Server to server sharing is a first step in true federation of data with ownCloud: you can add a folder shared with you from another ownCloud instance into your own. A close runner-up in terms of excitement for me are the improvements to ownCloud Documents – real-time document editing directly on your ownCloud! This would not have been possible without the hard work of the ownCloud community, so a big thank-you goes out to everybody who contributed! Of course we have a lot of work to do: revelations of companies and governments spying on people keep coming out and our work is crucial to protect our privacy for the future. The release of ownCloud 7 is not only the conclusion of a lot of hard work by the ownCloud community, but also a new beginning! Frank KarlitschekFrank Karlitschek is a free software developer, entrepreneur and privacy activist. Friday, July 31st is the SysAdmin Appreciation Day and at Stratio we really want to go all out and celebrate it.

We’ve  arranged the talks in four of our awesome conference rooms: Apollo 13, Discovery, Pacman and Space Invaders and we’ve shared a calendar with the training schedule, and there you can also find a description of the talks and if you need to take any sort of material for the talks. Now you will get to see a share link associated with this on the left.  Click that, highlight it, and copy it to your clipboard.
Go and create a new calendar yet again.  There may be a way to avoid this but I find it faster just to create a new one and delete the old one. Next step would of course be to also share things like user accounts and data like chat, contacts, calendar and more. We have a large team of almost 100 regular contributors, making ownCloud one of the largest Open Source projects and that makes me proud.
Not only will we release updates to this release, fixing issues and adding translations, but the community now also starts to update the numerous ownCloud apps to ownCloud 7. He founded the Nextcloud and the ownCloud projects and was involved in several other free software projects.

We know that by the end of the last talk you’ll be eager to rush off to enjoy the weekend, but DON’T, there’s a surprise at the end! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
These things come with their own challenges and we’re not there yet, but if you want to help work on it – join us for the ownCloud Contributor Conference in Berlin next month!

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