With the ownCloud Android App you can browse all of your ownCloud synced files, create and edit new files, share these files and folders with co-workers, and keep the contents of those folders in sync across all of your devices.
Whether using a mobile device, a desktop, or the web client, ownCloud provides the ability to put the right files in the right hands at the right time on any device in one simple-to-use, secure, private and controlled solution. For as much effort as it takes to set up the server the android app has very little features.
Auto upload does not work on either of my clients, the asp seems to be running in its own time zone - not the same time zone as either the client or the server. This app has so much potential and I hope the developers implement must-have features in the future!
Select all option both upload and download would be great, auto sync all photos and videos instead of only newly captured uploads, and auto deletion of uploads from owncload folder, apart from that its an ok app the lack of those features lets it down. Good for managing files but it would be better if it could also manage contacts and the calendar so I didn't need separate apps. It's a good start and usable at the moment, but really want to see an option to remove downloaded files to my device. The best thing about ownCloud is that you can have all your files (music, pictures or whatever) with you all the time, no matter what device you use. One downside is that the interface is not mobile friendly and because the download and share links only show up on hover, these features don't work using some mobile browsers (like the stock Android browser). Another downside I've encountered while testing ownCloud 2 is that it's kind of slow when trying to access a folder containing a large number of files (like the folder where I store all my photos). Also, ownCloud currently lacks some features like encryption, versioning or a desktop sync tool. The latest ownCloud 2 isn't available in the official Ubuntu repositories so you must install it manually. I’m going to be showing you guys how to create your own cloud storage server using ownCloud.
Go to ownCloud.org and click on Download button from the menu, then under under Download ownCloud click the Download button. This is Public IP Address given to you by Cloudways, followed by a forward slash setup-owncloud.php to start setting up ownCloud.
In the Dependency Check screen you can rename the directory location or enter a sub directory location for ownCloud. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Installatron is a state-of-the-art web application auto-installer and auto-upgrader (also known as a script installer) plugin for web hosting control panels. Muito esta se discutindo sobre privacidade e no fim, o que mais se ve por ai e o povo querer trocar seis por meia duzia. Sim, criancas, porque trocar ser monitorado pelo Obama para ser monitorado pela Dilma nao me parece uma troca que realmente tenha algum peso nao. Mas deixando as brincadeiras de lado, vamos agora brincar com uma ferramenta que para mim e uma das mais legais que eu ja conheci nos ultimos anos.
O OwnCloud e isto, um servico de arquivos na nuvem, com a vantagem de ser administrado e poder ser instalado por voce mesmo em qualquer lugar do mundo que esteja somente sob seu olhar ( em teoria, logico ). O tutorial ( que vai ser dificilimo, voce vera ) e para o CentOS mas pode ser migrado e utilizado em qualquer distribuicao Linux. Vamos levar em consideracao neste tutorial que voce ja tem um servidor Linux CentOS 6.x rodando com um servidor Web e o PHP em operacao.
E pronto, seu Owncloud esta funcionando e prontinho para ter a base de dados criada e o aplicativo funcionar.

Isto e chato caso voce queira fazer o upload de arquivos de mais de 2 giga, como isos e etc.
E pronto, em teoria voce ja tem o OwnCloud rodando, se ainda nao esta, manda os erros ai nos comentarios que eu tentarei lhe ajudar . Pai, marido e analista de sistemas especializado em Linux e Network que fala aqui sobre suas especialidades para tentar ajudar mais os colegas e a comunidade do Software Livre. Tenho ja algum tempo uma nuvem owncloud porem de um tempo para ca tenho problema com envio de arquivos.
Humm para lhe responder com mais certeza seria bom que voce falasse o que o seu log de erros do apache esta falando. Bom, neste caso acredito que voce tera que desenvolver algum modulo ou hack para fazer isto.
The neatest thing is that it works just fine without any latency issues while running from the VM on my Fedora computer. If Portal 1 is about your character being completely in the dark, Portal 2 is the exact opposite. The first game was just a small game in the Orange box for which the real draws were Half Life 2: Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2.
You play as two robots which makes a lot more sense after playing the single player mode as well as keeping you from having too much suspension of disbelief  over humans dying.
In conclusion of the spoiler-free section, if you like puzzles, dark humor, or played Portal 1 and didn’t hate it – buy this game! I want to speak about other parts of the game that will be spoilers and may heavily destroy your ability to enjoy this game.
Dan and I read the comic (which is what convinced me to pre-order the game) and the screen where The Rat Man moves Chell to the top of the testing list, kicking off Portal 1, had Dan and I debating whether the rest of those people were dead because Chell’s victory had knocked life support offline. Well, as you probably knew from the trailers, we end up waking up GlaDOS and she’s so happy to see us. The area where the science projects were housed during  Take your Daughter to Work day was funny, especially Wheatley’s comments about the volcano one. At first I saw it as tying together the potato theme from the ARG (although it would become more important later on as well).
The next part was a total surprise and also one of the aspects of the game that most convinced me of the brilliance of the story-telling team at Valve.
And you live through the history by going through the old test chambers and listening to Cave Johnson’s voice. And as you go through and see the ruin the company goes through, it’s amazing in a way that could never be as easily told in an exposition.
Also, that’s where Cave Johnson mentions that he’s dying from self testing with the white gel. Then we get to the final arc, getting GlaDOS back to Wheatley and hopefully not getting screwed over once she’s in control again. I’m curious to see if anyone agrees in the comments, but  this is the one arc that I feel is a bit rushed.
There isn’t much more to say about the third arc other than that I loved the parallels and differences between Wheatley’s and GlaDOS’ defeat. Although I thought she was going back on her word when the elevator doors opened to the turrets.
Final words: It shows that Valve really understands their audience that the weighted companion cube makes an appearance at the very end. I write this to you because you are the largest and most powerful companies in your ecosystems.

Add an ownCloud server, and have your private file sync and share cloud up and running in no time. Then good news, because the ownCloud Android App enables you to connect Android devices to a private ownCloud Server running in your data center. Though it is important to note that much of its functionality depends of how you implement ownCloud (e.g. I have instant upload enabled and not all photos or videos are uploaded, because I upload them only on wifi. So recently (manually) uploaded files are displayed with a modification date in the future. Would recommend a different app for syncing, as even basic options like auto sync and select all are missing.
When selecting a document will open it in application you want just fine, but when you've edited it ans saved it should automatically be uploaded to owncloud again in my opinion. No way of cleaning old account out and start over again, crashing even before you reach the settings. You basically have your own Google Music server without the restrictions imposed by Google. But it works just fine using a browser such as Firefox and further more, there are some WebDAV Android clients out there so this is not such a big issue.
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With Installatron, you are able to install, manage, and upgrade a growing list of web applications at the click of a button.
He goes from Olympians, Astronauts, and War Heros in the 50s to Hobos in the 70s and Employees in the 80s. And there is no automatically detection or option to upload media, that are not uploaded on LTE. First, even though, the app is installed on my SD card ,it insists on storing downloaded files on the built-in memory on my phone. And you can use a complete music player for this such as Amarok, Tomahawk, Banshee (through "banshee-extension-ampache" extension) and others. Some features are already in development: online text editor, task manager, encryption, a desktop sync client, Android and webOS applications and more. In this case New York is nearest me, and click on launch free trial or launch button to start creating your ownCloud server. Under Access details you’ll be provided with all the necessary information to to access this server via SFTP.
Installatron will email you when an update is available for an installed script, and can even backup your apps so you have a fallback if you run into problems with a new version! Seja do Dropbox, o Copy ou  algum outro do mercado ( como o Mega, que ainda nao tem cliente nativo para Linux ).
Secondly it would be really nice to be able to select a folder to keep in sync between the phone and the server. When browsing for images, it now has a picture preview, and the ability to download complete directories, which is very helpful.

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