Create a Photoshop® Creative gallery to enjoy regular competitions, tips, resources, and get your work viewed by thousands in the magazine and online! How to use surreal light, beautiful brushwork and a little imagination to transform basic photography into a magical scene. Hi, just want to ask in the step 5… how do I mask out the left side of the lighten layer and the right side of the darken layer? The key topic of discussion at tonight's LA Web Professionals Group meeting, where Deke was presenting some live Deke's Techniques, was Adobe's announcement about the Creative Cloud.
I know it's small, but I've been fighting the good fight against those inept simpletons at Adobe. It puts a smile across my face; never thought I'd have any hatred for Adobe, let alone this much.
There's a secure government (classified systems) version that doesn't need to phone home ever, I'm sure large companies can talk Adobe in to letting them use that one (for a price, of course!). If Microsoft and Apple had a subscription model for their operating systems we'd all be in trouble. Now Microsoft is going to "fix" Win 8 with "Blue" but they are only doing this because of market pressure.
There seems to be either ineptitude, corruption or a combination of the both going on at the mighty monopoly that is Adobe. I think it's wrong that a person that has bought the full version of PS not be allowed to download CC updates.

Beware that while Adobe has set it up so that while you can start paying for Photoshop CC now, you won't actually receive anything until June 17th. Well, I got no updates to CS6 with the CC subscription, but I can't answer to your claim that I could have downloaded CS6 if I didn't already own it. Go to the Paths palette, highlight your new path and choose Make Selection from the fly-out menu (or click the Load Path as Selection icon at the bottom).
Click the box for Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask and set the Vibrance slider to 30 and the Saturation to 10. Use shades of purple, pink, and drop in any image of a sunset sky to represent the oranges. Choose a soft-edged white brush set to 100% Opacity and then under Window> Brush check Scattering.
The upshot: Rather than release Creative Suite 7, all updates to Photoshop and its creative cousins will now come via a Creative Cloud subscription. Large companies like the one I work for do not like cloud apps or cloud computing because of the inherent problems with security.
As for my home installations I have to look at the pricing for creative cloud vs my upgrade costs for Design Premium or Production Premium. Repeat this and add a second Levels adjustment layer set to 30, 0.85, and 255 for a contrasting, darkening effect. Add a layer mask, then with a soft, black brush, paint on the mask to reveal subtle areas of colour.

Set this layer to the Soft Light blend mode and again add a layer mask and paint on it to reveal subtle areas of colour. Pull the Scatter slider to 900%, check Shape Dynamics and pull the Size Jitter slider to 100%. Although it's a reasonable cost per month for all the products it includes I only use 3 or 4 of them on a consistent basis. The down side is you are being force fed whatever they want to feed you and sometimes that leads to a bad taste in your mouth. And for what I purchased, I got absolutely nothing relating to Photoshop other then the monthly bill. Classified systems don't even have an internet connection so how would you install any Adobe application? This was not stated in the purchase order, I only found out after spending half an hour trying to figure out why I couldn't download anything new.

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