25,000+ Web Publishers monetize their website traffic through Affinity's exclusive, customizable and easy-to-implement contextual ad formats. No Competition MarketingĀ (NCM) is the result of using what we call theĀ Girl Scout Cookie Sales Approach. We Offer SEO, VSEO, Paid Ads Management, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Video Marketing, Copywriting, Branding, Keyword Research, Site Analysis, Analyze Online Presence, Consulting, and Training.
To help businesses rise above their competition while providing the answers their potential customers seek on the internet, and increase their repeat business.

Will be launching membershipsite soon with in-depth information on how to implement various components of strategy yourself, and a resource list of the tools i use and recommend. Get targeted exposure to a plethora of internet users from North America, Western Europe, South America, India & Australia. From Computers to Flowers, get access to quality converting traffic for almost all verticals.
Girl Scouts sell their cookies at locations with established traffic like grocery stores and such.

NCM is a comprehensive approach to online marketing that fully utilizes interdependent infrastructure of the internet and the systems layered upon it.

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