Hier j’expliquais comment configurer une connexion VPN en mode PPTP avec un routeur EdgeRouter Lite de chez Ubiquiti. Et pour finir le weekend en musique, voici une video publie par Microsoft il y a un certain temps deja sur les 10 bonnes raisons de passer sous Windows 10.
If you are going to share movies for example, you can change the Maximum upload size to 1 or 2 GB. The Enabled ZIP-download is activated because it is Needed for multi-file and folder downloads.
The next item a€“ Updater a€“ allows you to update your ownCloud instance from the web interface. If you are up to date, clicking Backup Management, Update (top right) or  Update (bottom) does not return anything. It is good to make a manual back up before trying this in case there are problems and you have to update manually following these instructions from the official ownCloud manual. Background jobsA system like ownCloud sometimes requires tasks to be done on a regular basis without blocking the user interface. Here you see that user www-data (that runs the web server) will trigger the cron.php file every 15 minutes. You could start by allowing apps to use the Share API and Allow links, and enable other functions if they are required by users. Unless you are connected via HTTPS the option Enforce HTTPS will be grey and you won't be able to tick it.
At the very bottom of the Admin menu page you can see what version your ownCloud installation is at, which is useful to know and easily check.
In conclusion, the web interface gives a good selection of items for a system administrator to view and tweak. However, the best degree of control over the ownCloud installation is still from the command line interface, when logged into the server.

Saturn V, commonly known as the Moon Rocket, was the first rocket to carry a manned mission into space for a lunar landing. It stands 110 meters tall, 10 meters in diameter, weighs 3 million kilograms and, when functional, its 5 Rocketdyne F-1 engines were able to output about 34 MN of thrust, but it was not the most powerful rocket ever made. Although it stood in the Alabama sun and was house for families of raccoons, birds, green algae and possums for the last three decades, Larry Capps, the CEO of the Museum, says the rocket didn't requires as much work as originally estimated.
Also, the museum has in plan to move even more of Apollo mission artifacts to the newly erected building.
The developers of the KaOS Linux operating system have had the great pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of the KaOS 2016.06 ISO image with some very exciting goodies.
Aujourd’hui, je vais vous expliquer comment configurer un VPN PPTP sur iOS afin de pouvoir vous connecter au VPN cree precedemment. However, when there is a new version available this tool allows you to update automatically.
Activating one and clicking on Export will result in a pop-up asking what to do with the ZIP file.
For that purpose you, as a system administrator, can define background jobs which make it possible to execute tasks without any need of user interaction, e.g. While AJAX is the default setting, using the system's Cron service is a better way to run scripts.
On 16th July 1969, it launched the Apollo 11 mission into the Earth's orbit and put the first man on the Moon.
Only the Russian rocket Energia was able to provide with more thrust, regardless of the fact that it only flew in two test missions.
New paint and replacement of fragile metal made the Saturn V rocket look like in its days of glory. As putting the rocket in a upright position would have restricted much of the visitors from viewing the whole structure, thus the museum decide to lay it on its side, with the first of the two stages and the upper sections suspended on thin cables.

Furthermore, the default desktop environment has been migrated to the Beta of the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.7. Saturn V was designed under the direction of German rocket builder Wernher von Braun, at the Marshall Space Flight Center.
On the other hand, the capsule wasn't so fortunate, and due to the bad shape, it had to be scrapped and a substitute mockup had to be found. Similar rockets are being displayed at the Kennedy Space Centers in Florida and Huston, and at the Johnson Space Center, which completed its restoration only one year ago, at a cost of 5 million dollars.
For the sake of completeness it is additionally worth knowing that  background jobs can also be defined by installed apps. To house the rocket, a 6335 square meter building had to be raised by the museum hired contractor, using money received from donations, federal grants, local funding and bond money. The shear size of the rocket disabled the possibility to move it into its new home in one piece, and now lies split up in sections for display.
Diese wird mit einem Doppelklick ausgefuhrt.Es offnet sich nun eine Ubersicht, aller auf dem Image enthaltenen Ressourcen. Wir bestatigen dies mit einem Klick auf weiter.Wir werden jetzt auf die Lizenzvereinbarung hingewiesen.
Diese akzeptieren wir durch das setzten des Haken und klicken anschlie?end auf weiter.Fur das Upgrade muss nun das Passwort des Administrator fur den Single Sign-On Login eingegeben werden. Die Eingabe wird mit einem Klick auf weiter bestatigt.Nun werden alle Ports angezeigt, die fur das Upgrade des vCenter Server freigegeben sein mussen.
Sollte noch eine Firewall im Netzwerk davor sein, muss sichergestellt sein, dass die Ports erreichbar sind.Jetzt bekommen wir nochmal die Installationspfade angezeigt.

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