Owncloud is excellent product but upgrade is headache, You can’t upgrade using Update Center When ever if you try to do on upgrade, it will shows some errors.
Delete everything from your ownCloud installation directory, except data and config folder.
While upgrading, it will turned on maintenance mode on your owncloud installation directory.
After putting maintenance mode on your URL, it will update all the necessary files which is involved in upgrade. Some time that also work fine but most of the time the auto upgrade option not working properly. Zusatzlich mochte ich auf dem Raspberry Pi noch Owncloud installieren und als Ersatz fur den Google Kalender und das Google Adressbuch nutzen (siehe z.B. Wie gesagt, ich mochte eigentlich maximal MP3s streamen und es wird auch nur sehr selten vorkommen dass parallel ein Zugriff auf Owncloud erfolgt.
Von meinem Verstandnis her mu?te ich zunachst wie oben beschrieben Raspbmc auf dem Raspberry Pi installieren.
Ob man bei nur Audio unbedingt raspbmc braucht sei dahingestellt, Ich wurde da eher auf standard raspian (minimal) +mpd setzen. Ein "Gefallt mir" oder die Bewertung im Profil ist eine nette Geste fur die Hilfe die wir hoffentlich waren oder sind. Zitat:Wie mein Vorredner schon erklart hat, ist es fragwurdig, ob du wirklich XBMC benotigst. Ja genau, ich mochte MP3s und Fotos von meinem NAS (N54L mit OMV) per XMBC am TV wiedergeben.
XMBC deshalb, da ich wie du erwahnt hattest, auch eine fur einen TV ansprechende Oberflache haben mochte.

Au?erdem mochte ich ein Android Handy als Fernbedienung fur diese Oberflache nutzen, was mit XBMC ja moglich ist. Das Problem hing daher damit zusammen dass bei Raspbmc bzip2 standardma?ig nicht installiert war. Ich habe daher zunachst versucht bzip2 per apt-get update und apt-get install bzip2 nachzuinstallieren, allerdings eine Fehlermeldung erhalten. Hallo, ich verfolge den Thread nun auch mal, da ich auch Interesse an einer parallelen Betreibung beider Dienste habe. Vielleicht konntest du ja nach erfolgreicher Installation eine Anleitung fur Einsteiger schreiben. File manager apps are a dime a dozen but not all of them offer a rich file browsing and cloud management experience.
This file explorer and cloud manager app boasts a modern and sleek design plus an intuitive navigation.
I have been tech blogging since 2007, keeping up-to-date with the latest ins and outs of all things tech.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Today, August 9, 2016, SUSE, the company behind the powerful SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) operating systems, has announced that it partners with Mirantis, the pure-play OpenStack company, to provide full enterprise Linux support. The two companies are announcing today a collaboration that will offer complete enterprise Linux support to Mirantis OpenStack customers, not only for the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server operating system but also for the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the open-source CentOS distributions. Furthermore, today's partnership between SUSE and Mirantis will bring certain under-the-hood optimizations to the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server operating system to better function for the Mirantis OpenStack. The announcement also informs existing and future Mirantis customers about the availability of priority subscriptions in single- or three-year terms.

If the article is useful for you, then please spend less than a minute to share your valuable comments in our commenting section. I have a windows server but the directions were more or less identical if you understand the basics. The Solid Explorer File Manager app was recently given an update with some Material Design love, eye catchy animations, and more options for customization. This Solid Explorer File and Cloud Manager now allows dual panels as file browsers with drag and drop action between them.
The two independent panels offers a different yet more productive browsing experience even when you are mobile. Mirantis and SUSE will join their technical knowledge to set SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) as the operating system of choice for Mirantis OpenStack. The companies promise to contribute all the improvements to upstream open source projects they rely on to make these optimizations to SLES. These include the promised security and software updates for the supported Linux kernel-based operating systems listed above, as well as 24x7x365 phone and email-based support with a guaranteed 1-hour response time. Go to >> admin >> scroll down and see the current version of owncloud installed on your server. Additionally, Mirantis will make sure to offer their customers the latest security patches and software updates for SLES, RHEL, and CentOS.

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