Be protected against scams by knowing the basic types of online fraud like spam, phishing and identity theft and how it can be avoided. With this ClickBank review, I would like to cover as much as possible on how the platform works and if it would be worth your time. Clickbank is the largest affiliate-marketing network for digital products like eBooks, software and membership sites in different categories.
As a vendor, you can submit your products to the busy marketplace that is browsed by affiliates and consumers. Clickbank is the intermediary between you and the customer and they will confirm payments, process orders and handle customer service.
All you need to do is set up a sales page, download page, list your price and the product will be available immediately for others to view or promote. As an affiliate marketer, you can use the marketplace to find all kinds of products that you want to promote. Clickbank products are one of the most profitable and highest converting platforms in the online industry with a good reputation. Although Clickbank has thousands of products to choose from, you have to keep in mind that you will obtain some high converting products with good quality, but also poor products with a low converting rate. It is a good idea to take some time, so you can carefully select your product before you promote it. The gravity is a calculation that determines how many different affiliates had made a sale with this product in the past 12 weeks. All the information above will give you an idea of how much you will make and how competitive it will be. Sales – Initial sales, Gross Sales, Rebill Sales, Net Sales, Refunds and Chargebacks. Reach your payment threshold – This is the amount of money that you must have in your account before they will send your check or make a direct deposit. Clickbank offers International Direct Deposit of your account payments into certain international accounts at no extra charge. After 90 days your paper check will become stale, then you will have to send it back and request a new one. Anyone can register – You are not required to have a record of accomplishment or a website to be accepted. Wide variety of Products to promote – You will never struggle to find a good quality product to suit your needs. Support recurring commissions – Clickbank is one of the few affiliate networks that accept recurring payment products and pay out recurring commissions as a result. Minimal promotional restrictions – Clickbank does not have many restrictions on how you can promote the products. No limitations on products – As a Clickbank Affiliate there is no limit to how many products you can promote.
Insufficient promotional tools – Clickbank does not provide affiliates with banners or conversion tracking tools. Clickbank itself is not a scam, but since it is the largest online marketplace that is available to everyone it will attract the scammers as well. Clickbank is a great place to start if you are new to marketing, whether it will be as an affiliate or a Vendor. Clickbank makes it super easy to get your own product online and literally puts it in front of thousands of affiliates that are skilled enough to make tons of sales.
Wealthy Affiliate is dedicated towards teaching individuals how to succeed within the internet marketing industry. March 29, 2014 by Chamal Priyadarshana 3 Comments If you’re an online marketer or a freelancer, you know how much credit cards are important to your online business. Payoneer is an online money processing service with the help of which you can get a FREE debit card or prepaid credit card.
Can easily check your transaction history, balance and payments by logging into your Payoneer account. It can be used for online shopping such as on eBay, Amazon also can be used for paying bills.

After successfully creating your Payoner account, you can create a virtual US bank account, which can be used for approving PayPal for non-supporting countries like Pakistan and Nigeria. Now let’s start creating your Payoneer account and apply for a free prepaid Master debit card on Payonner. After filling out necessary details, check all boxes for Privacy policy, Pricing & Fees and Terms and conditions. After receiving your Payoneer Mastercard, to activate it, login to your Payoneer account using your username (email address) and password. Now click on “Card Activation” and provide your card information such as your Payoneer card number and PIN code (you can give it manually) which can be used during a transaction.
Once you received your credit card, after a few days, you’d receive an email regarding the virtual US bank account. So, you can join to CPA notworks, affiliate networks and receive money from US banks directly to your virtual US bank account. Very informative and impressive post you have written, this is quite interesting and i have went through it completely, an upgraded information is shared, keep sharing such valuable information. Please note that reviews are based on my opinion or general experience with the product or service. The one side is for Affiliate marketers and the other for Vendors who like to promote their own products through Clickbank.
Clickbank takes a small fee for processing, but it is much easier to work with them and avoid the process of opening a merchant account to take orders online. Clickbank made it easier by adding features that enable you to track where sales comes from, offer recurring billing and set up a custom 2-tier commission structure. They provide their affiliates with the marketing materials that include the sales letters, banners, and in some cases even the email marketing campaign letters. Products like subscriptions or memberships that bill customers every month will show up under this statistic.
You are free to promote your product on blogs, websites, email marketing, paid traffic and social marketing to name a few. The platform does not have a screening procedure or high requirements that stops dishonest people from using the service. As an affiliate, it is your responsibility to do research before you choose to promote a program to avoid disappointment with chargebacks or customer complaints. Affiliates should always make a point to do some decent research on the products that they plan to promote. I usually test Clickbank products on my social networks first to see if it has a positive or negative impact on individuals.
Among millions of internet marketers, there is a main problem how to make transactions securely and quickly. I know many people who are working from internet with US companies such as Fiverr, Evanto, Guru, Elance and SEOClerks use this method to receive their earnings.
If you’re an online marketer, now you can withdraw your Clickbank affiliate earnings by using Payoneer US virtual bank account service easily. Don’t forget to follow these steps in this post to get approved your application in the first time. A Sri Lankan blogger and Internet marketer who likes to help people succeed in online marketing. I learn that a new VISA approve prepaid debit will soon be launch in Nigeria by the summer of 2015. Many of them are experienced Internet marketers, therefore you can put your product in front of a huge audience.
To make a decent number of sales you will probably need to set up advertising campaigns, build a custom site around your Clickbank product or do viral marketing. I highly recommend this method or to sign up with Payoneer for free if you live in a foreign country that is not listed.
The pricing is very reasonable comparing with other programs and you will only pay $49 to activate your product. Because of the guaranteed 60-day refund policy, individuals tend to purchase, use the product and then get a refund.

Use the statistics that are available to you and browse around Google to find out if the product has a good or bad reputation. You can also email a few friends or even get friends and family to give you their honest opinion before you implement your marketing strategy. In earlier days, some old ways, such as Checks, Bank Wire transfer etc were the only ways to withdraw and pay money online. So you can download them your phone and check your current balance in your Payoneer account easily.
This card will be available to all Nigerians that want to shop online from any store around the world. Remember everyone is different and what you might see as a great product might just be a lousy one for others. But with the time being, credit cards have become the most used method to do these transactions. For example, if you’re a Freelancer works on Fiverr, can you receive payments directly to your local bank account? That’s a reason why Payoneer is so popular among many people, because it supports for money processing for countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka where other online money processing services like PayPal are not available. Also you can pay for online services and buy products such as hosting packages using your Payoneer Master Debit card. But if you want to shift the card to a different address, click on shipping address and type the address.
Yes, that can be if you successfully created your Payoneer account following all steps above.
You can do a bulk upload or download of files and organize them into folders in the MyFiles account. Allow me to give you a few pointers on how the statistics for each product works and how to choose the best one. If you’re in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nigeria, you can’t do it easily, because they don’t support direct deposit to your local bank account.
Once you reached $100, you would receive a $25 bonus as you signed up with my affiliate link.
You can see in many online marketplaces, they use MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit and debit cards as a main option to make transactions. You would need it in future when resetting your passwords and contacting the Payoneer support team. But as you already know, PayPal doesn’t support for some countries like Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. So, make sure that you remember the questions and answers that you set for security purposes.
Your files remain stored as long as you log in to your account on a regular basis (every 30 days or less). Upload single files or an entire folder on the website, or use the desktop client, toolbar or mobile client.
Then download entire folders as zips so that you can share them with your friends or colleagues.
Their service allows you to upload and download files that are normally too large for email (greater than 1024 MB).
You can upload any type of file as long as it does not violate copyright laws or contain pornographic material. You can upload multiple files by using multiple windows or the multi-file uploader from the front page. Alternately, you can download the Mega Manager tool from the Mega tools page to perform bulk uploads.
The upload tool uploads faster, will resume uploads if they break and queue your uploads so that you can “set it and forget it.” This tool is compatible with Windows only.

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