The difference is that your files will be stored on your Ubuntu home cloud server instead of a server located in an unknown location somewhere in the world. We need to setup a Port forwarding rule so that when you are accessing your server from outside your home, your router can direct your connection to the right computer.
Now that ownCloud 8 server setup is complete, ownCloud is now accessible from any computer with an internet access. Not sure why this failed, but I have followed everything as per the instructions but the output of step 8 is as follows. I had the same problem as Jamie + Palen because i did not pay enough attention to what happened in the previous steps.
The next page will be an ownCloud popup providing links to different syncing apps for PC, Android and iOS.

You can also access or sync your mobile devices to ownCloud from any mobile device using the free Android or iOS apps.
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Guys you need to redo the steps and pay close attention, type in a password where you have to (or certs wont generate etc), supply the same information in the ca-signing-request as you have previously did when you generated the CA or it wont work. I can access owncloud using the same dynamic address as long as I use http as opposed to https. The official owncloud manual did not mention anything about this ssl setup and their clients only talks to ssl server. There will also be additional prompts, hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard to leave the default settings.

I’m a no expert on web server technologies, only a regular user, so I need a guide like this. In step seven I placed them in proper order so you can copy and paste it from there if you want.

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