Information coming via Chinese website IThome reveals some of the changes that Microsoft could make to its future products, including a possible rename of Windows Phone. According to this report, Windows Phone 10 could thus be launched as Windows Mobile, a name that Microsoft already used in the past, but several other designations are also on the table right now.
This last version, however, has slight chances to happen, as calling the smartphone platform just Windows would lead to even more confusion, but more signs are pointing to Windows Mobile as the next designation of the smartphone platform.
This isn’t the first time we hear that Windows Phone 10 could launch as Windows Mobile, but the screenshot you see here is pretty much the first confirmation that such a change is at least under consideration at Microsoft right now.
Obviously, nobody can guarantee that the screenshot is legit and Microsoft is indeed planning to call its next smartphone operating system Windows Mobile, but we do heard that Redmond is looking into ways to boost the customer appeal of its mobile platform, so this new approach wouldn’t be really surprising. Windows Mobile was officially launched in 2000 and appealed to quite a lot of customers at that moment, mostly because it shipped with an interface that was more or less similar to the one of Windows on the desktop. Sales, however, have never been really outstanding, so Microsoft decided to launch Windows Phone in 2010, not necessarily to replace Windows Mobile (because they’re mostly two different products), but to continue its efforts to expand in the hardware industry. 2015 could thus become the year when all these changes finally make more sense, so launching Windows Phone 10 as Windows Mobile would better align all efforts made by the software giant to compete with iOS and Android. More details on this new approach are expected to be unveiled next month at the Windows 10 consumer event scheduled for January 21. After many months of silence, and probably hard work, TheeMahn has finally released a new version of his Ubuntu-based Ultimate Edition computer operating system. Best of all, Ultimate Edition 5.0 is an LTS (Long Term Support) release, which means that it will receive security patches and software updates for no less than three years, until 2019, just like many of the official Ubuntu flavors. FireEye, Security, Open Source, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, ARM, Beagle Board, Panda Board, Cubie Board, Google, Web2.0, CMS, Drupal, Blogging, PLUG, PuneTech, Cloud, AWS. We are going to learn how to install ownCloud on your system as Cloud Server and how to install client tools to access files from this Cloud Server. Using Desktop Sync Clients user can install client tool, which are available for Windows, Mac OS X and a wide range of Linux distributions.
After months and months of hard work, Mozilla has finally released today a major version of its email, news aggregator, calendar, and chat client, Thunderbird, for all supported operating systems.

Mozilla Thunderbird was stuck on the 31.x branch for quite some time now, and despite the fact that Mozilla was quietly working on bringing new features to the popular email client, they stated a while ago that the application would no longer receive major improvements.
Prominent features of Mozilla Thunderbird 38.0 include integrations of the Lightning calendar add-on, OAuth2 authentication for GMail accounts, support for filtering sent messages, support for filtering archived messages, support for Yahoo! Additionally, the new Thunderbird version, which is now on par with its big brother, Mozilla Firefox, lets users search multiple or all address books at once, displays expanded columns in the folder pane, allows file-per-message local message storage, adds support for marking the reading position in conversations, and it adds a character counter to the Twitter editor. Apple is reportedly planning to equip Macs with Touch ID fingerprint sensors expanding Apple Pay functionality to computers, while also adding an extra layer of security to OS X. Sources in the Far East report that Apple is planning to debut a new MacBook Air this year featuring a new color and some new hardware as well.
While notebooks will have the sensor built inside their trackpads, desktop Macs will have to rely on their mice for the same functionality, according to the rumor.
The reason for the upgrade is said to be Apple Pay, the payments service launched by the Cupertino giant last year as part of the iOS 8 rollout. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor - currently found only in select iPhones and iPads - would also enable an extra layer of security on the new Macs.
Although not impossible to replicate, a fingerprint is much harder to crack than a traditional password. Apple upgrades its Macintosh lines every year, and this time around it’s the portables that are due for some enhancements. For example, other people believe that Windows Phone 10 could also see daylight as Windows 10 for Phones, Windows 10 Mobile, or even simply as just Windows. However, it appears that Ultimate Edition 5.0 has been completely rewritten, not based on previous work. Official apps are available on App Store for iPhone & iPad and Google Play for Android device.
Messenger in the Chat component, and support for internationalized domain name URLs in the RSS component. Most notably, the computer is said to sport a Touch ID fingerprint sensor underneath its trackpad.

In other words, expect a new version of the Magic Mouse to come out alongside the new MacBooks.
Apple Pay relies either on NFC (near field communications) or on the user’s fingerprint.
Users would be able to turn on or unlock their machines via fingerprint authentication for more convenience, but also more peace of mind.
On iOS, as many as five fingers can be assigned for device authentication or online transactions.
For basic installs we recommend SQLite as it is easy to setup (ownCloud will do it for you). The keyboard is expected to be a tad different as well, and there will be a USB 3.1 Type-C port on the thing, according to some reports. Where you can take backup of your files as well as you should able to retrieve files easily. In order for the maximum upload size to be configurable, the .htaccess file in the ownCloud folder needs to be made writable by the server. The Web Installer is the easiest way for novice users to install ownCloud on their desktop or web hosting space.
You may enter admin credentials and let ownCloud create its own database user, or enter a preconfigured user. If you have any question please ask me, I would like to see adoption of more & more Open Source Cloud based application on Mobile as well as Desktop.
It checks the dependencies, download the newest ownCloud from the official server, unpacks it with the right permissions and the right user account. If you are not using apache as the webserver, please set the data directory to a location outside of the document root.

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