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How can we decide a daily budget for keywords and how we can decide unique bid management for keywords? When creating campaigns in google adwords, it’s very important to make sure you geographically target the proper area you are marketing to. When it comes to creating adgroups, google always rewards relevant content because they are constantly trying to improve user experience. If you sell products online, then you should be taking advantage of google shopping campaigns.
If you want your campaigns to yield a high ROI, it’s extremely crucial to make sure that you track your keyword conversions. You want to make sure that your ads show within the top 3 spots, so adjust your bid accordingly so you don’t fall below that #3 spot, and you will get the best cream of the crop clicks from those searches. When it comes to building a successful campaign that brings you a great ROI, it is very important to test and gather the necessary data to make accurate and successful adjustments to your campaigns to get them optimized to peak performance thus bringing you a return on investment.

For example, if you have stores in different locations, each store should have it’s own campaign targeting that specific area. In other words, nearly all of the people who visit a site for the first time leave without some form of desired action. They can outperform traditional google adwords campaigns because it shows a product thumbnail and the price directly in the search results bringing your prospects even 1 step closer to their buying decision.
You don’t want to be spending money on low converting clicks because that is just wasted money.
You can also add bid modifiers based on device or location so you get the most out of your campaign based on your current marketing situation.
You then eliminate the low converting ones, and use the highest converting landing page to drive traffic to so you get the highest conversion rate you can get thus bringing you the highest return on investment possible with your google adwords campaign.
Remarketing solves this problem by installing a tracking pixel in the browser of your visitors so when they visit other various websites online like youtube, facebook, blogs, etc, they see your ad, and are reminded to come back to your site. Once you recognize a low converting keyword, you can turn that keyword off, and you can even set that keyword as a negative keyword (keywords that you specifically don’t want google to display your ad for).

The more convenient you can make it for your potential customers, the quicker and easier it is for them to buy, and if you paid attention in science class, you know that everything in the universe tends to follows the path of least resistance. You can even create a radius around your business in google adwords, so that your ad only shows to users within that radius. This will give you a better adwords quality score which gets you a lower cost per click, better user engagement, better ad placement, less wasted clicks, and more ROI. Its also a good practice to target specific items or product lines if your businesses sells products. For example, if you have a online clothing store, it is much better and more profitable for you to create separate ad groups for different product categories within your store. This ensures that your visitors find exactly what they are looking for as fast as possible so you get the most out of every click by reducing the amount of bounces (people immediately leaving after landing on your site), and increasing the amount of people who land on your page to engage with your content, add to cart, etc.

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