I am Elchanan Rotstain, the CEO of Acroterion since 2001, after twenty years of academic research and direct work experience with search engines and software architecture methodologies. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a type of internet marketing that seeks to increase a web page’s visibility through paid listings.
That said, a campaign isn’t as simple as saying “hey, I have a band, I want to buy space under MP3? – in fact this would be a very bad idea.
Pay Per Click (PPC) search marketing is the most popular form of Internet Marketing on the web.
In PPC a company needs to consider not only why people are clicking on their site but whether or not those clicks are of a high enough quality to justify the expense of obtaining them. It would logically follow that Mojo Creator has a few thoughts on how to optimize this process. Icons of digital marketing, video advertising, social media campaign, newsletter promotion, pay per click service, website seo optimization. Google announcement to promote secure sites can be seen as a normal reaction to the public need of having more security around the internet. Usually when you redirect pages or domains, you can also set the new domain in Google’s Webmaster Tools as your preferred domain.
If you expect that you all of a sudden shoot up the rankings and get loads more traffic, then you might be disappointed.
I known to the world as "The Search Engine Doctor", and am internationally known expert and author of a voluminous University thesis about searching methodologies, later used by the first search engine frameworks.
If you have ever seen the ads on the right column of Google or ads in Yahoo’s Search result then you have seen the result of Search Engine Marketing. The way Search Engine Marketing works, every click drains a bank account and some clicks like “Arizona DUI Lawyer” or “Student Loans Consolidation” have been known to top $60 a click.
If you make a mistake in Search Engine Marketing, it could cost you your entire Google AdWords budget for Q1 2012 by the eleventh of January.
In part, this is because the search engines make money on it and thus give PPC a lot of weight. Most internet users have spent little time thinking about this even though we all use secure websites on a daily basis such as Facebook.

The S after HTTP shows that it is a secure website, so in long it’s Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and means that all data is securely transmitted.
Think of it this way, if you give someone a note that you are baking a lemon cake – do you need to write this is a special secure code? First of all, you need to decide if you want to migrate parts of your website or the entire website at once.
They indicate Google that the page or domain has permanently moved – as opposed to a temporary 302 redirect. Even though Google will recognise that you are using a secure domain, they will not give you the Ranking Carte Blanche I’m afraid. Unlike Panda and Penguin, this will not run every few months and there won’t be a HHTPS 26 update like the animal updates. Most businesses simply can’t afford this so part of the process of Search Engine Marketing is knowing what keywords to buy, how specific to make them, and what negative keywords to use. On the other hand, it is also the easiest form of internet marketing to understand and quantify.
The security of Google, Yahoo!, Facebook et al has been discussed heavily in the past year. Since this doesn’t have any impact on the performance speed or any other possible existing ranking factor in Google. If you have a bigger website, let’s say 500 pages or more, it could be better to stage the migration. You can do this on a page by page level which is very thorough but usually also very time-consuming.
But having said that if your site is equally good as your competitor’s site but yours is in HTTPS, you are more likely to rank just above your competitor.
If you allow me to be cynical, Google wanted the PR message of moving onto more security on the web. A company can buy either the top search rankings, or they may choose to focus on a system like Google AdWords.
For example, often times a company will exclude showing a paid link to anyone who puts the word “free” or “cheap” in their search as a way of only advertising to qualified individuals.

It’s exactly what you would expect from a website that has your life on it to be honest! The National Security Agency confirmed that they were using data such as your browsing history from Google a part of the PRISM surveillance program. However, you better do so if you are writing your address or even more sensitive data such as you bank details. This makes it easier to keep oversight and also to observe the effect of the migration on a smaller scale. There are many different types of Search Engine Marketing tactics that can increase a companies overall marketing reach. You fill an account with money, you feed it a set of search terms, and clicking customers make the money go into Google’s pocket. This has caused some level of concern but with the monopoly of Google, it also left internet users with little alternatives. Therefore, if your website transfers sensitive data, you should migrate your website to HTTPS if you haven’t already. If you choose this approach, decide on a less important section first and once you feel comfortable with the results, migrate your bread and butter section or pages. In exchange, you get less than three seconds to convince a customer that your site is where they want to be. Making this a ranking factor means that millions of webmasters now panicked and started to migrate to secure sites.
If you run a WordPress site, you can easily use a plugin which makes your life a lot easier. So, one you have your 301 redirect rules or the page by page redirects all nicely scoped out, you or your team can start implanting the redirects. It goes back to the opening question here that the need of a secure site clearly depends on the purpose of your site.

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