In 2008, when many of us didn't know anything about CrossFit, Caity Matter (now Caity Matter Henniger) won the CrossFit Games. Since then she’s been busy helping build Rogue Fitness with her husband Bill Henniger into the iconic brand and business it is today. As many other successful CrossFitters, Henniger’s competition career did not start with CrossFit. Henniger’s professional basketball career ended after multiple leg surgeries due to an injury sustained while playing. While many professional athletes find their careers terminated by injury, Henniger used hers to find a new way to compete.
After spending a couple of years devoting her time to helping Rogue Fitness grow, her training is back to normal. Looking at the sport of CrossFit today, Henniger appreciates how much it’s changed from her Games championship in 2008 to 2012. Reebok respects the commitment of local Southern California area Boxes, and we understand that with an overflow of drop-ins come many different issues for affiliates – from shortages of supplies and lack of equipment…to just chaos and stress in general.

The contents of the Kit were carefully curated by the Reebok community and speak the language of the greater CrossFit community. I agree that Reebok can use my personal data (including email address) for marketing, advertisement and opinion research purposes. The Odin TT1.4 shorts are the product of 4 prototypes of shorts paying respect to the Black and Orange of the CrossFit Townsville Tropic Thunder Thunder team.
4 way Dura-Stretch fabric to handle beatings from barbells, atlas stones and whatever else you can throw at them. Help other Odin Sports users shop smarter by writing reviews for products you have purchased. She has been a competitive athlete all her life, assailing to such heights as professional basketball in the Women’s National Basketball Assocaition for two years after graduating from Ohio State University. It was pretty cool to be able to go on and play the sport you have loved for so long, and for that to become your job,” she says.
Her workouts don’t dominate her life, or represent who she is, but she loves CrossFit and approaches competition seriously.

Not wanting to miss their own workouts while being spectators each day of the Games, fans drop in to these boxes in droves, creating a big uptick in the number of members walking through Box owners’ doors. The crate, which opens up to transform into extra locker and cubby space, includes supplies like extra barbells, extra jump ropes, Reebok Cali-themed tank tops and some paleo-friendly and not-so-paleo-friendly snacks (see full inventory below). Each Kit is designed to help each affiliate operate at full-capacity while welcoming athletes from around the world into their facilities.
One of the most successful and consistent affiliates in Australia we built a short that stands up to the same standards maintained at CFTSV.
With 40 to 60 minutes at the end of her day, Henniger gets in some strength work, then a quick workout. There’s a big prize at the end of it, and if you’re not training all day to get to that point, you’re probably not going to get to it,” she says.

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