OneDrive for Business provides a simple & secure location where people can store, sync and share their work files.
The application is part of Office 365 and allows users to easily store their data in a central location. Fresh from the editorial minds of Dot & Bo, the Design District blog offers up even more design inspiration and decorating advice. The Henrietta Plate Rack, made of 19th-century salvaged wood, is ready to display your favorite kitchen items.

Keep herbs close to your cutting board by placing rows of herb pots on its attractive shelves or use it to display your favorite heirloom plates so that all can enjoy their beauty. Place a soothing candle, book, or glass of wine on the caddy and transform your soaking experience into something that you've always dreamed about. Easily edit filesin the browser with Office Online or open directly in the rich Office desktop apps. With its simple, old-world allure, this plate rack will take you back to a time when pies were always made from scratch and the kitchen was the hub of the home.

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