Yesterday, Adobe made an announcement at the Adobe MAX event – Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) is replacing Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite (CS). Like a bad circus magician, Adobe moved on to the next act, “Look at this shiny new hardware pen where you can”…. Lightroom will still be available to purchase, although they do include it in the $50 suite. Some bureaucrat decided years ago that 5 year plans were pertinent, so these charts are based on a 5 year(60 month) cycle.
This chart shows what the costs would be to someone who purchased Photoshop brand new today.
If you aren’t upgrading every 18 months, it’ll take 3 years before the price of the subscription would have bought you Photoshop. What this chart doesn’t show is the person who already purchased Photoshop and has no plans on upgrading.
The only time we could tell Adobe that we weren’t awe-inspired was when they would release a new version of CS.
The options Adobe has been “Teasing us” with are more so centered on what they can do on a mobile solution than the bread and butter Photoshop. The only thing I do know that I need future Photoshops for is their support with newer camera models. It’s hard for me to make a conclusion since even the Adobe Product Manager and the NAPP president have come out saying that there isn’t a cloud option that makes sense for photographers.
As someone that does financial analysis for a living and photography as a hobby, I have to say that you nailed it in your analysis of the cloud. You forgot to mention that once you cancel your subscription, every file created in Adobe CC will not be supported by older versions of Adobe. I used CS for 10 years until hardware issues forced me to upgrade but I am able to open all of my old files just fine. Not only has my use for Photoshop CC evolved, but Adobe itself has changed so much over the past 12 years. The image above was going to be part of Jaden’s artist portfolio for her singing career. Perfect your Photography: From everyday edits to total transformations, the Creative Cloud plan lets you retouch and manipulate images in just about any way you can imagine.
Showcase your Work: Organize images in web galleries or share them on your favorite social sites. Blogger, Brand Ambassador and Vlogger who produces family lifestyle content focusing on travel and cars. I am an ethical blogger and you can find my Privacy Policy, Disclosure Policy, and Sweepstakes Terms all on the blog. On the surface it might appear that it would cost you more to do it this way if all you want to do is upgrade Photoshop which typically costs about $250 per year to upgrade. In fact, I often talk to customers who are changing platforms (Mac to PC or PC to Mac) to accommodate their artists or often the type of RIP they are using for halftone output. What if you are new to the world of Adobe products and have been dying to find a way to get the programs cheaper – or even on a payment plan. To paraphrase Adobe’s official response  “Postscript has changed and there are problems with RIPs, blah, blah, blah.“ Wow. Adobe was also painfully aware that the often let you do the same thing with different menus and different types of controls in these menus. In earlier versions you could let Photoshop do auto image adjustments for you when in Curves, Levels and other image menus. When in Color Range you can now select Skin Tones as an option and a Detect Faces check box to make it more precise. Other improvements have been made to the Blur Tool, Content Aware Patch, improved Cursors, new and improved Filters, additional Color Range changes, lots of new goodies for photographers, Type control changes, and more. The funny thing is if you read all the Mac literature it is very hard to find out where Apple started making their computers 64-bit. Without going into the nitty gritty details in this post, you can check it all out at Adobe’s site.
Learn 5 SECRETS about how to get loyal followers that TRUST you, RESPECT you, PAY you, and PROMOTE you. The key topic of discussion at tonight's LA Web Professionals Group meeting, where Deke was presenting some live Deke's Techniques, was Adobe's announcement about the Creative Cloud.
I know it's small, but I've been fighting the good fight against those inept simpletons at Adobe. It puts a smile across my face; never thought I'd have any hatred for Adobe, let alone this much. There's a secure government (classified systems) version that doesn't need to phone home ever, I'm sure large companies can talk Adobe in to letting them use that one (for a price, of course!). If Microsoft and Apple had a subscription model for their operating systems we'd all be in trouble. Now Microsoft is going to "fix" Win 8 with "Blue" but they are only doing this because of market pressure. There seems to be either ineptitude, corruption or a combination of the both going on at the mighty monopoly that is Adobe.
I think it's wrong that a person that has bought the full version of PS not be allowed to download CC updates.
Beware that while Adobe has set it up so that while you can start paying for Photoshop CC now, you won't actually receive anything until June 17th. Well, I got no updates to CS6 with the CC subscription, but I can't answer to your claim that I could have downloaded CS6 if I didn't already own it.
Podczas rejestracji nie zbieramy A?adnych szczegA?A‚owych danych personalnych i teleadresowych.
They demoed a bunch of new fun features, most of which I’ll never use, and then slipped in a piece of information – Adobe Creative Cloud will be available in a subscription-only plan. And, then the rumors and misinformation began to flow, which also the Internet is so great at.

Adobe has even more confusing international prices that I’ll never attempt to figure out.
They could have doubled their prices and people would have screamed, but we would have still bought it. A recent episode of the The Grid listed features we want to see in Photoshop and the best that Scott Kelby and company could come up with is a “Do it again” option. If my bank account suddenly read $0 tomorrow, I at least own my home, my car and my copy of Photoshop.
Tom Hogarty, product manager for Photoshop, was on the Grid just last Wednesday asking for help. There are countless improvements that they need to still make to this tool in order to compete.
This means, your file becomes READ-ONLY and un-editable until you cough up the money for the subscription again, for the rest of your life.
Today, Adobe announced its new Creative Cloud apps and services, which will be the only way to get the newest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Premiere Pro. A friend gave me an extra disc he had way back when I was pregnant with my (almost) 12 year old daughter, Jaden, and it began.
Sometimes you just don’t get the right shot the first time and Photoshop and Lightroom can help you produce a better shot.
And when you make an editor flag a favorite in one place, it’s automatically updated everywhere else through Adobe CreativeSync technology. Then use the Adobe Slate mobile app to craft visual stories and animated videos and the Adobe Voice mobile app to add your own voice for narration. Together with my husband, Colby, also a full-time blogger, we raise our 5 children in Dallas, Texas and share our life on YouTube at Growing Up on a Shoestring. In addition to being an Influencer with quality content, I also strive to do a few other things. My only problem is that for some of you who only really use Photoshop to do color separations – you won’t see many changes. They never asked me if there were problems – there are not – and I have sold about 9,000 RIPs in this industry.
What this means is that if you have a RIP for film output you will now have to go into the RIP and make changes.
Yes, it might seem like a blatant plug but I wrote this for myself to use and decided to sell it to make life easier for those with CS5, CS6 and CC.
Adobe spent a lot of time working on hardware acceleration and now changes and effect happen in real time and are almost immediate. These adjustments were never great and all of us knew that it took our own personal touch to improve an image. I can’t tell you how many times I had a crash or made a mouse click and save that I did not want and desperately wished I could go back in time.
When doing color separations there is nothing harder than finding all the flesh tones because the various shades of one tone – highlight, shadow, midtone, etc. The upshot: Rather than release Creative Suite 7, all updates to Photoshop and its creative cousins will now come via a Creative Cloud subscription. Large companies like the one I work for do not like cloud apps or cloud computing because of the inherent problems with security. As for my home installations I have to look at the pricing for creative cloud vs my upgrade costs for Design Premium or Production Premium. This suite includes all of the tools that you, as a Photographer, never really cared about. Adobe Photoshop is $699 today not because of the “ingenuity” of the product, but because of the lack of competition.
They’ve never been upfront about their roadmap and it makes it very hard to make a decision investing in them ($699 is an investment. There are plenty of other Digital Asset Management and basic photo editing tools out there – Photo Mechanic, Capture One, On One Photo Suite, iPhoto, Aperture, etc.
After a decade of Creative Suite programs, Adobe is going subscription only with the CC family of apps and services.
My insomnia was insane with that pregnancy, so I spent hours on the computer learning to use Photoshop. A bit of contrast and lighting adjustments were just what the image needed to pop a bit more. Blogger and Brand Ambassador with reviews and family lifestyle content with a focus on family, travel and cars.
For example, reviews and giveaways keep my readers coming back as a trusted source of information. For a low monthly fee of $49.99 per month you can download and use pretty much ALL of their programs.
If you use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or any other programs, then I think this is a great deal. You can see that I highly recommend considering the Creative Cloud if you want to use more than one of their products or if you are just starting out. Regardless of all the negative and nasty posts on Adobe support forums from screeners showing their dismay, Adobe says – “No way…. That is one more step because for most of us we use different halftone frequencies depending on the complexity of the job. We are all very use to the light gray color scheme and with the new darker look it can feel like you are hunting around in a cave for the tools. Rumor has it that Adobe brought in hundreds of artists to correct thousands of images manually and they documented the changes and built a database to apply the same real world logic to images.
The one “bug” that really annoyed me was the fact that when doing channel color separations, if you did not have Gamut Warning (under the View menu) checked, your separations would not display with Dot Gain applied that you set in the Color Settings menu.
A lot of people ask “how do I know if my Mac is 64-bit?” I finally found an Apple support page that gave a chart. Although it's a reasonable cost per month for all the products it includes I only use 3 or 4 of them on a consistent basis.

The down side is you are being force fed whatever they want to feed you and sometimes that leads to a bad taste in your mouth. And for what I purchased, I got absolutely nothing relating to Photoshop other then the monthly bill. Now that I know a little more facts, Tom knew what was going to be announced and knew he didn’t have answers. In the meantime they are putting pressure on us to upgrade to CC by July 31st at a reduced rate.
I gotta buy the latest version of Lightroom” mentality that we used to have with Photoshop. For example, I wish all the photos I posted here were straight out of the camera as you see them.
In fact if you have a licensed version of CS3 you can get a first year special offer of only $29.99 per month. I also use Adobe Acrobat PRO for my manuals and I use Adobe Dreamweaver for some of my web development. Without going into detail about each new feature I will do a quick listing here of the key changes. I might use 55lpi or even 65lpi for high-end work but for simply cartoon stuff I could go down to 45lpi. In the past to actually select flesh tones you would use Color Range to sample a color from the image. Classified systems don't even have an internet connection so how would you install any Adobe application?
This was not stated in the purchase order, I only found out after spending half an hour trying to figure out why I couldn't download anything new. Adobe may have known that, which makes today the perfect time to take that choice away from me. Adobe introduced the service last year as a complimentary offering alongside Creative Suite--Creative Cloud consisted of both free and subscription-based versions of Adobe's core products. My love for design was born and I still use Photoshop through Adobe Creative Cloud frequently. Rather than detail each and every new feature (there are dozens and dozens) in this article I would like to give you the highlights of what features (or lack of) you will love or miss.
To find out more simply type in a web search of “changes to Adobe CS6 and CC” and you will find lots of sites with videos and details. I for one, have taken the liberty of changing back to the lighter colors – available as an option in the Preferences menu.
Even though you could add to your Selection it became hard if there were lots of shades of flesh.
I was surprised to learn that Adobe had made CS6 64-bit only on Mac yet retained 32- and 64-bit compatibility for Windows. Perhaps if Adobe had been more forthcoming at that time, my decision would have been different. Starting today, though, Creative Cloud will be the only way to get the newest versions of those products. I usually just brighten up the photos, but sometimes I also like to add a little extra cinematic flair. And, I would like to give you my opinion on the new Creative Cloud method of delivering the software.
If you just want to try this service on a month-to-month it is only $75 per month and you can subscribe to just one program for only $19.99 per month. That means for $49.99 per month I can get ALL of these programs and put them on two computers! You get an accurate display of the final channel seps with or without Gamut Warning checked. For Photoshop users, that means tapping into hyped features like Camera Shake Reduction and Smart Sharpening.So how does it work?
And, if you send jobs to clients to print out – like I do, you want those settings as part of the file.
If you end up wanting to move one copy to a newer computer you simply deactivate one of the versions.
Adobe sends you upgrade notices and your computer needs to be online to authorize this install. The subscription will allow you to run CC apps without an Internet connection, though Adobe will run checks to provide software updates. CS6 licenses will still be available for sale, though Adobe will not continue to develop for it, aside from bug fixes and ensuring that it works on the next versions of Windows and Mac OS.The more interesting announcement was that of Project Mighty and Napoleon, two pieces of prototype hardware that will eventually be real consumer products. Mighty is a pressure-sensitive stylus designed to work on the iPad in concert with Adobe iOS apps. Styli accessories for the iPad have traditionally not been great, due to the fact that the iPad uses a capacitive touchscreen and doesn't have native pressure detection. Mighty incorporates pressure sensitivity in its tip, relaying that information to the iPad (and Adobe's cloud servers) using Bluetooth.
The video demonstration shows that it works, but still has a degree of latency and a soft touch that you wouldn't see on a Wacom (or even the Microsoft Surface Pro).
Napoleon, on the other hand, is another bluetooth connected device that works as a ruler on the iPad.
It projects digital guides onto the drawing app, allowing you to draft perfectly straight or curved lines using the Mighty.Watch Adobe's promo video for Mighty and Napoleon below, which does a good job showing how these tools will work on the iPad.

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