ChoiceStream improves ad relevance and digital campaign performance by programmatically selecting optimum advertising opportunities based on a dynamic understanding of consumer’s active preferences. Deseret Digital Media has a rapidly expanding global reach with an array of online news sites, consumer services, social media channels and other digital products. As the inventor of in-image advertising, GumGum is the digital marketing platform for the visual web. Reaching over 400 million visitors as they view images and content across more than 2,000 premium publishers, GumGum ads consistently achieve an 81% viewability rate and deliver 10 times better engagement than traditional display options, resulting in superior brand lift for marketers and increased revenue for publishers. GumGum is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with six additional offices in the US and in the UK.
Index is a transparent and fully customizable exchange technology that enables sell side media firms to monetize ad inventories programmatically and in real time. Nativo is the leading advertising technology platform for brand advertisers and publishers to scale, automate, and measure native ads.
For brands, Nativo is the ultimate content advertising platform that combines automation and insights with high quality reach to scale and optimize engagement with brand content. More than 400 brands and 400 publishers leverage Nativo’s platform to power their next-generation digital advertising. NetBase is the award-winning social analytics platform that global companies use to run brands, build businesses, and connect with consumers every second. Nielsen is a global information and measurement company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement, trade shows and related properties. Nicho was created from end-to-end by SocioFabrica, a full service digital agency working at the intersection of retail, technology and lifestyle.
Outbrain is the world’s largest content discovery platform, bringing personalized, relevant online, mobile and video content to audiences while helping publishers understand their audiences through data.
Purch’s premium brands inform motivated consumers and connect them with the products they want.
SpotX is a video inventory management platform for premium publishers and broadcasters, helping them manage all of their demand sources from one place, and monetise content across all screens. Premium publishers and mobile app developers trust SpotX as the independent solution that helps them better understand the buying behaviour of today’s leading brands and maximise inventory yield across private marketplace, programmatic direct and open marketplace deals. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, SpotX also has offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Belfast and Singapore. Viant Technology LLC is a premier people-based advertising technology company, enabling marketers to plan, execute and measure their digital media investments through a cloud-based platform. White Ops is the leading provider of advanced cybersecurity detection and prevention services, protecting the digital advertising ecosystem and enterprise businesses against bot and malware fraud.

Yes Lifecycle Marketing is a solution provider that brings together multichannel marketing platforms and data, with creative and strategy services honed on the optimization of delivering relevant marketing messages.
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The world’s top brands and agencies use DataXu to better understand and engage customers across all devices and media formats.
Our technology unlocks the value of connected images, and delivers highly visible campaigns and rich insights to marketers. Founded in 2007, GumGum is backed by investors including Morgan Stanley, NEA, Upfront Ventures, First Round Capital and Crosscut Ventures.
An evolution of online media technology veteran, Casale Media, Index equips enterprise sellers with custom architected solutions, fully transparent sell side management technology, and access to programmatic demand that is organized and certified by humans into a clear and robust taxonomy. We build on the leading edge of technology, hyper-focused on scalable innovation, resulting in a history of industry firsts.
For media companies, Nativo provides a complete native technology stack that makes it easy to sell, deploy, and optimize native ads across their media properties expanding their revenue potential while delivering a better, non-interruptive experience for their audiences. Its platform processes millions of social media posts daily for actionable business insights for marketing, research, customer service, sales, PR, and product innovation. In recent years, Nielsen has bolstered its advertising effectiveness capabilities and offers clients the ability to understand who their ads have reached, how their ads have resonated and whether their ads drove a consumer reaction, such as purchases. Through firsthand understanding of the pain points and challenges companies experience trying to generate ROI from social media, Nicho was born to help brands drive commerce with social content.
Outbrain serves over 190 billion personalized content recommendations every month and reaches over 565 million unique visitors from across the globe. The SpotX platform offers publishers unprecedented transparency and insight, creating a safe, controlled environment that allows them to connect with advertisers, and achieve the highest revenue possible. SpotX’s ad serving, leading programmatic technology, and open and extensible architecture help simplify the complex digital video ecosystem for global publishers.

Built on a foundation of people instead of cookies, the Viant Advertising Cloud™ provides marketers with access to over 1.2 billion registered users, one of the largest registered user databases in the world, infusing accuracy, reach and accountability into cross device advertising. White Ops innovative services help organizations improve their bottom lines and ensure the success of their campaigns, business goals, and the security of their systems and data. This gives marketers the ability to source best-of-breed technology and creative and strategy services from a single vendor at a cost-effective price point. Its Advertiser 3D interface is the only pay-per-click platform that allows advertisers to bid by individual traffic source and device type.
It aims to provide the best apps for mobile users worldwide, while building a leading global mobile ad platform for advertisers. ChoiceStream is headquartered in the Innovation District of Boston and works with industry leading brands and their agencies.
Our solution, identified as the strongest current offering in the industry by Forrester Research in 2015, provides marketers with unparalleled Media Activation, Marketing Analytics and Data Management capabilities.
In addition, Demand Media’s content marketing solutions (studioD) and diverse advertising offerings help advertisers find innovative ways to engage with their customers.
Our offering marries software – purpose-built for marketers – with premium partners, data and training. Nielsen Campaign Ratings and Nielsen Brand Effect are the signature solution suites that measure the reach and resonance of ads across platforms. Purch’s service-oriented approach has attracted more than 7,000 advertising partners include some of the most notable brands and agencies in the industry including AT&T, Verizon, Samsung, Dell, LG and many more. Founded in 1999, Viant owns and operates several leading digital ad technology and media companies, including Specific Media, Vindico and Myspace, and it is a member of the Xumo joint venture.
Unlike traditional approaches that employ statistical analysis, simple blacklisting or static signatures, White Ops effectively combats criminal activity by actually differentiating between robotic and human interaction within online advertising and publishing, enterprise business networks, e-commerce transactions, financial systems and more, allowing organizations to remove and prevent fraudulent traffic and activity. With sixteen offices in eleven countries, DataXu’s full-stack solution is powering the digital transformation of the world’s most valuable brands. The company drives more than $1 billion in commerce transactions annually through its platform and offers advertisers a variety of industry leading solutions for lead-generation, programmatic advertising, native advertising, mobile, video and more.
By working with customers to cut off sources of bad Internet traffic, White Ops makes bot and malware fraud unprofitable and unsustainable for the cybercriminals — an economic strategy that will eventually eradicate this type of fraud.

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