The best thing about ownCloud is that you can have all your files (music, pictures or whatever) with you all the time, no matter what device you use. One downside is that the interface is not mobile friendly and because the download and share links only show up on hover, these features don't work using some mobile browsers (like the stock Android browser).
Another downside I've encountered while testing ownCloud 2 is that it's kind of slow when trying to access a folder containing a large number of files (like the folder where I store all my photos). Also, ownCloud currently lacks some features like encryption, versioning or a desktop sync tool. The latest ownCloud 2 isn't available in the official Ubuntu repositories so you must install it manually.
I’m going to be showing you guys how to create your own cloud storage server using ownCloud.

Go to and click on Download button from the menu, then under under Download ownCloud click the Download button. This is Public IP Address given to you by Cloudways, followed by a forward slash setup-owncloud.php to start setting up ownCloud. In the Dependency Check screen you can rename the directory location or enter a sub directory location for ownCloud. You basically have your own Google Music server without the restrictions imposed by Google.
But it works just fine using a browser such as Firefox and further more, there are some WebDAV Android clients out there so this is not such a big issue.
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And you can use a complete music player for this such as Amarok, Tomahawk, Banshee (through "banshee-extension-ampache" extension) and others.
Some features are already in development: online text editor, task manager, encryption, a desktop sync client, Android and webOS applications and more.
In this case New York is nearest me, and click on launch free trial or launch button to start creating your ownCloud server.
Under Access details you’ll be provided with all the necessary information to to access this server via SFTP.

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