Panda Cloud Cleaner is a bit differ from regular registry cleaner tool, the program is base on cloud database, it can detect and clean malware and other common computer threats much more effective than usual solutions. Find out Panda Cloud Cleaner in the list, highlight it and click ‘Remove’ button on the right.
Windows will then ask your permission to uninstall Panda Cloud Cleaner, click Yes to continue.
You will receive message telling you that ‘Panda Cloud Cleaner was successfully removed from your system’ after the removal which will be finished in seconds. In order to remove program leftovers, you need to use registry editor, please note that editing registry could be risky if you mistakenly remove any system-related entry or key. Max Uninstaller is a powerful software uninstaller that offers you a much more convenient solution to remove Panda Cloud Cleaner, if you encountered troubles that stucked in the middle of the removal, or you simply want an automatic way to save your time and energy, Max Uninstaller could be the best choice. Click ‘Scan Leftovers’ button to conduct a full scan on your computer for leftovers of Panda Cloud Cleaner.
Panda Cloud Cleaner is an anti-malware software application that uses Cloud technology to detect and eradicate any threats.

The main application window stays on top of other frames, but it can be minimized to the taskbar to allow normal user activity during scans.
Results show total found malware agents and PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), unknown files and suspicious policies, along with system cleaning possibilities. Panda Cloud Cleaner may take a while to complete a scan job, depending on the size of your hard drive. Note that the application does not include a real-time guard, so you have to install an all-around antivirus product for full protection against web-based threats. Normally Panda Cloud Cleaner can be installed without and it is fairly easy to perform the un-installation. If you are not familiar with using registry editor, it is strongly recommend that you follow the below steps carefully or ask someone more experienced in computer to help you out.
Check the video demonstration of how Max Uninstaller work to uninstall Panda Cloud Cleaner.
The scan procedure is automatized, so user assistance is not necessary, meaning that Panda Cloud Cleaner can be used even by inexperienced individuals.

By using Collective Intelligence, Panda Cloud Cleaner is regularly updated with the latest virus definitions, in order to maximize security for your computer. It is possible to get in-depth information for each of these categories, such as malware agent name and full path, broken Registry keys, and web browser traces (e.g. Other than that, Panda Cloud Cleaner is pretty reliable when it comes to scanning and resolving infected machines.
Other advanced tools are dedicated to killing all processes, unlocking files, and sending items to Panda labs for further evaluation. Panda Cloud Cleaner offers support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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