
We shot some pictures using the 13 MP rear camera on the phone and we had mixed emotions if the camera performance is considered. Registrations are open from 2 PM onwards from today and the first sale will commence on 31st May.
It will compete with the likes of Redmi Note 3 and LeEco Le 1s with the kind of overall package it offers.
Samsung is trying to do just that ever since the Galaxy S5 was so massively criticizes for the cheap, band-aid-like plastic chassis.
First would be the design and premium aspirations of the Galaxy A7, which is an attempt from Samsung to cater to fans who have previously praised Apple design, as well as to Android fans longing for a premium phone, but don’t fancy the HTC One M8 or other recent offerings.
As you may well know already, the Galaxy A7 is the thinnest smartphone Samsung has ever made, and it comes pretty close to the iPhone 6 Plus in this respect. The Galaxy A7, as well as the other two phones in the A line-up, boasts with a full metal chassis, which is a first for Samsung. First off, the Galaxy A7 boasts with a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display that has a 1080*1920 resolution adding up to 401 ppi pixel density.
The Galaxy A7 camera is a 13 MP shooter on the rear equipped with an LED flash and a 5 MP shooter on the front. The winner in terms of pricing is the Galaxy A7, but at the cost of an average performance, not too many features and limited storage options. Components are packaged in order of use, enabling users to efficiently carry out procedures. We have seen this device before, but again we got a chance to try our hands on the m3 Note and it looks like a good example of craftsmanship.
The front has 2.5D curved glass, which makes it look curvy and smooth from the front, and also enhances the feel. The touch screen response was very good, but the glass on the panel was very reflective, which may turn irritating while using phone under sunlight. This OS uses a very highly customized version of Android, but still has the app drawer like most of the Android devices.
Quality of pictures was just about average whereas the details were good, but the colour reproduction is something we had a complaint with. It has everything that can be availed in such low cost and the features also look pretty impressive, everything else depends upon how it stands against the competition in different areas.
The Galaxy Alpha was the first premium phone from the South Korean company, followed by the Galaxy Note 4 and then the new Galaxy A-line, the newest of which is the Galaxy A7 which was recently launched. The second reason is because both the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy A7 are evidence of the latest trend in smartphones: phablets.
By comparing the Galaxy A7 to the iPhone 6 Plus, we need to first think about how each would attract followers of the others. If you are all in for thin phones, the South Korean company already knew about it and created a phone that rivals many flagships out there.
The iPhone 6 Plus has a similarly high-end body made of aluminum, so the two phones size up pretty nicely next to each other in this respect. The iPhone 6 Plus counters with a similarly high-end 5.5 inch LED-backlit IPS LCD with the sane 1080*1920 resolution adding up to the same 401 ppi pixel density. Even though both these chips are 64 bit and pretty good processors, the iPhone 6 Plus is the clear winner with its superior chipset.
There’s little evidence as to how well the battery on the Galaxy A7 can hold out in real-life situations, but seeing as the device comes with a fairly high-def, large screen, it should max out at around 2 days of mixed use.

Should you nevertheless prefer to install horizontal lockers, please have a look at the other products in our locker range. The device looks classy and also has a lot of interesting features to fall for, but the only question in our mind is about the Flyme OS.
It does not have navigation keys like Apple iOS, in fact it offers navigation shortcuts on the screen itself. The Galaxy A7, as well as its siblings, the Galaxy A3 and A5 are all based on the Galaxy Alpha, which will be discontinued starting February 2015, In our Galaxy A7 vs iPhone 6 Plus comparison, we will try to perform an in-depth analysis of the design on each phone, as well as what’s under the hood. The Galaxy A7 tries to do that by creating a premium smartphone similar in build materials to what Apple has to offer, while Apple designed iOS 8 so that it would feature Android-like functions. While these displays seem to be identical at first glance, the iPhone 6 Plus panel is superior thanks to the advanced technology that it uses. Still, we would have liked to see more than 1 GB RAM on the iPhone 6 Plus, since even the Galaxy A7 comes with 2 gigs inside. The iPhone 6 Plus has reported the same type of battery life, maybe just a tad lower, maxing out at one and a half days of use.
The iPhone 6 Plus has TouchID and Apple Pay to sweeten the deal, as well as superior processing power, larger battery and a better camera report on its curriculum vitae. The Flyme OS looks soothing but we are still waiting for a fully optimized version for Indian markets and a better after sales service in the country.
The notification panel, menu icons, settings menu, and quick settings options look very different from what we see on usual Android phones.
Phablets can be classified based on screen size, and nowadays, anything above 5 inches may be called a phablet. Since we’re not about starting wars (or condoning them, for that matter), we will not be taking OS into consideration in our Galaxy A7 vs iPhone 6 Plus comparison. That means that in the first round, the Galaxy A7 beats the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of portability and maneuverability.
But when it comes to design, both these phones shaped up to be quite nice, using thin bezels and smooth designs.
On the iPhone 6 Plus, the display is much more immersive and life-like than on the Galaxy A7, so this round is awarded to Apple’s phablet. Storage options for the Apple flagship range from 16 to 128 GB, with no microSD slot available. While the cameras on the Galaxy A7 are above average and pretty high quality, they do lack the optical image stabilization present on the contender.
Since both the Galaxy A7 and iPhone 6 Plus have display sizes of 5.5 inches, they can clearly fit into the new category. Even though OS is the most important part in a smartphone, aside from battery and hardware, they rely more on user preference rather than on actual performance. Many have complained about the battery being too small in the Apple flagship, saying that they would have liked a bigger battery instead of the thin chassis. One plus for the Galaxy A7 is that it seems to be a bit more rigid on the sides, while the iPhone 6 Plus tends to slip out of the hand due to the chamfered edges. The Galaxy A7 is only available with 16 GB internal storage and a microSD card slot that supports up to 64 GB additional storage. We will report back when we have accurate user data regarding real0life battery management. What we will discuss will be user interface, since we can’t leave TouchWiz out of this.

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