Probably one of the best strategies to get organic traffic to a website is to employ Pay Per Click (PPC). Anyone who thinks that PPC is a dead advertising and marketing strategy may want to reassess their convictions.
Picking the right keywords and keyword phrases, analyzing where users will see your advertisements, influencing prospects to click that ad is an art performed by a specialist who know how to do it. In most search results, the FIRST 3 ads at the top of the Google page and ALL the ads on the right side of the page are Google Adwords which is paid advertising. If you are a veteran of Google Adwords you know the basics, but are you optimizing your Adwords campaign to it’s full potential? The Yahoo Bing Ad Network is very similar to Google Adwords, it just doesn’t have near the amount of traffic Google does. FLIP is very experienced in all levels of Pay Per Click campaigns and can help optimize the effectiveness of your PPC strategy! Pay Per Click (PPC) is a straightforward method of Online Advertising that seats the advertisement on Search Engine Outcome (SEO) pages. Increasing Clicks and Customers Pay per click (PPC) is the most powerful and targeted advertising medium available today. When executed with efficiency and precision, PPC advertising is both profitable and powerful. Strategize and set campaign goalsWe work with you to identify both short- and long-term goals and adjust your campaign as needed to reflect on the fluid marketplace, seasonality and changing business metrics.
Create new opportunities for revenueWe cast a wide net to discover the newest, most lucrative avenues for your marketing campaign.
Maximize results by optimizing keywords and bidsCarrying out trending analysis, performing search query analyses and remaining aware of value analysis allows us to extract the greatest value for every dollar you spend on PPC management.
Research and test marketing strategiesWe use the data from your campaign to constantly improve your PPC marketing strategy. Expand into new mediums and marketsWe are always looking for new opportunities and channels to explore, including social media and mobile search and display networks. Of all the digital marketing techniques available in today’s marketplace, none offer the direct connection and immediate impact of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
In addition to controlling the spend, you’ll be able to set bid limits for individual keywords when you use platforms like AdWords. Digital marketing, in all its forms, provides never before available accountability and transparency for your business. With PPC advertising, this accountability gives you the immediate capacity to understand the return on investment for your business. Even if your PPC ad buy isn’t intended to generate immediate customers—which may depend on your product or service and the typical sales cycle—you can still track how many leads PPC ads generate. Because PPC ads target keywords and other demographic factors (like geography), your advertising dollars are spent serving ads to people already looking for your product. Rather than posting a billboard ad touting your anti-aging cream to every man, woman, and child driving past, you can limit the appearance of your ad to people already searching for such products—or, as you progress in campaign design, to people searching for products that appeal to your same buyer persona. In the case of PPC campaigns through search engines, you’ll enjoy the benefit of search engines’ own algorithmic interests: They grow as they’re able to feed more targeted results to their users, which also means more targeted results for PPC campaigns. While PPC campaigns fall short of the infomercial mantra of “Just set it and forget it,” they are, to a degree, self-sustaining. PPC has a lower threshold for revenue generation than search engine optimization, which is an ongoing, involved process requiring updates to your site and regular content generation. Lastly, PPC gives your business the immediate ability to compete with local and national brands.
PPC advertising provides a direct path for your business to connect marketing investment with revenue. This small business from California reached out to us to design and develop a website for them to replace a flash based website that they initially had. 99MediaLab’s Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing helps you dominate the all-important search engine result pages (SERP).

An integral part of search engine marketing, pay per click marketing complements search engine optimization and if executed properly it remarkably increases targeted traffic. If you’re looking to reach a local market, we can trim the focus of our PPC campaign and zoom in on specific geographic areas e.g.
They signed up for Google adwords using one of those vouchers for A?30 free you see everywhere and then proceeded to blow a few hundred pounds (or more) before realising they were spending so much. There are times when search engine optimisation is not enough, at those times we turn to Pay Per Click. We ensure that you are using the PPC adverts effectively by working with you to accurately measure the ROI (return on investment) of each keyword or phrase you are bidding on. Our organization has well over a decade of experience in online marketing which offers you  the best ways to do it. PPC can increase your odds of receiving traffic while your team is publishing articles, building your internet links and connecting you registered sites. Each search engine has their own version of PPC, but Google Adwords is by far the most dominate. It is also a mature, hyper-competitive market in which only the smartest advertisers find success. We start by creating a list of high-quality keywords relevant to your business, then write compelling ads that market your services or products. The answer, we’d expect, is to sell more goods or services—whatever it is that your business offers. While one of the few digital advertising forms that requires a defined, upfront investment—compared to content generation or social media, for example—that is in part because PPC is so closely connected to your business making a sale. Whether through Google AdWords or most other ad-serving platforms, you simply define the limit and your ad will stop appearing after that limit has been reached for a given time period, usually a month.
The days of estimating the impact of a local television advertisement or magazine buy are over.
This figure, in turn, can be converted into a hard number to give you an idea of your return on investment from PPC advertising.
The more you refine your ad and landing page text, the more you appeal to a unique niche of potential clients.
Just as your business benefits from displaying targeted ads, search engines benefit from developing algorithms that better understand user interest and intent.
If you find a PPC strategy that works, you may consider tweaking it over time, but at least you know it works. The shortest digital marketing path between your business and added revenue is PPC advertising. You’ll be able to develop a digital marketing campaign that operates on a fixed monthly budget, down to the dollars you’re willing to spend for given keywords. They developed our social media strategy and have continued to support and manage our social media networks. To help visitors go the distance and actually click on the ads we create compelling ad copy.
By analysing what is working and what isna€™t, we can re-allocate your budget to other keywords to make the ads really count for you. The idea isna€™t to get as many visitors as possible (for 99.99% of sites anyway), the idea is to attract the right kind of visitors, have them arrive at a dedicated landing page and convert them into customers.
Because it is strategically placed where traffic is at its greatest, this move ensures that people will see it. Pay per Click (PPC) is a reversible remedy because it is short term in nature due to its cost.
However, unless you have the knowledge and the experience to do PPC, a better idea is to employ a person who possesses the experience, knowledge and skills to make a PPC campagn successful. The concept behind PPC advertising is that one can only pay when their advertisement is clicked by anybody. Vision Fillers takes marketing campaigns to new heights in scope and efficiency by combining testing, research, strategy and continuous optimization to create highly-effective pay per click campaigns.

When users search for the keyword terms, they see the ad, click and are delivered directly to your website.
Any marketing effort, traditional or digital, should keep that goal in the forefront and, whenever possible, limit the steps between marketing investment and revenue.
It also means that you can get started with a small investment and see how it performs before taking a deeper plunge into PPC waters. However, after you’ve spent some time monitoring your campaign’s performance, you’ll enjoy the advantages of bid limits informed by conversions for your business.
With Web analytics, you can see exactly where each of your customers came from, as well as every online touch point along the way. This means that, if you have the financial resources to invest, you can quickly get your product or service in front of customers that historically have searched for larger competitors.
Further, you’ll be able to measure the return on the investment every step of the way, refining your campaign as necessary to get the most bang for your buck. For smart online marketing specialists like us it is a means to drive quality traffic to your website.
Need from extensive keyword analysis to smart bidding a lot goes into our PPC strategy that makes sure you get the targeted traffic.
You can also have your ads run at specific times of the day to target specific people who are online at certain parts of the day, or night.
People may not react to it immediately, but later they may be able to recall a part of it so when they do a search, with SEO in full gear, the chances of getting to your website is enhanced.
Our Search Engine Optimization Marketing team concentrate on creating organic leads yet that method takes some time. When you apply this simple concept to many keywords and ads, you create a strong, dynamic campaign that increases your online presence and draws in new customers. For a business dependent on online sales, this couldn’t be clearer: You simply check the total PPC spend versus the revenue generated from PPC leads.
And because search engines such as Google value ad relevance and click-through rate as well as bid amount, you may be able to gain PPC impressions without spending more than your rivals.
With PPC, you get an accountable, transparent, cost-effective way to put your products and services in front of visitors already searching for them. The advertisements will be found on SEO page as soon as the PPC campaign moves out to live.
Some keywords are literally pennies, however those keywords will hardly ever be seen and likely not get any clicks. The great thing about Adwords is everything can be tracked, so you will know exactly what our changes did for your campaign. Design – PPC Advertisements can very well be designed based on the advertisers business needs. To display the PPC Ads for a particular period of time, there is a special seasonal campaign feature is also available in the designing phase of the PPC Ads. Budget setting – Another add-on benefit is that the advertiser can rule over costs by setting daily and monthly finance plans. The advertiser can also choose to pay particularly for keywords and for various bidding options like: increased traffic, etc.
Pay For Click – In PPC Ads, there is a need to pay for the ads only when a potential customer clicks it, else no need to pay for placing the advertisements in the SEO page. After a click, the customer can may store the URL in their computer and visit the site or even forward the link to their friends later. Even though, the concept of PPC ads may look simple but, the intricacy in successfully managing a PPC Ads campaigns can be handled only by a professional. For more visit our Effective Digital Marketing Service and Online Branding to improve your business online.

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