Eggcyte has launched a new personal cloud storage solution called Egg this week, that brings the privacy back to your documents and is looking to raise $500,000 in pledges over on Kickstarter to help take the concept in to production.
Eggcyte has also created an Egg SDK package for developers to use and create applications that link to and use the new Egg personal storage solution. Egg is a personal web server for all your digital media that you would like to keep private and or possibly share with other easily.
We partnered with Big Bang, a leading design firm based out of Atlanta, to develop the industrial design and look-and-feel of the product. So if you think Egg is something your privacy and documents could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help Egg become a reality and be one of the very first to own and use one. Advanced Micro Devices is announcing today that it has designed its standard server motherboard to be more modular and open under the AMD Open 3.0 platform. That platform, previously code-named Roadrunner,” is a rethinking of the server motherboard to match the standards developed by the Open Compute Project, which is a consortium run by big data center customers such as Facebook and Goldman Sachs as well as server component vendors such as Intel and Arista Networks. The Open Compute Project was formed to improve the efficiency of servers and to enable data center operators to avoid being locked into solutions provided by component vendors. The AMD solution is currently being evaluated by Fidelity Investments and Goldman Sachs.“This is a realization of the Open Compute Project’s mission of ‘hacking conventional computing infrastructure,’” said Frank Frankovsky, chairman of the Open Compute Foundation and vice president of hardware design and supply chain at Facebook. The AMD platform includes the recently announced the recently announced AMD Opteron 6300 Series processors.
Your server performance completely depends on the server hardware that you choose, when selecting a personal hosting or any other website hosting package for your online business as per your needs.
You should make sure that your web hosting provider is up to date with the latest technologies and offer you a good value for your money, but without sacrificing the high performance. The network card is one of the important parts of your server hardware which effects the server network connectivity.

Server Processor is the most important part of your server, basically used for processing all your server request. Depending on your website’s future requirements you should select a specific amount of memory for your server. Hard Drives plays a significant role in storing you website data on your server, the more hard disk space you have on your server the more data you are able to store on it.
RPM is a rotation per minute, there are different types of hard drives available out there such as IDE, SCSI and SAS. However, some of them are bit costly, but if you are expecting a better server performance then you should always choose an excellent quality server hardware when opting for a website hosting package.
Egg content is not tracked or scanned by cloud services, your personal information remains unmistakably yours and not a third party company that is storing yor media. Our inspiration was the egg, which is the container for things that are very precious which eventually become things that are even more wonderful in nature. You can leave the Egg plugged in and connected to your Wi-Fi at home or carry it with you and connect to any available Wi-Fi access point at a coffee shop or airport. AMD hopes the redesign will help it gain market share in server chips, one of the most lucrative computing platforms in the enterprise. It can be installed in standard 19-inch racks, and it can fit one, two, or three processor servers. It is always advised to select an excellent quality NIC cards as your NIC card is your way to the Internet. The higher processor power you have the more quickly your queries will be responded, so that your website will run smoother. Day-by-day server hardware costs are getting cheaper so you must try to get enough RAM for your server as it will improve your server as well as your website performance and respond your website visitors request with good response time.

Generally, hard drives rotate at a speed of minimum 5400, 7200, 10,000 RPM, and maximum at 15,000 RPM.
You should get a hard drive device which has maximum rpm, so that your data will be fetched more fastly from your server. The Egg is also an access point that allows you and others to view your content even if there is no available wireless connection.
AMD is targeting markets including high-performance computing, cloud infrastructure, and storage. AMD is providing tailored solutions with the right combination of power, space and cost, said Suresh Gopalakrishnan, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD’s server business, in an interview with VentureBeat. Each server has 12 memory sockets (4 channels with 3 DIMMs each), 6 Serial ATA (SATA) connections per board, a 1 dual channel gigabit Ethernet NIC with integrated management, up to four PCI Express expansion slots, a mezzanine connector for custom module solutions,2 serial ports and 2 USB ports. For the proper growth and performance of your website you must select the best server hardware that you can utilize in improving your server performance.  As an owner you must try to choose an excellent hardware for your server. This will improve your network connectivity speed and thus would save the labor charges, in case you have to replace the card.
As the IT Industry, including the web hosting industry, is an even evolving market, new technologies are improving day by day. You can easily get hi-fi processors such as Dual Core, Quad Core, Core 2 Duo, etc… at cheap rates.
Considering your website traffic and software application you should opt for the finest server processor.

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