Internet trend tracking firm comScore recently reported that Facebook and Twitter users spend more money online than non-socialites, and that some 23 percent of Twitter users follow businesses, buy goods online, and look for product reviews. First, from my own (admittedly anecdotal) experience with the service, I believe that its average cost per click is relatively low.
Second, the ads, which include a graphic, are analogous to Internet display advertising, which may have a lasting effect on brand perception. Thus, Facebook PPC may be less expensive than other PPC programs and other display ad solutions. The Facebook PPC program is built around user data, not keywords; so advertisers can select a target audience based on sex, age, marital status, education, group membership, and interests. In this way, advertisers can devise rifle-accurate promotional campaigns that focus on generating high quality site traffic. Once ads are approved, Facebook offers adequate tracking data, and bills the advertiser every couple of days. Armando-I have yet to see results from a variety of different PPC campaigns through Facebook.
Louis and Paul, for my own personal campaigns, Facebook is converting better than any other PPC network.
I’ve been hesitant on trying the FB ads because I see comments like the first two above by Louis and Paul. We ran a sale over the July 4th holiday weekend and as an experiment I tried out Facebook ads for the first time. I am still not convinced of the viability of Facebook Ads for making sales, however, I can certainly see its usefulness for building brand awareness. I have hope that it will improve, but for now we are spending more time on research rather than throwing our money away on non-converting ad campaigns. In the case of ecommerce merchants, I would guess they are leading visitors to a product listing of some type. A classic and always funny collection of videos excellent for sharing on your favourite social network – Facebook, Twitter or whatever.
Kary Feddes: Usefull post can i have your permision to translate into German for my sites viewers? Pay per click advertising (PPC) can be a great way to jump start your online marketing campaign. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great step to take in your online marketing, but it does take a while to implement and begin to take effect.
This is one of the primary advantages of PPC advertising, whether you’re using Google Adwords, Facebook, Yahoo!

With approximately 70 per cent of searchers using Google, the highest traffic is here, but there are good opportunities in less popular search engines such as Yahoo or Bing. In setting up a PPC advertising campaign, you’ll begin to see immediate traffic to your website and ideally be able to convert those website visitors into paying customers. If you’re interested in starting an online advertising campaign, Page One SEO has the experience and skill to produce an ad campaign that will help to bring qualified customers to your website.
Contact Page One SEO today to get your Edmonton pay per click ad campaign started right away! Once your pay per click marketing campaign is up and running, you should consider whether your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) is doing the job. About Alain SaffelMy non-work interests include travel, backpacking, motorcycles and photography.
The goal of organic search engine optimization (SEO) is get your site ranked on page one of the search engines & to bring visitors to your website.
A well organized and effective pay per click advertising campaign can be a great way to bring visitors to your site as your organic SEO program ramps up. Online Retail Economy in Q1 2010” webinar, also reported that as users invest more time on Facebook their propensity to spend on online retail also increases.
This week, let me explain why I think you should be investing a significant portion of your PPC marketing budget in Facebook.
In fact, of the several PPC campaigns that I run for my own online stores, Facebook had the lowest cost per click. As a form of display advertising, Facebook and other social media sites generally outperform the alternatives, according to comScore.
The service has more than 400 million members worldwide, many of whom spend an hour or more on the site each and every day. The service will help online marketers boost brand awareness, generate site traffic, and make sales. Although the cost is low, and impressions are high (for some campaigns), the sales conversions are almost non-existent.
I’d be interested to hear from those that are driving sales conversion with Facebook ads, and their strategy for doing so (and what they are selling). We can generate thousands of well targeted impressions and hundred of clicks on those impressions -but no matter how we tweak and twist -we can’t seem to get them to convert well enough to make it worth our while.
In my view, you have to think of each page as a landing page, no differently than you would your dot com site.
Does the verbiage in the ad, albeit pithy, convey the same message visitors see when they arrive on the page?

A lot of web services for create funny images to share on Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and other social network. Clear, focused & well-written persuasive copy is a key aspect of converting website visitors to customers.
This is very good news for ecommerce marketers, since Facebook has an easy-to-use and targeted pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service that can place ads in front of the users who are most likely to buy. As a result, don’t be surprised if Facebook produces millions of ad impressions in no time at all.
However, that could be due to lack of targeting, the amount I chose to spend, or the offer itself. And, I think we have to view Facebook Ads in the same respect as we would any other form of PPC advertising. There has to be both art and science at work here, and yours might be a model others could emulate, including me. I believe their use is valid for two reasons, it’s dirt cheap and you get laser-target your audience. This will be exciting - Promise 23Pay Per Click Advertising Alternatives to Google – Amazon Product Ads, Facebook TweetTweet There is a new player in the pay per click advertising market, Amazon Product Ads, adding yet one more alternative to the pay per click ad market. 65 of the clicks resulted in bounces (gone in 5 seconds or less) and the other 5 spent less than an average of 20 seconds on the site.
A This revenue model was soon followed by numerous smaller players, and more recently by larger companies such as FaceBook, Linked and now Amazon.What does this mean for the advertiser? At $2.00 per click, they are certainly making good use of the highly a€?targetablea€? and relevant user community they have. A I have done exactly that in the past with LinkedIn through the American Express free ads promotion.Pay per click is one way to generate traffic to your website or blog with the intention to make a sale or capture an email address through an opt in landing page. If an author has a book available for sale, could she push her Amazon product page?Thanks for the post. But I was wondering about tips to really lure your visitors into clicking the amazon products.

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