Take a glimpse at the outstanding 133m mega yacht AL MIRQAB in the video below, released by ‘perfect’. Acclaimed Tim Heywood was responsible for the striking exterior design of superyacht AL MIRQAB, featuring a sleek blue hull and white superstructure.
The all-new motor yacht I DYNASTY (V853) is an impressive and beautiful 101m (331’) vessel, launched at the Kusch Yachts shipyard in Germany in November 2014. Superyacht I DYNASTY can sleep an amazing number of 22 guests in utmost in luxury, providing them with 11 magnificent cabins. The prestigious UK superyacht directory, Yachting Pages, hosted multi award winning luxury yacht designer, Tim Heywood, during the last month’s Monaco Yacht Show, where he signed his first superyacht inspired sculpture.
Yachting Pages Media Group was delighted to welcome Tim to the stand along with Marek Landa, owner of Crystal Caviar.
Superyacht Design Summit 2012, which will be held at Chelsea Design Centre’s SPACE on the evening of Tuesday 13 March and will be attended by Superyacht designers: Andrew Winch, Terence Disdale as well as Tim Heywood, has now sold out. Andrew Winch, Tim Heywood and Terence Disdale will join The Superycht Group’s chairman, Martin H Redmayne for two hours of debate and discussion. Despite having had no formal training in the fields of interior and exterior yacht design, Terence Disdale continues to remain one of the most sought-after designers in the yachting industry, lending his name and talents to some of the world’s largest vessels such as the award-winning superyacht Sunrays, the 54m motor yacht Ariela and the 164m megayacht Eclipse. Tim Heywood opened his own studio in 1996 after working with Jon Bannenberg for over 20 years. Designer Question Time is a unique event, organised by the Chairman, Martin H Redmayne and attended by the top luxury yacht designers of these days: Andrew Winch, Terence Disdale and Tim Heywood.
Andrew Winch is a well-known English superyacht designer, creating totally unique vessels, reflecting the client?s tastes and lifestyle. Based in the UK, Terence Disdale is a renowned prolific luxury yacht designer, responsible for the interior and exterior design of the some of the world’s most spectacular vessels. Tim Heywood is an English multi award-winning superyacht designer, working on such as spectacular vessels, like the 133m Al Mirqab megayacht by Kusch Yachts, winner of the ‘Motor Yacht of the Year’ at the 2009 World Superyacht Awards or the 115m luxury yacht Pelorus by Lurssen, one of the most stunning vessels ever constructed. German superyacht builder Kusch Yachts, the yard behind such superyacht giants as the 133.2m motor yacht Al Mirqab, has drawn up an exciting 83m motor yacht Project Beach outline in conjunction with H2 Yacht Design. After examining the market and defining the essential parameters, it was decided that the yacht should be larger than the 60m Benetti’s, at around 80m, with a high volume but under the 3,000GT threshold.
Answering the question as to how the yacht would be used led quite naturally to the beach concept. The term ‘beach club’ was first coined in connection with the initial concept for similar yacht projects in which the inside areas aft become part of the outdoor living.
The swim platform on Project Beach yacht, which seals the stern section off completely from the rest of the interior, is reserved primarily for swimming and watersports.
Working to these guidelines Kusch Yachts and Jonathan Horsfield from H2 Yacht Design in London developed a preliminary design with five decks. On  Superyacht Project Beach’s main deck with the main saloon are six cabins, the tender stowage space forward, and a central stairway leading up to the bridge and owner’s deck. The very formally decorated owner’s deck with 270° views forward from the owner’s suite offers another formal dining room aft, while the upper deck is equipped with a pool, fitness area, gym and sauna. Balls: Well, Hai usually did everything like managing scrims sponsors and stuff, but now that Jack is our manager and Alex is our analyst, it helped Hai become less stressful or made his life easier of having to worrying about that stuff and can now focus and just playing and getting better. Did you expect such a big fan following, and the "Cloud 9 hype train" after qualifying in the Summer Promotion? Balls: ?I don't think we expected so much fans or the hype train after qualifying for the Summer Promotion and we were all surprised by the amount of fans we had during MLG Anaheim.
After losing to Vulcun at MLG Anaheim, how did you prepare for your next meeting, and ultimately the victory? Balls: ?I think after losing to Vulcun we were angry from the fact that we could've won, but a misclick ruined the whole game for us. Balls: ?I think our biggest problem right now is dominating the early game like we used to against better teams.
As your team favors objective based play, would you say that you are the most coordinated team right now?

Balls: ?We pretty much have a clear idea of what we want to do most of the time and we have a dedicated shot caller for all the objectives that we want to do or take.
With the current laneswap meta, and your and Hai's overlapping champion pool, where does your play style differ to his, or do you both essentially play the same role on the team? Balls: ?I think we our play style is pretty similar because we both are really aggressive in our lane and would probably die going for kills most of the time rather then being passive and worry about dying to the other laner.
When you pick a champion, do you always know who will be playing it, or can you make a last minute change?
Balls: ?Most of the time during drafting, we already have everything prepared beforehand on what we are going to play against the other team. Balls: ??Were all pretty much friends when we are at home and playing either solo queue on League or doing other stuff that we have in common, but when we are playing as a team, we are teammates over friends because this is still our job and we don't want to be biased when someone does bad and we talk about our plays. Since you've moved out of your parents place, to living with the people you work with, do you think you've matured?
Balls: ?I think moving to a new place by myself helped me become more mature since I actually do chores or whatever they tell me to do now. After playing so much League of Legends for so long, can you say that the game is still fun for you? Balls: ?Yeah, playing League would never get boring because I just like how competitive it is and that there is so many things you can theorycraft about. Balls: ?Shoutout to our sponsors Astro, Cooler Master, Kingston Hyperx, IBuypower, Lolclass, and crunchyroll. Team Dignitas was formed in September 2003, after the merger of two excellent Battlefield 1942 teams.
Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. This hotel in Seaside Heights is within 5 minutes’ walk of the Seaside Heights Boardwalk and Beach. Currently the 14th largest superyacht in the world, luxury motor yacht AL MIRQAB is a colossal steel vessel, built by the German manufacturer Kusch Yachts in 2008.
Her beautiful interiors were created by multi-award winning Andrew Winch, and can comfortably sleep an amazing number of 60 guests and 60 crew members.
Developed by Vega Yachts, the striking mega yacht I DYNASTY features both exterior design as well as naval architecture by The A group, with interior design by Studio Massari.
Many visitors at the show along with Yachting Pages staff and industry press witnessed the signing. This is largely thanks to the calibre of speakers, which represent a veritable hall of fame of large yacht design.
And it has now been confirmed that Dick Bannenberg will be one of the delegates in attendance, offering another exciting dimension to the interactive element of the event. His designs include the 133m superyacht Al Mirqab, the 85.6m motor yacht Cakewalk and 115m luxury yacht Pelorus. At 42m2 the interior beach club in this Kusch design is nearly as big as the external areas (50m2). Anyone who prefers to be in the shade can retreat inside without being cut off from all the other goings on, and from this space there is also covered access to the main deck as well as the usual side steps up from the swim platform. The H2 designers and the technical team at Kusch Yachts collaborated from an early stage to produce a Lloyd’s class and MCA compliant concept which makes full use of the available space. The crew quarters with mess and cabins occupies the whole of the lower deck from the engine room forward to the forepeak.
The bridge deck houses the VIP suite, captain’s cabin and office and a saloon described as the gallery, plus a multifunctional room which can be used as a cinema.
Jack helps us get the right materials we need to play and just overall made it easier for us to concentrate on LoL. If you have better mechanics and can kill the other laner, it can pretty much change the flow of the game.
And now that you guys have been sitting at first place for a while, have you seen your fan base increase even further?

It was crazy how before MLG Dallas only few people would recognize us and then MLG Anaheim there was probably over 500 asking for autographs and pictures with us.
We've been struggling a few times from dying or just that we could've done a better lvl one to control the map better. We just trust each other when someone makes the call and follow it through most of the time, but we also have the ultimate decision of our own safety when doing it. Since we both can go anywhere, I think that helps us confuse the enemies sometimes in a way that they don't know what the lanes are and lets us surprise them. The only thing that will change our team composition is if the enemy team brings out something that caught us off guard which makes us rethink at that moment what we really want to play or use against them. I'm also learning a lot of stuff while in the house that I don't really do at my house and pretty much also not being lazy.
Its also something that I'm good at and brings a good feeling after winning a ranked game or just winning a match overall.
Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV. She is the successor to the 59m Benetti luxury yacht I Dynasty, and the second largest vessel launched by Kusch, after the 133m mega yacht Al Mirqab. Dick is the son of the late Jon Bannenberg, who presided over the fledgling careers of all three designers. He has worked on such as stunning vessels, like the 60m motor yacht Slipstream by CMN Yachts or the 47m luxury charter yacht Sherezade by Hodgdon Yachts.
He has worked on such as beautiful vessels, like the 76m charter yacht Reborn by Amels or the 65m super yacht Callisto by Feadship. The latter include the stern swim platform and also a balcony on each side, mainly for the tenders to come alongside.
This applies as much to the division of the interior spaces as to the technical spaces, the crew circulation routes and the escape routes and lifesaving logistics. The layout and interior of the motor yacht Project Beach can be varied widely on the basis of the existing technology platform and the owner can choose the interior designer. Right now, I can't tell how we would do against them since we have different play styles, but I'm pretty sure the Korean's won't fall for their own strat and will know how to defend against it, so we can't really tell that we can beat them unless we play against a Korean team and learn from it from experience. Sitting at first place, I think that's part of it that our fan base keeps increasing, but coming into the super week 5-0 and our personality also helped increase our fan base. Our next game against Vulcun, we actually still got destroyed early game and admitted defeat, but somehow we managed to hold the ground with them because we weren't mad at all from getting stomped and actually focused enough to come back and win the game. We just need to figure out clearly how to open up better and study what the enemy team might do early game. We are on the same page most of the time, and in scrims we tend to argue on calls or plays that we make, but that's what helps us get better. Life in the house is pretty much for us waking up to eat, scrim, break time and scrim again. Thus the tank deck, apart from the engine space (with the option of diesel-electric or diesel-mechanical drive), is reserved for the catering facilities. There has been some miscommunication at some point in our games, but its not that much compare to I guess other teams in the LCS.
During my break I usually use it to run to the gym also and I think that its awesome since I couldn't do this at my house since there wasn't a gym nearby that I could run too.
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