Toshiba has announced its new External Cloud drive that comes in with 2TB or 3TB storage capacity, the new storage device is expected to be launched later next month.
The companion application for the Toshiba Canvio Personal Cloud include both desktop and mobile applications, allowing you to access your data, music, media and photos anywhere you can get an Internet connection.
Toshiba plans to launch the new Canvio Personal Cloud on the market in September, the 2TB model will go for the price of $220 while the 3TB model goes for the price of $250. Tech Enthusiasts, Web Designer & Entrepreneur are only a few words that describes what I do. The cloud has made data accessible and convenient – anywhere, on the go, for a reasonable price! Network-attached storage (NAS) is file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. As of 2010 NAS devices began gaining popularity as a convenient method of sharing files among multiple computers.
Inspired by the success of file servers from Novell, IBM, and Sun, several firms developed dedicated file servers. In 2009, NAS vendors (notably CTERA Networks and NETGEAR) began to introduce online backup solutions integrated in their NAS appliances, for online disaster recovery. Just like choosing cloud storage though, it can be hard to find the right solution for your local data storage plan – well you are in luck!
This little guy was made to be your central entertainment hub that looked good enough to put in your living room alongside your other entertainment devices. This is one of the big boy solutions, so if you have a small business or need a heavy duty solution, this one won’t break the bank but its surely more expensive than some of the personal options in this list. Another industrial grade solution to private cloud storage, this Netgear provides safe and easy backup for all your computers and mobile devices as well as the ability to stream movies and music with DLNA, iTunes, & PLEX. Another mid-range contender, the Iomega offers comparable features with its easy to setup design. One of the highest end storage devices on the list, the Synology packs lots of high end features such as four LAN Ports with Link Aggregation Support, it can Scale Up to 60TB with Synology DX513, it has expandable RAM Modules (Up to 4GB), CPU Passive Cooling Technology and System Fan Redundancy, VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Hyper-V Ready! We hope we helped you narrow down your choices and find the right storage solution for you, whether it be cloud storage, or your own personal NAS setup with cloud capabilities. Created by Andy Sowards - InfiniGEEK is the definitive geek community & Geeky Lifestyle site for Science, Tech, Gaming and Gadget fans, featuring news, reviews, videos, forums, and more. We have been honored to be featured all across the net - features, interviews, honorable mentions, etc.
If you're looking to set up your own personal cloud and forget about paying for services like Dropbox or iCloud, then check out these Personal Cloud Servers that will tend to all your storage needs, across all your devices. Enter cloud storage – the elegant solution that allows users to upload all their digital media into one single place and access it from any device. Well, basically this device is just a scaled down version of Dropbox, iCloud or any other cloud storage service on the web.
In simplified terms, a personal cloud server is a glorified hard drive that you can access over the Internet on different devices.
The setup of the Western Digital MyCloud is fairly easy, and while it doesn’t have the very fastest transfer speeds, it still is one of the best out there. Another device that Western Digital offers is the My Book Live, which allows users to use this NAS device over the Internet via the dedicated app. The Western Digital My Book Live Duo on the other hand, is all about storing huge files on your network. If you plan on upgrading your home network with a NAS device that also acts as a personal cloud, then take a look at this gadget offered by D-Link.
Users who want this device have to keep in mind that it doesn’t come with either hard drive, and they will have to buy their own and manually install them.
Another very well known manufacturer of storage devices has also created a dedicated home personal cloud server that allows the user to sync multiple devices to one location, and access any files they want over the Internet.
Seagate has three models that its users can check out, each of them having different storage capacities: 2 TB, 3TB and 4TB. Apart from the products listed above, there are other personal cloud servers that can be used for syncing all your files across different devices.
Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. Toshiba’s Digital Products Division has announced the Canvio Personal Cloud, its entry into the market cloud-enabled home storage devices. The Canvio Personal Cloud's Canvio Link software and apps for remote access work with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs, Android-based tablets and smartphones, iOS tablets and smartphones, as well as DLNA-compatible devices. Seagate Non-public Cloud home media storage means that you can create your very own cloud that may be available outdoor the house. What WD offers with the My Cloud platform generally and the EX2 specifically is a personal, private cloud.
As a result, virtually any device on your network--including smart TVs, game consoles, media players, and more--can access the files you’ve stashed on the EX2, and, you can access those files from anywhere with the iOS and Android apps.

Other than direct access by connecting the device to a computer, it also has applications included that allow you to access the drives content remotely. From simple storage to a complete internet tax prep system, the cloud has revolutionized so many aspects of our day-to-day lives.
NAS not only operates as a file server, but is specialized for this task either by its hardware, software, or configuration of those elements. Potential benefits of dedicated network-attached storage, compared to general-purpose servers also serving files, include faster data access, easier administration, and simple configuration. While 3Com was among the first firms to build a dedicated NAS for desktop operating systems, Auspex Systems was one of the first to develop a dedicated NFS server for use in the UNIX market. If you do just need a cloud storage service though, be sure to consult the Top 10 Compared Cloud Storage Reviews before you commit to anything to make sure you get the best, most reliable service possible. Another advantage of going this route is the money you will save on monthly plans with cloud services – pay up front and enjoy your own personal cloud service for years to come!
Many corporate or professional agencies cannot use Dropbox-style storage due to HIPAA or legal concerns.
Today we round up some of the best Cloud storage capable hard drives that would make a great addition to any network!
It is surely very impressive both in performance and features, making it one of the best deals for home users that need expandable storage as well as access to files from your mobile devices. Just like Dropbox with more capacity at a fraction of the cost and 100% private, the Transporter will automatically sync all the files you choose between your computers.
The Personal Cloud feature allows you to easily share content with friends and family outside of your home using the exclusive Iomega Personal Cloud.
If you are looking for usability (the mobile app is award winning) and reliability then look no further than this beast of a western digital storage cloud! This site is full of awesomesauce for all levels of techies, creatives, scientists and geeks of all kinds.
Remember the more you share, the larger the geek community gets, thus improving our civilization and propels it into a new technological age! Access can also be achieved via your smartphone using the free mobile apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Taking photos, videos and collecting thousands of MP3’s does take its toll on our hard drives. It has the benefit of being in sight every minute, so you know exactly where your data is, as well as some added security.
You could view these personal cloud servers as NAS (network attached storage) devices that can be accessed via the Internet from any mobile device.
This sleek looking device is very flexible, offering users access from all manner of mobile devices. Western Digital have made a name for themselves in the storage business, and thanks to the wide compatibility and stylish design, many think that this is the best product out there. The small size of the device means allows for easy storing and thanks to the integrated software, you can have it up and running within minutes. It also comes with 1-Year Limited Warranty, but performance-wise it has slightly lower transfer rates than other devices. This bigger brother of the standard My Book Live is twice the size, but also has twice the storage capacity. While this might seem not that appealing, compared to the other ready-out-of-the-box devices, it allows the user to customize the device, by adding the hard drives they want. Also, the device has dedicated apps for Samsung smart TV’s and Blu-Ray players, as well as offer support for Facebook backup. The Canvio Personal Cloud will be available with either 2TB or 3TB of internal storage plus a USB port for expansion, and allows users to access and stream files outside the home across the internet. Canvio Personal Cloud is also designed with Smart TV integration, allowing users to access music, photos, and videos. Arrange your entire circle of relatives’s footage, videos, music and essential documents in one protected central location on your house network, and back up now not simplest your entire PCs and Macs, however your cloud services and products as smartly. Further, WD designed the platform to play nicely with popular cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, and the My Cloud EX2’s desktop client effectively provides a central management console. The whole platform is designed to be easy to manage and use, so the average user shouldn’t be overwhelmed by it at all.
However, some users still don’t feel completely safe trusting some cloud server on the net handle their precious data, and trust the company to prevent data loss and backups. NAS is often manufactured as a computer appliance – a specialized computer built from the ground up for storing and serving files – rather than simply a general purpose computer being used for the role.
Following the Newcastle Connection, Sun Microsystems’ 1984 release of NFS allowed network servers to share their storage space with networked clients.
A group of Auspex engineers split away in the early 1990s to create the integrated NetApp filer, which supported both the Windows CIFS and the UNIX NFS protocols, and had superior scalability and ease of deployment. Sending data to third-party sites in the cloud can violate security best practices or even some laws.

You can privately share and collaborate on entire collections of files with anyone you want.
Just use your WiFi router to connect and load it up with photos, videos, music, files and backup.
It offers you most of the features you can find on the other devices with 64 GB of internal SSD storage capacity. Enhanced peace of mind with automatic RAID protection against disk failure as well as an exclusive snapshot feature for recovering past versions of a file – so it comes with its own version control, how cool is that? Invited guests will have access to read and write to files and folders on your network drive! InfiniGEEK is a place where we geeks come together and geek out on Science, Tech, Gaming, & Gadget News! We typically do not focus on any 1 thing more than another, we mainly focus on providing the best info in all possible categories. Plus it really helps us out - It is nice to be noticed, and we appreciate all the press that we get, here are just a few places you may have seen us before. And with such a massive collection of digital memories, the demand for more storage has never been bigger.
For one, you can only get so much free space, after which you need to pay for every extra GB.
On the downside, having the device in your own home does expose it to other dangers, such as accidentally damaging it and losing your data. The two-bay NAS comes at a price of $128, and for those who need some extra storage, there is also a 4-bay model which they can check out. I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.
Non-public Cloud can robotically and ceaselessly back up each PC and Mac laptop in the house-wirelessly.1 Stress less knowing that your entire networked computers are subsidized up, and set your individual backup schedule the use of the included Seagate Dashboard software. 3Com and Microsoft would develop the LAN Manager software and protocol to further this new market. With NAS, you not only own your data, you control it, ensuring you limit who can access it remotely (and who can’t). There is no limit on file size, file quantity, or number of people sharing and accessing all of your files via mobile devices anytime from anywhere in the world. This one supports streaming music and videos from the device to your gaming consoles, media players, DLNA-certified devices and some smart TVs.
You can get up to 6 hours of continuous playback and share content with up to five devices simultaneously.
Our number one goal is provide the latest of all the things that are pertinent to our geeky interests and a community space for geeks everywhere.
Basically anything & everything that would appeal to someone living the modern geek lifestyle.
However, these days, just chucking another hard drive in your computer won’t cut it, most users want to have an unified storage option that spands across all their devices. With the rise of the cloud it has also helped develop the Network Attached Storage market – giving you the ability to have your own little data center – or your own personal “cloud” attached to your business network – protecting your data in house with the same conveniences as what the cloud provides as far as accessibility across your devices and teams. 3Com’s 3Server and 3+Share software was the first purpose-built server (including proprietary hardware, software, and multiple disks) for open systems servers. If you need your files on the go, no problem, just use a web browser or free app on tablets and smartphones. There is an iOS app and direct streaming playback capability for movies, music, photos and other files.
Another approach to this problem can be a personal cloud device, and today, we’ll be taking a look at some of of the best different services that are out there. If this is the case, You’ll simply transfer and back up files stored to your favourite cloud service to Non-public Cloud.
Looking at the reviews, the interface is a little clunky so its probably not the easiest to use, but for that price you get what you pay for, but it works for the price. Unencumber house within the cloud or just have native Get right of entry to to your entire files you select. Non-public Cloud leads the class in streaming to the highest-promoting Sensible TVs and attached devices. Get right of entry to your music, movies and docs from computers, game consoles, Sensible TVs and different attached devices during the house. In case you own a Roku Player, Samsung Sensible TV or Blu-ray Disc player with Sensible Hub (2012 model or later), You’ll profit from the Seagate Media app to Experience simple content browsing together with your remote regulate.
You’ll additionally use the Seagate Media app together with your smartphone or pill and solid your content to a Chrome solid, LG Sensible TV or Roku player when you need to proportion it at the biggest screen in the house-your TV.

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