In addition to installing owncloud server 5 from source, You can also installing owncloud server 5 from ownCloud repository. As mentioned earlier, it is based on PHP and database combination, database can be any of the above four. When there’s a valid RPM, isn’t installing software like owncloud via the untar-and-spraypaint method a little like buying a 4WD car and ripping out the 4WD option? Ist die PHP-Datei hochgeladen, schlie?en Sie Ihr FTP-Programm wieder und offnen Ihren Browser. Im nachsten Schritt geben Sie bitte den Ordner-Namen an, in den die Cloud installiert werden soll. Just lately we have seen the rise of Google Drive and Cubby, two new contenders in the race for the best cloud service. Right-Click icon owncloud that appear in taskbar at right top, and choose ‘configure’.
Data will be stored on the server and can be downloaded or access any time with browser or desktop client or smartphone app.
To enable it, open your virtual host file and make AllowOverride is set to All.For example, here i used external config file instead of modifying main file. Browser will automatically take you to ownCloud setup page where it must be configured before going to live.

I’ve learn this post and if I may I want to recommend youu few fascinating things or advice. Der Client legt im Windows Explorer beziehungsweise im Finder von OS X einen ownCloud-Ordner fur den Schnellzugriff an. Im nachsten Schritt geben Sie den Pfad, uber den Sie die ownCloud auf Ihrem Webspace erreichen, sowie Name und Kennwort ein.
Hierfur ziehen Sie eine beliebige Datei von Ihrer Festplatte mit der Maus in den ownCloud-Ordner. Uber einen Browser oder eine Smartphone-App (gibt es fur iOS und Android) greifen Sie ab sofort von uberall auf Ihre Dateien zu – wie bei Dropbox & Co. Hierfur ziehen Sie eine beliebige Datei von Ihrer Festplatte mit der Maus in den ownCloud-Ordner.ownCloud ist eingerichtet! When you look behind the cloud, you'd probably come to the conclusion that it is only another word for online storage.
The project is based on PHP and a SQLite, MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL database, so it can run on all platforms that meet these requirements.
For demo purpose i installed both SQLite and MySQL on CentOS, we will talk about reason behind later.
Vielen Dank an die vielen Kommentare und TEF, Sie haben Anspruch auf ein Tutorial aktualisiert !

Jetzt fordert das Programm Sie auf, den sogenannten Client, also die Zugriffssoftware, fur Ihren Computer herunterzuladen und zu installieren.
It provides almost all possibility of functions that are available on commercial suites; it is released under AGPLv3 license, so you can setup own cloud storage server without any additional cost. Im Zweifelsfall wenden Sie sich an Ihren Provider, um die aktuell verfugbare PHP-Fassung zu erfragen. And since it would not really be cloud space without synchronization, you also get Windows, Linux and Mac apps for syncing, plus mobile apps for Android, and soon iOS as well.Without doubt the biggest step to getting your own cloud running is the installation on the web server.
It is likely that the developers will add more features to the server.AlternativesIf you do not have access to your own web server running Linux or Windows, or do not want to use it for hosting your files online, then you could make use of third party hosting providers that offer free and paid plans. OwnCloud, with its open source approach, and apis that developers can make use of to extend the service's functionality, could make the cloud available to users who do not want to host their files on third party servers. It could also be an interesting option for businesses who can't host their files on third party servers due to business regulations. Tonido does not seem to be open source, and more aimed for desktop computers connected to the Internet to share files between each other.

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