Unfortunately, I don’t have much more to offer without being able to troubleshoot myself. Then i tried with smtp, but always got error message ”A problem occurred while sending the email.
In today’s world, there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about your privacy and your data.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that everyone should start self-hosting alternative services to replace the free and paid services that you rely on right now.
Depending on your use case of paid web applications, you might actually end up saving money. So what can you reliably self-host on your own hardware (located somewhere your government doesn’t have any jurisdiction)?
If you stick around for couple of days (subscribe to RSS or just check back when you have time) I will show you how to easily and painlessly install and manage your own self-hosted web services, that is secure, reliable and you have complete control of and is reasonably priced. Do share, in the comments, your opinion about going rogue and hosting your own data for complete control.
It’s pretty amazing these days how easy it is to back up all your personal computer data in case of the unknown: hard drive crash, computer stolen, or even worse your whole house burns up! This story doesn’t contain any hard drive crash drama to motivate you to back up your data. My primary choice of local backup is not very complicated, which I think is a good thing since it should be a simple process that just runs itself. Now that I have all my machines backed up routinely, I’ve been in discussion with myself if I should invest in a second local backup of all my data just in case these drives should experience failure.
The online cloud backup solution I chose was BackBlaze, because not only are they affordable at only $5 a month ($50 a year), they are fairly quick to receive my data with my upload speeds.
Also, I can only speak on behalf of my experience using BackBlaze from a Mac (OSX) perspective, however these benefits below as to why I chose BackBlaze should apply also to Windows OS.
There is no need to select the folders and filetypes you want to backup, which means all your data will be backed up without having to do anything. I started my first backup on May 5 and set my computer within the BackBlaze settings menu to backup my data by turning off throttling for maximum upload speeds. Here’s a snap shot of what my data usage was for the month of May as result of my BackBlaze upload according to my Comcast data usage who is my Internet Service Provider. There is so far one draw back I found to this awesome backup solution and that is if you have more than one computer.
With all of that said, should you need more convincing to invest in a cloud storage or at least BackBlaze, then take a peak at BackBlaze’s matrix as they compare their services to the many competitors that exist on the market. Are you testing your new latest and greatest Mobile or Responsive site but cannot get into your network to actually test it on a mobile device? There are tons of Cloud Services out there that you can go out and sign up for free, download, and have a blast with. The essence of cloud simply means that you have your data and files stored in multiple places at once. You will also want to setup a new Virtual host in Apache to allow the web bindings to take place. You should be redirected to a Login Page and after logging in, you will see your new Cloud Server. It’s also recommended that you install OpenSSL and bind over port 443, better yet use some other port than 443 to confuse potential intruders. You will need to setup the host records for your clients and determine if you want this publicly visible or not. Install ownCloud client by downloading the ownCloud client from their website and selecting from the Desktop Sync Client’s. The app takes a little while to sync and I would argue is a little slower than Dropbox, but it is all private and there’s no way anyone can touch the data through the private lines, which means, secure!
Clean Cache and Session, but the Server may not serve up due to Cache-Control: no-cache settings.
There comes a time when Amazon Web Services gets extremely expensive or even unusable for your websites needs. If you look out in the world of websites that are out there, it has been guestimated that over 70% of all websites run either WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. This basically means that if you have strong programming knowledge and background across with strong experience in each of these CMS’s, you can stay gainfully employed for some time. I have been contracting with a Non-Profit for nearly two years now and the big word in this place for websites is Accessibility. In my opinion, Accessibility should be a standard practice of living while creating public facing websites. Perceivable – Information and user interface components must be presentable to users in ways they can perceive. Robust – Content must be robust enough that it can be interpreted reliably by a wide variety of user agents, including assistive technologies. That said, I just did a WCAG 2.0 check on my site and I am totally slacking on my alt tags, text tags, and title tags.
This whole Heartbleed thing has me seriously wondering what is going on today with our Security and our understanding of Security.
First, if you are trusting OpenSSL, which is an OPEN SOURCE encryption SSL certificate generator, you need to be able to completely understand the source you are using before you implement it, because anyone else out there will be able to understand it too. Second, not only does a website have to be running the exact version of an OpenSSL cert, but the hacker has to be inside the network to be able to ease-drop on the communications that are being relayed.
In well known traditional model of computing the user’s computer contains both data and software and the processing is performed locally. Once an Internet Protocol connection is established among several computers, it is possible to share services within any one of the following layers. Client consists of hardware and software that relies on cloud computing for application delivery, like tablets, some computers, smart phones, terminal devices, operating systems and browsers. Cloud computing application services or SaaS software as a service deliver application as a service over the Internet, eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer's own computers and simplifying maintenance and support.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) delivers a computing platform and solution stack as a service, often consuming cloud infrastructure and sustaining cloud computing applications.
The server’s layer consists of computer hardware and software products that are specifically designed for the delivery of cloud computing services, including multi-core processors, cloud-specific operating systems and combined offerings. Owncloud is an cloud based storage which was designed especially for privacy & security, How ?
Have a visit on owncloud website before downloading the Web installer file whether its latest one or outdated. Choose the subdirectory which you want to install the owncloud by default it’s shows owncloud directory and hit NEXT button to move next step.
If SQLite is detected on server while installing owncloud, ownCloud will use it by default. Now, you have successfully created the MySQL db on your server and need to Enter the information below. For example we already stopped using commercial 3D applications in favor for the excellent Blender platform, and when possible we use Inkscape for illustrations. So it was a natural step to try to find a suitable open source platform solution for file management and file sharing as well.
After a bit of research we have now begun testing the Owncloud platform with pretty impressive results so far.
So if you are looking for an online storage solution with sync capabilities then do have a look at Owncould, so far we are very pleased with it.
My intent with this setup is to get a centralized syslog server where my remote clients (including network devices) could send their log files. Once everything is installed lets cd into the syslog-ng folder and create some new folders to store our certificates. Next we are going to view the hash of the certificate and create a symbolic link to the certificate. To enable secure logging on the ASA you first need to install the syslog servers ca certificate. You can now enable syslog logging by going to Logging Filters, double clicking on Syslog Servers and choose a severity to filter on. If you are not accustomed the technical Email vernacular, the settings can be overwhelming.
If you choose to put these options somewhere else within the array, be sure to end the mail_smtppassword line with a comma.
We live in a time when the government is fighting to have unrestricted access to your digital life.
This is also true to a certain extend for free services, but they also reserve the right to delete and own your data, depending where they hid the terms on their 30+ pages, lawyer-speak, TOS.
So you don’t get stranded when the free services eventually goes belly up or acqui-hired. Should something like this ever happen and you’re not backing up your data then all your captured photos and videos of your family childhood or vast collection of media will exist only as a memory.
This is just a simple public service announcement to remind you to back up your data before you wish you had. I have yet to come to a decision since the hardest challenge for me was affording all the external terabytes of storage space to back everything up.
It should be mentioned that their services includes unlimited cloud storage which made $5 a month a completely affordable option.
However, although BackBlaze backs up all your data there is an exception to your operating system files, applications, or temporary files.
Well if you have a proxy routed IP through either a NAT or direct connection, you can always just edit the hostnames directly on your phone. Companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon have all jumped on board (the four horsemen).
Internal to your network, I would suggest having a default slave that stays on all the time. It looks like there have been some incredibly amazing strides with the help of computer technology. Primarily you will setup two Reverse Proxies that route traffic from a number of rendering servers inside your network. This word is so over-used and for some reason, I feel that people gravitate to this word to simply call it out. There should be no reason that someone with a disability should ever struggle while navigating through a website. The news spread like a wildfire and in-effect, revealed IT departments poor decision making in selecting a good SSL Certificate. A new model of computing is emerging where the user’s computer may contain almost no software or data with a minimum operating system and web browser serving as a display terminal for processes occurring on a network of computers located far away from the user. It facilitates deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software layers. Rather than purchasing servers, software, data-center space or network equipment, clients instead buy those resources as a fully outsourced service. If the article is useful for you, then please spend less than a minute to share your valuable comments in our commenting section. We have been using Dropbox for some time and we are quite happy with it, but we felt that finding an open source alternative would be worth investigating. The setup was a quick and easy process and Owncloud has some very robust features which can easily rival those of Dropbox. And should you have any suggestions of other solutions please do leave a comment with a URL and a short description what you like about it. I dag bor vi och har vara kontor i Hong Kong och Guangzhou, och med oss i bagaget har vi det skandinaviska tankesattet nar det handlar om design och typografi. I wanted to use the built in TLS encryption that Syslog-NG versions greater than 3.1 now support.
This should give us local log files as well as a copy of the logs that is sent to our central logging server.

How to fix this Grails errormustaqim on Use Gmail SMTP with Owncloudvikaschauhan on Method code too large! You no longer have privacy or even exclusive rights to your own data, if you are using a free platform, doubly so. Perhaps gone is gone should the unfortunate ever happen however I’d like to at least be prepared.
I feel good about this setup, because it felt as if I was living on the edge since I was only backing up my personal macbook pro and nothing else until recently. With that said, I decided I would invest in online cloud storage first since it’s more affordable for me at the moment. It took about 7 days to complete my first initial backup of 200,353 files out of 270,593 files. So each additional computer functions as an individual license to backup each computer to the cloud. The big innovators of the space you’ll see out there are Dropbox for personal use, and Box for business use.
If you know how to open up a port on your home firewall, setup a desktop as a server, or potentially have a box that is suited for serving, you too, can have an extremely secured and private cloud service. You can choose between a massive database or the new trend seems to be replicated databases. Why do we have issues with people making websites incorrectly or not following W3C standards? Most cloud computing infrastructures consist of services delivered through shared data-centers and appearing as a single point of access for consumers' computing needs. Instead they use a share of an enormous network of computers, benefiting from economies of scale. Say for example if you stored your content to third party such as (free cloud storage) we don’t know its safe and secure. Of course, your private key should always stay private and the public key (ca key) is what we will hand out to clients.
To begin, login to ASDM and navigate to Device Management, Certificate Management and then click on CA Certificates and press Add.
I am not talking about an inter-government-corporation worldwide global conspiracy to steal your stuff. So, I finally invested in a couple of Seagate Expansion 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 recently to get my act together and backed up all my macs wirelessly using my Apple Airport Extreme router. It’s also said that you should have an offsite (cloud) storage solution anyway in case of a local emergency with your backups such as fire in your house, theft, or hard drive failure on those backup drives. So, there were 70,240 files not backed up which were probably applications files, OS files and temp files as mentioned above. This deal is only for new customers and this deal will only be available 3 days from today.
All it takes is a web server (Apache or IIS) that runs PHP, a MySQL database, an open port, some DNS mapping (preferably local), and a piece of software called ownCloud. One includes a private Cross-Over network connection linked with a external service to ensure fast replication.
Earlier this year, there was a significant drop off in content that we were providing, but from the Analytics everybody kept coming back.
The thing with Certificates and understaffed IT departments, there is no specialist who understands the full ramifications. In other words the clients use the servers public key to encrypt the syslog messages sent to the server but the server does not check the identity of the clients.
So, even though the purpose of a local back up of your data is to be prepared for these scenarios and for speed should you need to restore, technically the rule includes to keep these backups off site as well.
So, at the end of the day, you should first be aware if there are any restrictions your ISP has set on your account if you increase your upload speeds like I did. BackBlaze does come with a free 14 day trial, so you can get started and try it out, but I promise you won’t be disappointed.
But putting any sensitive information out on Dropbox, Box, or even Microsoft, Google, Apple, or Amazon all have their own risks. The client connections will want the IP address of the machine, and if you are running externally, you will need to set the IP to the address of the router and then setup the firewall routing. Its a open-source software, you can install and create your own owncloud storage system using owncloud software and manage all your company data in cloud and access anywhere.
Hopefully in the future I will update the config to include mutual authentication but for now I was having some issues getting it to work with network devices (though it works great on Linux devices). Make sure that you set the common name (CN) to either the IP address of the server or to a dns name that will be resolvable by all clients. I signed up for this discount just a few minutes ago as my free 14 day trial was about to expire tomorrow. Try to get this deal in before it expires. The risk is that your information is now in the web and if cracked, can leak to people you may not want to have access too. If you haven’t noticed, my life is getting a bit more regular again and the posts are starting to flow a bit more frequently again.
Crazy media pot of stew, just climbing up the ranks, stirring unnecessary changing of passwords.
Even if you’re not ready to make the purchase, if you know someone who should be backing up then help them out with this gift idea.
There are many cases of this happening with Dropbox, as it is one of the bigger players in the space, it gets a lot of attention.

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