I was planning on using today’s post to show how easy it was to upgrade my ownCloud server from version 7, to version 8.
So when ownCloud server version 8 was released, we were anxious to get the latest and greatest running!
Finding the update available in my Package Manager, I did the normal routine of turning off 3rd party plugins, backing everything up, both the www directory and database files, and then attempting to run the update. My previous updates between major versions had never given me any problem, but this update sure did! Heading over to the ownCloud Forums and doing some digging, I found this lengthy post about some known issues when upgrading.
And after reading some of the many issues, I guess I’ll wait until all the bugs are ironed out before I risk what could be a disaster if the update goes wrong.
This entry was posted in Software and tagged owncloud, software, Updates on February 13, 2015 by sparrow. The consensus here on the farm, is that the original ownCloud calendar application displayed much better. This entry was posted in Rants, Software and tagged owncloud, Rant, software on July 29, 2014 by sparrow. Thursday afternoon, I’d snapped a photo with my phone of my goats, and headed into my office to edit it for a web page. 2 hours of searching on line, found several potential causes, but none of the fixes I found would help.
With the web server no longer running, I was able to back-up my www directory and ownCloud mySQL databases to an external drive, just in case!

This entry was posted in Software and tagged Breaking Things, owncloud on July 28, 2014 by sparrow.
Not really paying attention, I clicked on the Enable button for the notes, and was greeted about 20 second later with a warning that I had not activated the Application Framework first.
Files were still syncing just fine, but access to the ownCloud web page was no longer working. I then went back and clicked the +Apps button in the web interface, and did the install of the Application Framework.
Playing with additional  applications, I broke the web interface at least 3 more times, but if you do, just delete the offending folder from the apps directory and all will be right with your ownCloud world again. This entry was posted in Software, Tricks and tagged owncloud, software on April 28, 2014 by sparrow. 24 Sep 2011 I have seen the same problem, and many resolutions for it pointing to adding the type handler, but that was for Apache. Access Data Open-source file sync and share software vendor ownCloud announced ownCloud 7 Enterprise Edition, a solution that offers organizations the ability to access, control, and manage files across corporate data siloes. Just in time for your SharePoint holiday wish list--a mobile solution, a gamification solution, and a cloud sync solution all caught our eye this week.
Having a farm-wide, unified calendar, shopping lists, instant photo uploads from our phones and more, make it a valuable tool.
The new calendar devotes way too much space to the calendar listing, that was previously a much more logical button. The result of all of these concurrent connections were to eat 100% of the processor and memory, preventing the computer from doing anything at all!

I am using Arch Linux, 12 Jul 2010 Having this size just to get a simple image or PHP page was just not.
It integrates with SharePoint 2013 as well as the newest deployments of SharePoint Online and with the company’s Badgeville for Yammer. As I’m not a programmer, this was just an experiment as a proof of concept to see if it was possible.
For starters, it installed using sql-light, ignoring the fact that I already had a mySQL database installed and running. One thing though, using the new admin credentials, reset the passwords for your current users, and your old admin account. After that, you can log in with your previous user name and find all of your files still intact. Please give us an option to collapse the left side menu, or to use the old calendar format. Opening system information found thousands of internal connections between localhost and localhost.

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