For years I’ve recommended Picasa, the elegant photo organizing and editing software.
The tools and filters in Picasa are more limited than a full-fledged photo editing programs.
Easily upload images and video to Picasa Web Albums, the online web hosting also offered by Google. Non-destructive editing – your original files are preserved as you edit images and edits can be easily undone. Excellent set of easy-to-use editing tools and filters;  you can fade filter effects such as sharpening. Robust set of features including labeling photos with keywords and star ratings, emailing images from within the program, creating videos, Photo CDs and backups and support for RAW files, a Retouch tool to remove unsightly blemishes, face recognition with automatic red-eye removal, and the ability to add text and watermarks to photos. Picnik photo editing — now accessed online from within Picasa Web Album through the editing options. Picasa photo viewer – limiting and annoying to use, especially if your main editing program is one other than Picasa. As of this writing, the rating systems (tags, stars and keywords) do not export with images to other programs.
For those who use more robust photo editing programs, such as Photoshop, you’ll probably use Picasa primarily for snapshots.

The ASUS exclusive O!Direct allows you one-click access and playback of any media files from PC to TV over a home network. Install any 3.5" HDD and O!PLAY HD2 instantly becomes a large-capacity mobile storage device . The animated GIF file is a simple form of animation. Whether you want to create your avatar, get involved in a meme, or amuse your friends with a funny photo sequence, an animated GIF is a great way to do it. There is a number of web applications available that let you create animated GIFs online without downloading any software or registering for any accounts. these website also allow users to create animated pictures from movies and videos.
It’s basic, yet goes beyond the basics of the basic photo editing software that is usually bundled with a digital camera. However, if you are a casual photo editor, they are probably more than you’ll ever need.
Web Albums offers one gigabyte of free storage for photos and videos, and can be upgraded at a reasonable price if more storage is needed. These online image editing tools are powerful yet easy to use and can perform almost every image editing tasks online on any platform.
It features enhanced content sharing technologies with user-friendly flexible storage options. Usually you can create animation pictures by adding multiple pictures. This article is a collection of 5 free animated GIF creator online.

All you have to do is upload an image directly from the computer, edit online and save the edited version of the image.
Few of them also give you an option of saving and sharing them on online storage websites like Flickr and Picasa.
These editors are built in Flash and since the editors are Flash-based, how they run depends on what kind of computer you have. If it is lagging you can try to shut down other web page that might be running Flash ads or close other software on your computer that is taking a lot of CPU.
You can also edit your Facebook and Flickr photos online and create collages online for free with 100s of layouts.
Ribbet is packed with all the original Picnik functionality and built on the same platform, Ribbet offers a familiar interface and the same ease-of-use.

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