Panda security service happens to be the first b software released while all other security softwares consuming more system resources instead of cloud server.
Compared to other free security suites, Panda normally consumes limited system resources and shows very little impact on the system’s performance. The latest version Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.1 has added some new features such as improved scanning speeds, less CPU consumption, improved silent background scan, advanced configuration and nonetheless the new graphic installer. The installer downloads the local files for computer’s offline protection and because of this course of action, the installation process takes about 5 minutes to complete. The interface remains the same with little changes in feature presentation, but the fact is this is not the best interface in attractive sense. It offers real-time antivirus and antispyware engine which protects most of the viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, malware and other potentially dangerous threats. Behavioral Analysis Protection – Detects and removes malware that operates zero-day vulnerabilities before it infects your PC. Process Monitor – Determines any suspicious processes running that vulnerable in nature and neutralizes them instantly. If you wish to have a lightweight antivirus program which offers basic cloud-based real-time protection, go for Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.1. Panda Cloud Antivirus does a good job keeping malware out of a clean system, as long as your Internet connection is working. The very first cloud antivirus from Panda presented lightweight cloud-based antivirus scanning in an utterly minimalist user interface. He went on to say that Panda always advises using the Cleaner first on a system known to be infested.
In the end tech support resorted to PSCAN, a kind of slow-motion version of the remote-control disinfection some other vendors use. Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.1 is the latest version which comes as free with amazing detection rates and lesser PC performance impact.
As it offers maximum performance for PC, some of the features are missing that are present in other security softwares. Various errors and bugs were also fixed like registering with Windows Security Center, etc. The process contains a toolbar which is optional, but upon installing your default browser search provider and home page. The security status and the scanning process are shown at the top with Firewall, Processes and Vaccine.

If there is any other security program which is already installed in your PC, Cloud Antivirus blocks them without any notice.
Both the free and pro version of the security application are available for download at the Panda Cloud Antivirus website. In testing, many additional tools for malware cleanup were needed, taking days in some cases. Label-free buttons used icons to represent settings, scanning, and statistics; that was about the extent of it. As with previous editions, its malware cleanup ability becomes quite limited if the Internet connection is cut.
My Panda contact explained that, in such a situation, tech support would recommend use of the free Panda Cloud Cleaner.
The technician can instruct PSCAN to gather logs, run scans, and execute specific cleanup tasks.
So, it is recommended to place those programs in exclusion list to get rid of this problem. I love to write articles and share information related to Free Software Downloads, PC Security, OS tips and tricks, and latest technology aspects.
Users picking up the free version of the program should pay good attention to the installation dialog as the installer will install the Panda Toolbar and change the default search provider and default homepage otherwise (I'm not sure if the Pro installation dialog is different, so pay attention as well).You can check out our initial product review of Panda Cloud Antivirus from 2009 for a basic understanding of the program, and how it differs from traditional antivirus solutions. All of them were needed to clean up infested test systems, and cleanup took days in some cases. Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition 2.0 packs a bit more into its user interface, including display of a few features that are only available in the Pro edition.
The Cleaner is a more aggressive cleanup tool designed specifically for malware cleanup, while the basic Panda Cloud Antivirus is better at keeping threats out of a clean system.
If you compare it to the previous interface, you will notice that it uses a wider layout that displays additional information and options right away.As far as new features are concerned, you find quite a few in the free version. The program basically has moved the virus database definitions to the cloud which simplifies the updating and allows Panda to use itsĀ  Collective Intelligence technology which takesĀ  findings on all user systems into consideration when determining whether a process or file is malicious in nature.The interface has changed quite a bit in comparison to the first version. That included one test system where Panda repeatedly requested a reboot to clean up an active threat and three others that pointed to generic instructions online for cleanup. The first that you may notice is that it is now possible to schedule scans of the system, something that was not possible before. All users benefit from an overall increase in performance and up to 50% faster scans, improved offline protection, compatibility with the Windows 8 operating system, a new cloud-based disinfection engine, a new behavioral analysis engine in the free edition, and a process monitor.All processes are identified and classified by Panda Cloud Antivirus with options to block processes right in the program interface.

Here it is possible to select the frequency, day and time, scan range, and configure exclusions and advanced scanning options.Another new feature is the built-in rescue kit option.
Here it is furthermore possible to enable the url monitoring to monitor all processes and the http Internet connections that they make.Here is a comparison chart that details the differences between the free and pro edition of the product. Click on Rescue Kit in the main interface to create a new USB Flash Drive that you can boot from to scan the PC and remove malicious software that is detected during the scan.USB vaccination is another new feature, at least in the free version.
It was available in the pro version previously and has been integrated into the free version in version 3.0 of the application. It prevents autorun files from running when USB devices are connected to the PC, and offers to protect the autorun file on USB devices so that it cannot be used by malware anymore.Panda has integrated an account feature into the application. And if you enable url monitoring, you will also find out about the http connections that they make. Add to that the increase in performance, confirmation options before threats are neutralized, and the new behavioral analysis and you got a big improvement over the previous version. A full offline installer does not seem to be available right now.VerdictThe new version improves Panda Cloud Antivirus Free in several key areas.
Especially the option to schedule scans was missing from previous versions.The program received several solid ratings in recent antivirus tests, and while you should not base your decision solely on those, it is reassuring nevertheless.
For what it might also be worth, I keep the 'safe boot' option off in windows 8.1 so I can boot from repair USB if I need to.
It is now more user friendly, however the removal of Parental Control and Data Shield is what I care about. Nevertheless, overall, the new version is still better but keeping those features will make it the best free Antivirus instead. Reply juniorjman July 9, 2014 at 6:47 pm # Parental Control and Data Shield Because of removal of these, I will now be using a different anti-virus. Reply EricPost January 30, 2015 at 8:55 pm # The scheduled scans do not work in the free version.

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