Love it or hate it, PowerPoint isn't going away any time soon; it remains the professional tool of choice for presentations. You can also search online for templates and themes from the Start screen; a list of suggested searches helps here.
PowerPoint Themes are predesigned slide designs that spare you from doing the design work yourself.
Although some of the Merge Shapes features that are touted as being new in PowerPoint 2013 were in PowerPoint 2010, they werena€™t accessible from the Ribbon toolbar.
In addition, new alignment guides show when shapes are lined up to each other, to slide elements, and to borders and they make it easier to line up and space objects evenly on your slides. In PowerPoint 2013, youa€™ll find many formatting features from task docked to the right of the screen as you work.
To access these new task panes, right-click a shape, for example, and choose Format Shape to see the available options for a shape in the task pane. The new Video button on the Insert tab includes options that let you search for a video from an online source and drop it into your deck without first downloading it to your computer. PowerPoint 2013 supports a wide range of audio formats without requiring you to download and install additional codecs.
You can click a button in PowerPoint 2013 to play audio tracks across the entire slideshow or across slides.
While the PowerPoint Presenter View was available in earlier versions of PowerPoint most users didna€™t know it existed.
The new Zoom option lets you look close-up into an area on a slide to draw attention to it. When youa€™re designing a presentation with others, the new Comments feature will make it easier to discuss your slideshow with collaborators. The new Office Presentation Service expands features for Presentation View and video in online presentations. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. There's no dictionary, geographic mapping or flow chart tool baked into the core Microsoft Office 2013 software, but you can still get all these functions for free or a small fee.
The new apps for Office are available only for the Office 365 subscription, Office 2013, and some of the Office Web Appsa€”not for earlier versions of Office. Mail apps are supported by Outlook 2013 and the Outlook Web App, and they require you to be using Exchange Server 2013. Click the Insert tab from within your Office application, then click Apps for Office,A See All. This free tool performs calculations, such as multiplying or dividing a range by a value, or adding a value to or subtracting a value from a range.
These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Blue Star Ambulance" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. IBM has announced a breakthrough which could help with the early detection of cancer or other diseases such as the Zika virus, picking up on their presence even before any symptoms have manifested.So, you've heard of a system-on-a-chip? Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! Not so long ago, a city-building simulation game like the Anno series was a pricey disc-based game that was out of the reach of a lot of players who didn’t have a good PC. As you can tell from the screenshots, this is a beautiful game in an immersive 3D world set in the middle ages. The company showed off a video demo of what the game will look like when it debuts this fall. Each large city can have as many as 1,500 buildings, and there are more than 200 different-looking buildings that you can create. As you build, you unlock new capabilities and face new challenges as your population grows.
It's pricey, but Dell's Latitude E7240 is about as good as it gets in the realm of 12.5-inch Ultrabooks.
Styled largely in black and charcoal with minimal white highlights, the Latitude E7240a€™s sedate, no-nonsenseA looks wona€™t blow anyone away.A The keyboard has a solid feel and bounce (a relief after the saggy unit Dell put on its Inspiron 7537), and the touchpad with its single set of buttons is smoothly responsive.

The E7240a€™s 12-inch touchscreen Gorilla Glass display is as sweetly responsive as its touchpad. Removing the E7240a€™s battery reveals two Phillips screws securing a plate that covers the internal components: an mSATA SSD, two SODIMMs, and a WLAN card. As mentioned, movies look marvelous on the high-resolution display, and the speakers a€”-small as they may bea€”are not all that bad. The E7240 ships with Windows 8.1 Pro, and thanks to Intel and Dell, way too many applets running in the system tray.
If youa€™ve read my reviews in the past, youa€™ll know Ia€™m a desktop replacement kind of guy.
Features that were already in PowerPoint just became easier to discover and use with the 2013 release.
Instead of the blank presentation you started with in PowerPoint 2010, this screen is packed with options including a range of templates. In PowerPoint 2010 there was a plethora of Themes, Color Schemes, Font Schemes and Effects to choose from. On the Start screen you can click a Theme, preview its variant,s and scroll through previews of the Theme Title, Title and Content, Smart Chart and Photo layouts before committing to one to use. In PowerPoint 2013, though, the Join, Combine, Fragment, Intersect and Subtract tools are accessible by selecting the Drawing Tools, Format tab and clicking the Merge Shapes button. In earlier versions of PowerPoint, these options appeared in dialogs over the slide, which you had to move or close to continue working.
Plus, if your computer only had one monitor you couldn't access it a€”even to rehearse your presentation!
When you add a comment, it appears in a Comments task pane down the right of the screen and stays visible while you work. The Comments task pane lets you navigate through comments, and see if there are comments on other slides. Plus, you can play video at presentation time, and viewers get their own set of video controls.
They'reA supported by the 2013 editions of Excel, Word, Project Professional and PowerPoint. Mail apps won't work with POP and IMAP email accounts, so they're effectively limited to business use. This app embeds itself within a worksheet and pops up a calendar that you click on to insert a date or time into the currently selected cell.
Microsoft Word no longer ships with a dictionary, so you'll need to find one on your own.A There are a few dictionary apps in the store, but the free Bing Dictionary for Word and Excel 2013 offers convenience detail. It provides details of your LinkedIn connections, groups, profile information, and recent activity. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. But now Ubisoft is unveiling Anno Online as a browser-based free-to-play online strategy simulation game on the PC.
The game requires no download, but it has high-quality graphics that let you inspect the details up close and observe the ambient life of your city. The island you start with is pretty large, with lots of trees, fields, shoreline,  and mountains. You can set your workers on long-term projects such as castles, cathedrals, harbors or other monumental buildings. Your city can also become part of a giant empire as you join with other players in creating guilds.
Its native resolution ofA 1920x1080 is great for movies, but it also makes for tiny Windows icons and text.
Thata€™s not bad considering therea€™s only a super-slim, bottom-mounted, 45-watt-hour battery on board.
Four- and five-year plans are available at extra cost, as are accidental damage coverage, extended battery service, and data recovery insurance. For example, task panes and other elements now suggest options for tweaking your deck, rather than leaving you to find them yourself. Youa€™ll use these to create your own custom shapes by combining and merging simple shapes to make more complex ones.

A Now all you need do is to insert the audio file, select it, and choose Audio Tools, Playback tab and click the Play In Backgroundoption. You can also view a thumbnail view of your slides, and click to view a slide out of sequence.
In addition, viewers can navigate back to previous slides if they need to check or follow up on something.
These apps open a task pane on the right side of the current program window, where you work them.
Mail apps display next to an item in Outlook, such as an email message or a meeting request. In Featured Apps, you can click More Apps to open a browser window A leading to the Office store, where you can see the apps available for the program youa€™re using.
This task pane app lets you search for printable Avery products and create a document based on each one. If you are using the Outlook Web App you will need also to be using Internet Explorer 9 or later, and Windows 7 or 8. While you can do this using Excel Paste Special options, it's neither intuitive nor easy for beginner users.
Installing our benchmark suite bumped right up against the SSDa€™s skimpy capacity, though. Placing the laptop on an acoustically reflective surface and propping up the rear with a pencil frees high frequencies, making its overall sound clearer (though with slightly less bass).
Placing the latter in the hinge area allows Dell to avoid using a drop-jaw RJ-45 port, which is increasingly common on thin-and-lights.
Youa€™ll see fewer but more relevant choices, thanks to the new Themes and Variantsa€”and youa€™ll find tools that were previously hidden, such as Shape Merge.
The new Themes default to a 16:9 aspect ratio and each has a small subset of Variants, which provide variations in color and some design elements for that Theme.
They access data from the Outlook object to provide additional contenta€”for example, a map showing the location of a meeting.
The apps buying process needs work; after we purchased the app, it still described itself as a trial version. This spares you from having to search for a suitable template or creating one from scratch, for example, labels using the Mailing labels feature in Word.
If you can't access this app because your email isn't handled by an Exchange Server, don't despair; its functionality is similar to that of the Outlook Social Connector that's already built into Outlook 2013. This app lets you select the range, the type of calculation, and the value to work with, and then it does all the work. The game is programmed in Adobe’s Flash 11 format, which allows browser-based games to take advantage of 3D graphics hardware in a computer.
You have to build your ships in the harbor, always keeping a careful eye on the resources you have. You have to create enough farms and mines in order to keep resources flowing into the technology. Here are 10 ways your workflow, from design to presentation, can be more efficient in the new PowerPoint. When you click Calculate, it warns you that formulas in the range will be overwritten with values after processing.
You eventually come to manage a whole city, and then you can start building a fleet of merchant and colonization ships.
Once you create markets or churches, you have to upgrade them over time to keep up with the growth. With Microsoft finally adding better mouse and touchpad support to Windows 8, a touchscreen might no longer be so important. Ubisoft says the experience on the browser will be equivalent to that of a retail disc-based game.
And you need the help of your friends to deliver resources for big projects such as completing a monument.

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